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Hi, it's Mark Malkoff.
Nice to see you.
Today I was supposed to announce my new project on My
Damn Channel.
But due to weather, it's actually
going to be next week.
So tune in Monday.
I'll be announcing my new project on My Damn Channel.
Right now, I need your help.
I want to talk about something that I own that's very
It's very--
I don't know.
It's kind of humiliating, but you guys are going to
help me right now.
And that object that I own is Justin Bieber's autobiography.
This is very poetic.
I want to read an excerpt right now.
"I had a great advantage that I lived in a girl's
world all my life.
My mom and I had talked about stuff pretty openly, so maybe
I understood a little bit more than the average guy about how
girls work.
I wasn't afraid to talk to girls, hang out with girls,
look at girls, and, well, you know, flirt with girls.
But I also had an idea of when not to talk to girls, hang out
with girls, look at girls, and flirt with girls."
It's so sad that Justin Bieber knows more about
girls than I do.
There is a reason I own it.
I bought this for a prop for a video that I never used, but
it's still in my possession.
And I want you guys to vote right now.
You can either tweet me.
You can email me.
You can put on YouTube comments what you think I
should do with this book.
Here are our three options.
One, I use it as a beverage coaster.
Two, I burn it.
Three, I take it to a nursing home, and I read
it to senior citizens.
So whatever you guys want me to do, let me know.
Majority rules.
Tune in Monday for my announcement for my new video
on My Damn Channel.
And remember to vote on what I should do with this, because I
want this out of my possession.
Seriously, please, help me.
Thank you very much.
I'll see you soon.