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High ceilings. Yup. And all the molding is original.
Lots of cupboard space. Isn't there?
Wow, so much natural lighting. Yeah, you could spend all day in here and never switch on a lamp.
You hear that? What?
Come on!
Harry, I think Erica is here. That's her bag.
Hello, Dolly!
Hi- I thought your plane didn't get in until two-
I thought your doctor's appointment was at eleven- Dr. Sherman had a cancellation at nine.
I got an earlier flight. What'd he say?
Oh, probably another month for the cast. But, look how she handles those crutches, like a pro.
It' dragging around an anchor.
My whole body aches. I know it's not much of a welcome but I've got to go lay down- Yeah, but, um...
Why don't you let me make you something to eat first? Nothing for me. Harry, are you hungry?
Well, yeah, I could eat.
What did I say about that expression?
Oh, I'm sorry. A sandwich would be nice-
What's wrong with I could eat? Why isn't he allowed to say I could eat? I could eat, I could eat-
There's turkey in the fridge, Erica. There's good sourdough in the bread drawer.
Helen Yang is in your bedroom. Who? Who's that? Helen Yang.
I know that name, Helen Yang. The realtor? The lady on the bus benches?
You...brought a realtor here, while we were out?
Timed it poorly.
This house is not yours to sell.
I understand that, I do. I just thought that maybe if I could get a pr-
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
You have a lovely home, Mrs. Rappaport. Helen Yang.
I understand these aren't the ideal circumstances in which to meet.
Mr. Rappaport! Hello.
Yang, you said? I used to have a sales rep named Douglas Yang.
I'm sorry.
I want your key, your house key. Give me your house key. Come on, Mom.
You brought a realtor here. Behind my back- I wasn't going to put the house on the market.
I wasn't, I was just trying to get some information. It would be helpful to know what the sale would bring.
Would bring us? Yes!
You, of course you. If you had the numbers, you could see what a nice life this house could afford you someplace else.
Like where?
An old age home- No, a retirement community.
Shuffleboard and bingo and people in their nightgowns talking to themselves, gumming jello.
They have some nice ones, you know.
For old people.
You're old.
We are remarkable for our age.
Which is advanced. And advancing.
We are perfectly willing to make changes in our lives when the time comes- When is that time going to be, huh?
Maybe when your husband heats up some soup on the stove and then forgets to turn it off and ends up setting the kitchen curtains on fire.
You the cleaning lady, the cleaning lady behind my back? What's her name?
The cleaning lady.
Gloria. No. Gloria was before. Gloria quit.
I don't remember her name. But that doesn't mean anything...
Delilah! Dahlia.
What is your point? My point is how much more is it going to take?
How many more flights of stairs do you have to fall down to realize- I did not fall down the stairs!
Were you there? I went to take a step, and my foot, I told you, it gave way-
And you fell down the stairs.
Well, yes, technically.
But that was the result of the injury. It's not what caused it.
The same thing could have happened to me in the kitchen or getting up off the toilet.
Okay, fine. You're right. It could have happened anywhere.
And you would still be living in a three-story house, hobbling up and down seventy-two steps.
Well, it isn't going to happen again.
Oh really? And how do you know that?
Because, I'm going to be very, very careful, that's how.