Oskar Zieta Design HD

Uploaded by AudiQ3 on 05.09.2011

Normally, designers draw up a shape for a particular object and then attempt to adapt the technology to it.
In our case, we monitor the production process and the shape is the end result of this process. We call this process design.
A product made with FIDU technology seems like a soft object. Only when you touch it do you realise that it’s actually made of hard metal.
The production process couldn’t be simpler. Cut out the metal elements with a laser, weld the edges together and inflate them until you have a solid, three-dimensional shape.
Working with FIDU technology is similar to carving clay: internal pressure causes the metal to change shape on its own and exhibit the natural result of the distortion.
We further develop these technologies on a small scale in order to extend the realm of possible applications. These could be constructions in architecture, the car industry or even in space.
And with our expertise, we can construct things that are lightweight yet robust.
I call it: less mass, more possibilities.