Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 10 ~ The Grid 3/3 - Rinzler/Ele Kamakiri] (English Subs)

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Sora: Is that "source" thing here?
Quorra: Looks like it's not here. Maybe CLU has it.
Quorra: Sora, let's look somewhere else.
Sora: Okay
Sora: Okay
Sora: Wait Quorra!
Sora: I'll try to talk to Rinzler.
Sora: If I can reach his heart, maybe his memories will come back.
Quorra: But he's a program. Programs don't have hearts
Sora: That's not true!
Sora: I felt Tron's heart within him.
Sora: You're called Tron right?
Sora: CLU is playing with your memories causing you to not know who you really are.
Sora: Remember Tron!
Quorra: Rinzler doesn't look like your friend to me
Sora: He'll remember. I'm sure of it.
Sora: Quorra!
Sora: No! Tron!
Sora: No! Tron!
Sora: Tron... Why?
YMX: Things important to you are tucked away in the depths of memories and are forgotten...
YMX: Well not memories, but wasn't it hearts?
Sora: You again!
Sora: You again!
??: Memories and hearts are closely linked.
Sora: Xemnas!
Sora: Xemnas!
Xemnas: When memories accumulate they bloom into emotions.
Xemnas: However, in the digital realm, no matter how much you accumulate memories
Xemnas: emotions do not sprout.
Xemnas: No matter how many memories you accumulate there is no heart to feel them with.
Xemnas: My teacher used to be Ansem.
Xemnas: He copied management data from an old program
Xemnas: and let them do as they wish.
Xemnas: This is the world of that original data.
Xemnas: Yes. Data can make copies of itself.
Xemnas: Once you overwrite the memories you can control it.
Xemnas: Your friend Tron is a fine example of that.
Xemnas: It is very easy
Xemnas: Sora, what about you?
Sora: Huh?
Xemnas: Your heart, your memories, data and dreams.
Xemnas: All of your memories, feelings...
Xemnas: Can you say that they are all your own?
Sora: I can! My memories and feelings are all my own.
Xemnas: Then try peering into the depths of your soul.
Xemnas: The Chosen one
Sora: Chosen one?
YMX: You seemed to think that this world is nothing but a dream.
YMX: You seemed to think that this world is nothing but a dream.
YMX: Do you think that data too, can dream?
YMX: This is also reality
YMX: You do not even know where you are
YMX: You have already begun to walk another path
Sora: What do you mean?!
Sora: What is this?
Voice: Combatant 13 vs. Rinzler
CLU: So you've come. I've been waiting
Sora: Who're you!?
Sora: So you're that CLU guy that turned Tron into Rinzler!
CLU: That is correct, I rewrote his programming.
Sora: Return Tron to the way he was!
CLU: On one condition
Sora: Huh?
CLU: You possess that which is able to open any lock, the Keyblade, correct?
CLU: In exchange for that, I will return Rinzler to the way he was.
Sora: The Keyblade...
Sora: I can't give it to you
Sora: It is the light that tears through darkness
Sora: The key that makes everyone happy!
CLU: Then I'll take it by brute force.
Sora: Tron! Can't you hear me?
Quorra: Fight Sora!
Sora: Quorra!
Sora: It's good that you're safe.
Quorra: Yes. Tron heard you. He stopped for a moment and I was able to get away.
Quorra: Tron can hear you!
Quorra: Sora! Fight Rinzler!
Sora: But Quorra, I-
Quorra: If you use the Keybade, I'm sure you can awaken Tron.
Sora: I'll try!
Sora: Let's go Tron!
Sora: Let's go Tron!
Sora: Tron!
Sora: Tron!
CLU: I have no choice. I have to get Rinzler back.
Sora: He tried to grab my hand...
Sora: I think it was Tron
Quorra: All thanks to you and the Keyblade
Sora: You helped too, Quorra.
Quorra: So I guess I'm your friend now, huh?
Sora: Of course.
Sora: My memories aren't true...
Sora: No, Tron was the same way
Sora: Even if I walk the wrong path my heart will lead me back to reality.
Quorra: Sam! Go!
Quorra: What are you doing?
Sam: We're going to the flight deck.
Quorra: It's impossible CLU is on his way here as we speak.
Sam: It's okay. Riku's with us.
Kevin Flynn: I'll go
CLU: I thought you'd be here
CLU: You promised
CLU: You said that we'd change the world together!
CLU: But you betrayed me!
CLU: I took the system to its maximum potential
CLU: I can do this now
Kevin Flynn: What is this...?
Riku: Leave him to me
CLU: I created the perfect system!
Kevin Flynn: We do not decide what is perfect!
Kevin Flynn: And we can't make anything perfect
Kevin Flynn: It's right in front of us all of the time
Kevin Flynn: You wouldn't know that because I didn't know that when I made you
Kevin Flynn: I'm sorry CLU
Kevin Flynn: I'm so sorry.
Kevin Flynn: Go
Kevin Flynn: CLU! Don't you have something else you have to do?
CLU: What...
CLU: Why? Why would you do this?
Kevin Flynn: He's my son
Kevin Flynn: RUN!!
Sam: Father!
Kevin: Sam! It's time!
Sam: No!
Quorra: Sam, it's what he wants
Sam: I can't leave you!
Kevin: Take care of Quorra!
Kevin Flynn: Yes!
Kevin Flynn: Goodbye kiddo.
Riku: I won't let you get in their way.
Riku: The portal's gone
Riku: The gate that connects to parallel worlds
Riku: Those who pass through may come to face tests.
Riku: But, we'll continue to press forward and surmount the tests.
Riku: Ain't that right, Sora?
Riku: Ain't that right, Sora?
Lea: As I thought, they haven't come back to the castle.
Lea: Hm? Have they regained consciousness yet?
Aeleus: Dilan and Even's consciousness returned but...
Aeleus: they aren't stable yet. They are resting further inside.
Lea: Well, guess I'll go look around the castle or something.
Aeleus: No, I checked outside, they haven't come back.
Lea: Hmm? Maybe they were blown away to another world?
Ienzo: That's improbable.
Ienzo: When those who have had their hearts stolen revive, they revive in the place that they were in at the moment of their disappearance.
Ienzo: For argument's sake, let's say that the world in which you were supposed to appear in disappeared...
Ienzo: You would be revived in Traverse Town... the place where those who have lost their path go.
Ienzo: Or...
Lea: Nah, I get it, I get it.
Lea: In other words, because we were revived here...
Lea: so it's weird if we weren't in the same place, right?
Ienzo: Pretty much
Lea: Geez, it's such a bother.
Ienzo: What if they hadn't been revived?
Ienzo: Well of course-
Lea: You know what, never mind.
Lea: Fine. I'll go and look for them.
Ienzo: Huh? How?
Lea: I always get stuck with the icky jobs