Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, PETA porn & Leonardo DiCaprio: Good Gossip #5

Uploaded by ecorazzi on 23.08.2011

bjbj This week on Ecorazzi s Good Gossip, Richard Branson s awkward meeting with Adrien
Grenier, Bill Clinton goes entirely vegan, and PETA launches a porn site. Hi, I m Whitney
Lauritsen, and welcome to another episode of Ecorazzi s Good Gossip, where you can get
the scoop without feeling guilty. Morgan Spurlock premiered his new series A Day in the Life
on Hulu, which follows successful people around for an entire day. The first episode features
Richard Branson jet-setting around the globe and turning down Adrien Grenier s invitation
to join the board of his new eco-initiative SHFT. Adrien Grenier: You know, our goals
are the same Richard Branson: Right. Adrien: regarding sustainability. We re really here
to invite you to be on our board of advisors. Richard: Are you a board member? Adrien: I
am. Richard: You sit down at board meetings? Adrien: As long as we can find out some way
to make it work for all of us. Richard: Thank you for that. Awwwkwaaard But don t worry,
Adrien, I m sure there are plenty of billionaires out there who want to give their money to
sustainability hopefully. Bill Clinton announced that he is now fully vegan. After undergoing
quadruple bypass surgery in 2004, the former president has steadily been cleaning up his
diet and is now teaming up with the American Heart Association to teach children how to
eat better now to avoid health issues later. Too bad he s not eligible for 2012. One day
we ll have a vegan president. A girl can only dream. PETA is launching a porn site to bring
attention to the plight of animals. Get your mind out of the gutter, this site is just
going to feature humans, okay? Anyways, PETA is widely known for their d rather go naked
than wear fur campaigns, so it s nice to know they ll finally be making money off of something
they ve been doing for years. Plus, it gives people a reason to feel good about watching
porn. I mean, they re doing it all for the animals, right? Musical group The Beasty Boys
are selling action figures of themselves to benefit children s charities. For a steep
$750, you get three bendable, pose-able toys and a two-disc Beasty Boys anthology. If I
had the money, I would totally buy this 15 years ago. Sorry, guys. It s a good cause,
though. Studly environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio bought his girlfriend Blake Lively a Prius
to replace her eco-unfriendly Range Rover, but not to be outdone by his lady, Leo made
sure he was the first celebrity to get his hands on the new Fisker Karma sports car.
Hey, you know, with all that extra money, Adrien Grenier should ask Leo to be on the
board of SHFT. That s all I have for you today, but tune in every Wednesday right here on
YouTube for the next episode of Good Gossip. Be sure to subscribe so you re the first to
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