Tips for Pool Table Trick Shots : Four-in-One Trick Shot: Pool Table Trick Shots

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.11.2007

On behalf of my name is Richard Buccola and today I’m going teach
you some trick pool shots. Okay we’re back and we’re going to do the four in one shot,
like I said before the 15’s going to go in this side pocket, 11 in that corner, 6
is going to come down in this corner and 1 in this end. Here’s how you want to hit
this ball you want to hit this with low left hand English and you want to drawer it back,
so dead center would be dead center, you’re going to go low left and you’re going to
drawer back and I actually put the 11 there, if you come around you’ll actually see the
11 that’s basically where you want to hit this ball right here with that low left hand
English. You want to keep the ball like right about here about 6 inches off that diamond,
I’m going to try to execute the shot and hopefully we’ll make them all…