How To Convert PPT to Video

Uploaded by velvasilp on 28.11.2009

Hi Friends! i'm Vidhya. Today, we will see about how to make our own video from powerpoint
Though we can easily make our own excellent powerpoint presentations, to reach
more audience, we have to convert these into video because a
video can be uploaded to youtube
This video should also have a good narration to it to be a great hit
so i'll go through
how to do it
The basic requirements for creating your video from powerpoint presentations are
first you should have Windows XP or higher
Next, Windows Movie Maker. Of course, it will come with Windows XP
internet connection
Knowledge about how to make your own powerpoint presentations
and the last and not the least
the first step is to open your powerpoint presentation
Then you have to press save as
don't forget to save this in a location that you can team member saw that you
can use it
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