Student Introduction to ClassDojo

Uploaded by classdojo on 22.08.2012

Hey! Welcome to ClassDojo.
ClassDojo is a tool that makes your classroom more fun,
and it helps you become a better student too.
Your teacher will setup ClassDojo and make a list of actions to try to do this year,
like participating, helping others, and staying on task.
When your teacher notices that you are doing these actions, you'll receive Dojo points!
And at the end of the day, you can find out how you've done. You can see what you're doing
well, and also learn where you need improvement.
The best part is this: you get your very own avatar! We'll give you one to start with,
but you can make your own avatar once your teacher gives you your secret code.
Log in at home using your secret code, and you'll be able to make your own avatar, see
how you did in class, and see all your friends too!
We hope you love using ClassDojo, like millions of students all around the world do. Now your
teacher will tell you more about how you're going to use ClassDojo in your classroom.
Have fun!