My Australia: Episode 01 - Part 3

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Selby comes from Guangzhou in the southern part of China.
He's only been in Australia for just over two months.
As an only child he misses his parents in China a lot and often chats to then on Skype.
In 2009, he graduated with a Bachelor degree from the South China Agricultural University.
I got the Bachelors degree in the discipline of animal science in China and now I'm studying
Agriculture Business at the University of Adelaide.
I study in the Waite campus and it's a beautiful place.
Yeah. What's your major?
Australia is a place ... is an enthusiastic place and I think the agriculture here is
so much advanced than in China.
So I prefer to come here.
So there is the place I live and this is the room and actually my paid room, right.
I didn't know anybody before I came to the Australia.
Lots of Chinese friends I have made since I come to Australia, and a little bit local
I live in Toorak Gardens, one of the most beautiful areas, because you know
in China I never see such a beautiful areas as so many plants and grass and something
like that.
My favourite hobby is snooker.
I have a Chinese name called Lu Jianyong but in Australia people usually tend to call me
just because Selby is one of the most famous snooker players in Britain and I love playing
That's why I chose the name, Selby, as my nickname.
No, I've never been to a Royal Show before.
I'm going to the Show with my girlfriend, Stephanie.
Since I told her we're very excited at going to the Show.
We have a lot of agriculture but we never have such an agricultural show.
It gives me the opportunity to see the animals and other, such as vegetables are like in
It's exciting.
Yes, I think they're so cute.
You put different kinds of animals together.
And you can see little baby animals being with their families.
Yes, that's cute.
All of them are friendly.
Just like a whole family for the animals.
The wood chopping, I suppose, all of them are very strong people.
I don't think I have the ability to do this.
I've never seen the wood chopping in China so it's pretty interesting to me.
I'm thinking of getting a part-time job in the shearing job,
but now I think it was pretty different because you have to handle all the sheep, up and down,
as well,
don't cut the sheep, yes, the pretty difficult thing.
I think all of the horses are so handsome but yeah, some of them are quite naughty.
Do you think so?
I suppose the Adelaide Show is something like a carnival in Australia and I think that I
can experience some of the what we say carnival culture.
Excuse me mate, I just want to play this game.
There ya go, mate.
I'm going to try to win a prize for her.
You didn't win a prize at all mate but good luck next time.
Okay. Thanks.
Thanks for playing mate.
I just want to know the different living habits of Australian people because the Chinese people
and Australian people lead a very, totally different living habits.
It's fun. We get to catch up with everybody involved in our breed
and we get to show off our cows.
How many kilograms of milk can it be milked in one day?
This cow since we've been at the Show we've probably been doing about 35 litres a day.
It doesn't need any techniques to milk the cows.
It's actually not so difficult anyway.
Then we have four teats,
one, two, three, four.
What you do it you take you hand, close off the teat really tight at the top
and squeeze the milk from the top down to the bottom and out through the little hole.
Okay. It's time to go milking now everyone.
Who wants to milk a cow?
Are you ready?
Good luck mate! Enjoy
Close and squeeze
Yeah! Good work.
Close and squeeze
Like this?
All right.
Cow milker now.
Well, believe it or not Stephanie, this is a cake.
Yes, it's a cake.
And that is a cake as well?
And that's a cake.
Well, all of them are cakes.
You know all this food is just making me feeling hungry.
They give me total different feeling because I could never have found such kind of food
in my daily life.
Dagwood dog, yes, a pretty interesting one.
I never have seen, no.
It's not so bad actually.
Yeah, it's too sweet I think so.
It's still very sweet.
The Chinese people tend to spend much of their time earning money and saving them,
and the Australian people tend to spend a lot of time with their families on outing.
I think that's the difference.
I'm so full I don't think I can go onto a ride.
I think it would be pretty good practice for the shooting gallery.
I promise her to win her a prize. In fact, I do this.
I feel a little surprised because I never shoot before.
I did a good job actually.
Well done Selby. A crack shot with the rifle, very impressive work.
Now, next week on the show
Nimmed has a go at the great Australian sport of surfing
Boom helps out with the charity, Meals on Wheels
and Riff tries his hand at busking in Sydney.
See you then.