Quick Quotes on Sun Safety

Uploaded by USFoodandDrugAdmin on 10.06.2011

Always follow the directions on your
sunscreen product.
This includes applying and spreading it on
thoroughly, and reapplying it at least every 2 hours,
more often if you're sweating or jumping in and
out of the water.
We encourage consumers to use sunscreens that are
labeled with a Broad Spectrum SPF value of at
least 15.
These sunscreens reduce the risk of sunburn, skin
cancer, and early skin aging when used as
directed with other sun protection measures.
There is no evidence that SPF values greater than 50
provide any additional benefit.
FDA's new regulations ban the use of the terms
"waterproof" and "sweat proof."
In their place, sunscreens may only use the term
"water resistant" and must clearly indicate how long
water resistance actually lasts.
With advances in technology, the
formulation of some sunscreens has changed in
recent years.
FDA previously found the ingredients in today's
sunscreens to be safe.
However, we are continuing to monitor these products
to ensure that they remain safe.