Brasília faz a revolução da comida / Food Revolution Day in Brasília - English subtitles

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Brasília, Food Revolution day!
We are here, today, May 19th, at Parque da Cidade, lot 10
showing to the people of Brasília, in a huge event,
what is real food, you know?
This date is a Jamie Oliver's campaign
which he started in the UK, in the US,
when he started his campaign called Food Revolution.
Food Revolution wants to change people's eating habits,
especially the kid's, to fight childhood obesity
using nutritional education with real food.
This is coming back, the confort food,
this tendency of socializing in the kitchen...
Nowadays, people are trying to have their meals
with their families, their friends...
It is something made difficult by our busy lives.
I think that this movement created by Jamie
exists to make people realize that they can eat well,
get together to have a good meal...
something we already do, but without formalities.
My name is Luis Hernandes, I am a chef.
I have been working in Brasília for 5 years,
and all my work is dedicated to the city.
The city itself has a huge gastronomic potential.
Today I walked around here, a tiny walk, not even 10m,
and I found orange leaves, lemon flowers,
things I know I can put in a receipe.
When I used to walk from home to the restaurant,
I used to pick up a lot of things:
jackfruits... mulberries...
genipas... that you can catch with your hands!
You just reach for it and pick it up, and work with it.
In this way, I think Brasília is a really city interesting
to work as a chef.
A product that comes straight from the nature has lots of vitamins,
If you absorb it all, you eat better,
and you discover new flavours and textures...
I always did this, as a personal matter,
and I was trying to take this thought to my restaurant
and it is exactly what the event should show to people
and create a awareness in people on this matter.
I have this dogma in my kitchen that if a product
comes from one person to me, it's ok.
If it comes from 10 people before arriving to me...
It's not good.
If there's no other way,
I take a product from 3 or 4 people before me.
A story that I always tell:
in an event, cathering event,
I had to leave to look for some mulberries.
I went to a big store
I got the mulberries, boght it, they looked good,
fresh, mature, they were good.
When I got to my kitchen I looked the package,
and it was written: "from Mexico".
I was shocked!
It can't be possible that some mulberries,
a fresh product, coming from so far away,
a long trip,
it needs so much effort,
lots of people to work in for this matter...
drivers, dockers...
boats, planes... Mexico is really far away!
Why bring mulberries from a place so far away
once close from here you can find pitangas, acerolas, etc...