Training Croatian Soldiers

Uploaded by soldiersmediacenter on 17.02.2009

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This is a 60-second Army Now from Soldiers Radio and Television.
I'm Sergeant Ashleigh Torres.
A key role of the Army noncommissioned officer is to train soldiers.
Two Minnesota National Guardsmen have taken the task to train Croatian soldiers on Humvee skills.
Specialist Krista Findley takes us to the field where a couple of NCOs do what they know best.
To come over and share that experience and help the Croatian national military do that is just unbelievable.
It's a great feeling.
The Croatian army wants new skills because the Croatian army has great human potential.
They think not, but we want it.
The field training consisted of driving over different terrain--
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--sometimes putting the Humvee in precarious positions and extreme angles.
The soldiers also purposely drove their Humvees into deep mud to practice recovery operations.
That's a 60-second Army Now. [clock ticking] [♪bass guitar playing♪]