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ALLISON HOLKER: Sofia Vergara and One
Direction wig out on SNL.
JLo's choreographer takes us behind the scenes of her new
music video.
And six more contestants bust a move on
Dance Showdown on YouTube.
This is Just Dance for April 13, 2012.
Hey, guys.
I'm Allison Holker, and I'm back from South Africa to host
another episode of Just Dance.
Let's go.
The beautiful Sofia Vergara hosted Saturday Night Live
last weekend.
With Sofia hosting, there was no way they could pass up
doing another episode of The Manuel Ortiz Show.
You can always count on this sketch to have hilarious wigs
and lots of dancing to Latin music.
Sofia fit right in.
Musical guest One Direction even got it on the act.
Sofia plus One Direction plus 5 fake
mustaches equals awesome.
Jennifer Lopez released her brand new music video, "Dance
Again." The video stars her real life boyfriend, beau
Casper Smart.
And the two tear up JR Taylor's choreography.
We snagged JR for an exclusive interview on working with JLo.
JR TAYLOR: Jennifer is very hands on with the
It's nothing like having an artist who knows what they
want versus an artist who walks in the room and says,
OK, what are we doing?
Jillian Meyers assisted me in this.
And she was my right hand in this all the way.
So me and Jillian came up with different moves and just
different things that we like that look great on our bodies.
But it was about looking great on their bodies.
So we might have something that we had in our minds that
said, well what about this?
And then once they'd done it, they would do something a
little bit different.
And we would keep that because it just looked
great on their body.
And that's what we was trying to do.
So sometimes I would do a move.
And Casper would say, well what about like this?
And we move differently.
And the way he moved was better than what I saw.
And it worked.
And it just all came together.
And it was awesome.
ALLISON HOLKER: If you want to learn the official
choreography for the video, click
here to see JR's tutorial.
Next week's episode of Glee is going disco with a tribute to
Saturday Night Fever.
Hits from the film like "Stayin' Alive" and "How Deep
is Your Love" are just some of the songs getting gleeked.
Jonathan Groff and NeNe Leakes will be
returning as guest stars.
Let's just hope that they don't have NeNe hitting any of
those high notes in "More Than a Woman."
It seems like America's Best Dance Crew has been on hiatus
since the '90s.
But at long last, ABDC is back.
And so are Mario Lopez's dimples.
Season seven premiered on Wednesday night.
And Mix'd Elements is the first crew at risk of
Just Dance was backstage to see how it went down.
PACMAN: Hey, what's up, everybody?
This is Phillip PacMan Chbeeb from Miami Crew, and I'm here
on set on the first week of America's Best Dance Crew
season seven.
FEMALE SPEAKER: We're older, we're smarter, I think better
dancers now.
And so you can expect a little more--
MALE SPEAKER: Awesomeness.
FEMALE SPEAKER: --refinement, maturity, and awesomeness.
FEMALE SPEAKER: We want the fans to see,
like, we're kids, yeah.
But we can hit it as hard as the adults out here.
MALE SPEAKER: We're about to dance to Britney Spears' "Til
the World Ends." And we're really excited because its a
song that it's fast-paced, definitely fits
our style, I feel.
So this week, we're dancing on Britney Spears' "Hold It
Against Me." Oh my God.
When we heard that track, we all got shivers down our body.
MALE SPEAKER: To prepare for today, we've slapped on a lot
of lotion, cut our toenails, washed our face, popped some
pimples, and ate breakfast.
ALLISON HOLKER: The second episode of Dance Showdown
premiered yesterday, and it looks like these
choreographers really have their work cut out for them.
If you're already Showdown obsessed, click here for more.
We're in week four of Dancing With the Stars, and this week
was all rocks songs.
If you missed my recap of this week's performances and
results, it's right here.
Kat Graham released the music video for her first single,
"Put Your Graffiti On Me." The video involved lots of spray
paint, lots of booty shorts, and lots of ponytail whipping.
My favorite part of the video with that sexy yellow unitard
she put on.
After seeing this video, I'm definitely
a fan of Kat Graham.
Dance Moms, Miami is up and running.
And these Miami moms are a whole new breed of cuckoo for
Cocoa Puffs.
Our expert on all things Dance Moms is back to recap the
second episode of Dance Moms, Miami.
Click here for Todrick's FYI.
The new thriller, Cabin in the Woods is now in theaters.
Not interested.
It's about five friends on a get away at, you guessed it, a
cabin in the woods.
And you probably also guessed that the cabin is haunted.
Still not interested.
Even though this is a horror movie, it features
choreography by Paul Becker.
So let me know if you see some dancing monsters or dancing
ghosts in the comments below.
Uma Thurman guest starred on Smashed this week, which made
for even more drama than usual.
I didn't even know that was possible.
Check out Luan Legacy's FYI recap to see what you missed.
I'm not sure why, but the Farrelly brothers decided to
reboot The Three Stooges for the new millennium.
Larry, Curly, and Moe 2.0 can now be seen in theaters
Danny Teeson did the choreography
for The Three Stooges.
I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Stooges dancing, but
I'm still secretly curious.
Thanks for watching, guys.
I had so much fun here today.
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