The List [Short Film] by Aleph

Uploaded by abalif on 11.08.2012

Get out!
After all these years.
All the money I've put into you...
...this is what you pay me?
This is what you pay me?!
Answer me!
You know what. It was dissapointingly easy to get you here.
You know what. It was kind of funny because you was my best man.
You know what. I've had enough.
He's dead
He created a mess. He's footprints were everywhere. Find another man to finish his job.
I'm here.
Now I need you to do me a favor since your brother's life is at stake.
Now listen closely... this building, I need you to get a document.
Before that, I need to remind you that this building's security is quite sophisticated.
The infrared, the alarm, the body heat sensors, will be running 24/7.
You're the only one who I know could bypass the systems.
The document located on the third floor.
In the music room...
...enter the room...
...and you'll see a drum.
Once you see the drum, unscrew all the bolts on the front of the drum.
The package is in there.
Once the package is in hand, leave the premise immediately.
Pass me the document first thing tomorrow morning.
Congressman, why do you want this? And where's my brother?
Can't you think? This is the lists of the corrupt leaders these days.
This is really really precious right now.
Well, it contains the CIA's, FBI's and KGB's. Well everybody's name in it.
I don't care! Where is he?!
Well, its a little selfish isn't it?
Bring him in.
Fagan, are you okay?
What is this all about?
Don't worry. It'll be alright.
Enough with the family reunion.
Get lost.
Get up. �