Microsoft Excel Tips : How to Record an Excel Macro

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Hi I'm Amar Enhsaihan I'm going to show you how to record macros in Excel. You use macros
to speed up the process, it's a tool that helps you to fast work for to functions and
repetitive typing that you have to do everyday. You just play the macro and it does the work
for you. I'm going to my sample here, I'm going to type in some information, do some
formatting changes and record all that in macros. You go to tools, macro, record new
macro. I'm going to name this macro two or you can just give it any name you want, lets
say countries, you click ok, now it's recording. So I'm going to type some information, countries,
USA, China, Asia, oops and then medals, one, two, three and then I'm going to underline
it and then I sum up the medals. There you go that's my macro. I'm going to stop now
and let's say I had to do that again, some time in the future, so I have a blank sheet.
I don't want to do all that again, so I'm going to use my macro, I'm going to tools,
macro, macros and here it is, my macro that recorded some time ago. I'm just going to
run it. Run and here it is. You have the information that I recorded before this. So that's how
you record macros, I'm Amar Enhsaihan thank you for watching.