*NEWS* Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multijoueur/Multiplayer info (COD MW3)

Uploaded by CoDQG on 15.07.2011

Hi everyone, It's MrH34dtouch !
Here is a newscast on recent infos on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III.
We recently published a chronicle by an unknown web columnist who will soon post a new video on the channel.
I'm here to give you very fresh news from the web
Those are infos about MW3 multiplayer and specifically the game style of some players on live mode
Game style means rushers or camper; Robert Bowling,one of the most important developers of Infinity Ward studios recently said
that Developers closely following gamers on the web and understand that a camper who stays eall the time at the same place is not good for the game."
All these news are 100% true and you can find a link to the article in description.
So he said that developers will not put more than 5 camp spots on each map.
Five spots in high position is very little compared to MW2 or Black Ops.
They would favor rushers with short range weapons and fighting from heights like in "Favela"
R.Bowling also said that airstrikes would be less powerful; the harrier would be less powerful
He also said that MW3 would be a lot closer to Call Of Duty 4.
Quote : "In MW2, we have moved away from Call Of Duty 4 in engine, graphics, gameplay, weapons and killstreaks."
So they'll try to get closer to COD4, maybe with fixed killstreaks.
If it's like COD4, it will be pre-defined killstreaks,
I've also heard that they' would totally overhaul the killstreak system with 11 new or 3 fixed.
Infinity Ward and Activision have not yet shown the multiplayer of MW3.
It will be shown at the Call Of Duty XP event in L.A. on September 2nd & 3rd.
MW3 will also be different from other current FPS with probably new systems of weapon upgrades and perks unlocking.
About map conceptions, R.Bowling said that for the player moves, they looked at 2 differents game styles on maps : game in solo or in team.
They made sure that these maps would not require to look at hundreds windows, doors & elements that would get you exposed.
In MW3 multiplayer, in a room, you would be well protected from enemies.
They clearly insist on strategic moves in modes like "Demolition", "Search & Destroy" or others.
And they also have a bit of fun with well hidden spots like in "Afghan", when you climb on the plane tail to climb on the mountain.
He also said that as COD4 was quite an easy game and MW2 a game on high ground,
MW3 will be oriented on necessities: frags and deathmatch. There won't be camp spots.
In some maps, R.Bowling said that there will be no more than 3 camp spots.
I think that this MW3 multiplayer will be more pleasant.
I'm finished, I hope you enjoyed this chronicle and learned a bit more about multiplayer maps and game styles.
You can watch the Modern Warfare 3 playlist on our channel to see other chronicles, trailers and gameplay on MW3
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