Revenge of the Q&A (June 8, 2012)

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[Singing] Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal
[Singing] Send me a kiss by wire, baby my hearts on fire
[Whispered] That was stupid...I know
So as you know I have the hat, filled with all the questions that we have. There's a lot more this week
And before we begin, I just want to say, I have two things
One, I was going to have a link down below that was about the movie Prometheus, like my thoughts
But every time I think about that movie, I get more and more angry and confused
I'm not sure if you've seen it yet, I went to a midnight screening with Muzzafuzza, ChrisCrossMedia, Will DC and the Warp Zone guys
Other people, people from TGS, and oh my god
By the end of that movie we sat outside for like 25 minutes just rattling off questions that were unanswered
Prometheus is essentially Lost, the show, in space
A lot of questions, no answers, lots of frustration
I honestly tried to make a post on my Tumblr account about all the questions I had
And I started rehashing the story, and I was like this story is too long, I can't do that
So I started doing all the questions
And the questions were longer than the actual plot synopsis of the story I had
That's how many questions there are
The second big thing, and also the less brain melting and the funnier of the two
Was this week I went to a really cool party that the Yogscast had
In honor of all their achievements and just basically just Yogscast, the celebration
And while we were there, I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this, but Simon and I look...disturbingly similar
Anyway, it turns out that Davis from the Warp Zone thought this was funny, so as he's leaving
He pats me on the back and goes like "see you later Simon"
Out of the woodwork, like roaches, or rats, or roach-rats, these slutty, women dressed in like dresses you should never wear in public
Just appear, and they all gather around me with like claws ready to sink into me to take my money
And they're like
[Female Voice] Oh, my god. Oh, let's get out of here. Are you Simon? We should go and have a real party.
And so I look out of the corner of my eye, and I see real Simon
Staring there, cracking the hell up, like he is just giggle-fitting
So I look at these women and I guess either against my better judgment, or possibly the best judgment of my life, I go
I don't have a million dollars...and every single one of them turns around and walks away
Welcome to LA
Anyway those are my two stories, I'm sure on the podcast I'll spout off a ton more
But lets actually get to some questions, question the first
Jesse, what made you do your work, how did you start...The bromf
Can I call you Le Bromf? Like
[French Voice] Le Bromf asked the question
Well Le Bromf, I'm calling you that now, that's what you're called
If you're wondering how I started on Youtube
Really it was because the summer of 2010
Well fall 2010, I lost my job, and I got into Cataclysm Beta, and I was like
[Voice] Maybe if I play the beta and make videos, it will keep my mind off the fact that I have no money
And so I started making videos, and that's why I have a channel poorly named OMFGcata
Because I just thought I was going to do Cataclysm videos, that was it
And one thing led to another and here I am
And this is why when I get emails that are like how do I become like you, or what do I do to get a big Youtube channel
I honestly don't know, because to me this is all a fluke
And that's why I get really mad when people who are on Youtube are like
[Stuck Up Voice] I'm e-famous, I use my fame to get stuff
Like dude, you are so lucky, you should be giving to people, not taking from them
I don't know, maybe that's just my view on it, but yeah, I feel blessed
By the Great Space Butterfly, may his wings flap eternally
That I am here, so yeah
That got really solemn at the end there.
Question the second
What game would you like a sequel to, if you could choose any game, and why. From Vijoul
[Evil Voice] There is no Jesse, only Vijoul
Well Vijoul, if I had to pick a game that needed a sequel, I would say the game Vagrant Story, I think that was a Playstation 2 game
Maybe Playstation 1, don't quite remember, either way, it was a terrific story
The gameplay was kind of junky, it was sort of a Squaresoft game that they were trying to
do a little bit different stuff, but it took place in the same world as Final Fantasy Tactics, and I assume Final Fantasy 12
But it was this great story that had this huge setup
And the last 25 minutes of the game are probably the most spectacularly exciting moments of a game I've every played, ever
And so its a terrific game, and there's a lot there, and there's a hint of a sequel but they never go into it, and that's kind of disappointing
So I would have liked to have gotten more of that story
Question the third
What are your top five games -- The that Uberman?
[Ahnold Voice] I am the Uberman, I will crush you!
Or is it Ubberman
[Nerdy Voice] I'm the Ubberman, I'm an Ubber man
Anyway, top five games, I can rattle these off real quick because they never change
Vagrant Story is one, which is kind of funny because we just talked about that
Final Fantasy 6, best game ever made
Ace Combat 5, terrific game
Castlevania, Symphony of the Night, amazing game
And...Chrono Trigger? Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana, one of those two, both are terrific games
Strange how almost every single one of those games was made by Squaresoft
Yet if you were to ask me what I think of Squaresoft as a company now
I would say they produce a lot of junk
Thankfully it looks like Squeenix has Tomb Raider coming out, which looks kind of cool
The Sleeping Dogs game, I played that at E3, that looks stellar, its ridiculously fun, we'll talk about that on the podcast
And Hitman. So they may be actually producing some really great games in the coming years....but yeah
It's strange, old school Squaresoft, great company, Square Enix games where you just press "A" a bunch
Anyway, that's it guys, leave your questions in the comment section below, we'll add them to the hat
And pick them at random each time we do a Q and A, and maybe your question will be asked next time
So thanks for watching, and as always, to be continued