Not so Sweet Halloween- Candy Alternatives to Give

Uploaded by bigscreamtv on 04.09.2010

You watching the Halloween News Network. This is the Frightly Grieving News with Justing
Grave. In not so sweet news tonight:
Hey, I love candy on Halloween, but who said that treats must be candy?
There are some cool alternatives...and NO I am not talking about handing
out cards or pamphlets or even crayons. That's as bad as socks on Christmas morning. Here's
some better ideas: Play-Doh ---they now have treat sized containers.
Now that's Ghoul! Also hand out your piles of loose
know...the coins. I have drawers full of coins.
You can also hand out party favors like poppers and small toys from the party stores. The
parents are going to love least until they step on those jacks.
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