Marlene & Rebecca - Part 9

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Marlene, I...I don´t know how to tell you, I dreamed about you.
Not once, constantly!
I can´t think about anything else.
== Hey == Hey!
Is your meeting with the artists agency already over?
Yes. Listen, I want to apologize to you, that I tried to set you up with Andi.
It´s all right.
But he told me that I was wrong all along.
Why didn´t you tell me, that you´re into women?
== Did you think I would have a problem with it? == Mhmh
All right.
Maybe you could tell me now, with whom you are secretly in love.
You know, I don´t want to talk about it right now!
All right. I´ll find out soon enough.
I have to go now. I´ve got a meeting with Tristan at the building site.
Ah, I see. Well, then... best wishes!
Good as done!
== Bye == Bye
You know, the building plans always seemed so abstract. Now we can walk around in it.
Our club is going to be a dream, right?
You can bet on it.
Uhm, I got to ask Rebecca, whether she would like to make me a dress for the opening ceremony.
Why didn´t you tell me, that she´s also into women?
Because I thought it would only be a phase.
With my attempt to set her up with Andi, I really put my foot in it.
Don´t say I didn´t warn you about it.
Nobody could expect that.
But now that I know in which direction to look, I certainly will find out, who she´s into.
If she doesn´t want to talk about it, you shouldn´t pressure her.
I´ll be very careful, she won´t be aware of it.
Just give her time, okay?
Sure! You know me.
Yes. You´re right. I know you.
And that is the reason, why I am worried.
I just want her to know, that she doesn´t have to have secrets from me.
That´s what friends are for.
And what is your type?
I´m not really committed to a type.
I know it. Dark hair?
Ehm no. Actually more blond.
And blue eyes.
Blond and blue eyes.
Why didn´t I just declare my love for her on the spot?
== Your arm here, just like that. == Like that? == Uhum
== Got you! == Okay
Oh no!
== Hey == Hi
I...would like to ask you something.
Well, ...ehm, I hope you don´t get me wrong...
Now, I´ve got a suspicion.
Although suspicion is kind of a stupid word. It isn´t about any crime.
Well... it´s quite the opposite, if you know what I mean.
No I don´t.
So, it´s about the opposite of a crime.
Yes. Suspicion is the wrong word, it is more like an idea.
But if I´m wrong then...then you´ve to tell me immediately. Well, not that I´ve a problem with it, with the matter itself.
It´s just ... I would feel uncomfortable. That I had to start about it at all!
Maybe you would like to tell me what this is about.
Am I the woman you are in love with?
Whatever makes you think that?
Because YOU told me, the person you are in love with is blond and has blue eyes.
Right. That would only make you worthy of consideration.
Goodness. How embarassing.
Now you must think, I am egocentric and self-involved.
== But it isn´t like that. == No? == No!
I mean I didn´t wish for you to be in love with me.
Quite the contrary. Because then I wouldn´t know...
I don´t have a problem with it. But I think we couldn´t act naturally around each other anymore.
We do know that. One is in love, the other one isn´t. You feel weird. You say something.
You think the other one thinks, that you yourself are thinking, that you're somehow completely....
Goodness. I just totally embarrassed myself.
Well, some day we will laugh about it. But at this moment, I would be grateful, if we could drop it.
It was just a feeling. And I should have kept it to myself.
Nevertheless I am quite happy that we clarified this. And I hope I didn´t offend you?
== No. Well I am happy too, that we claryfied this. == Good!
She told you outright?
And why don´t you tell her, when she starts about it?
I didn´t have the courage.
Well she was so relieved, when she heard, that I am not in love with her.
But you ARE in love with her.
Right. But our friendship is important to me too. Probably it would be destroyed by this.
Yeah, and how should this go on?
Do you want to put an act on for her everytime you two see each other? That sounds like hell!
Do you have a better idea?
Besides, she knows that you are in love with a woman. She won´t stop until she knows, who you are in love with.
Okay. There´s nothing for it but to indicate on the left and overtake on the right.
And who are you calling now? The samaritans?
Hello Bianca. It´s me Rebecca von Lahnstein.
We met at Schneiders and you gave me your number.
I was really glad about your phonecall, Rebec- ... sorry Ms. von Lahnstein.
== Ah guff! Let´s stay with "du". == Okay.
Then tell me something about you.
There isn´t much to say.
Come on, I looked up your name on the internet.
Occupational desease!
Then you already know everything.
Yeah not everything. Hopefully I´ll learn even more about you today.
Oh, I´m sorry.
Marlene, do you want to see me?
Yes. You did tell Justus to look for me, right?
Justus? Oh he must have confused it. He doesn´t get any younger either.
May I introduce you? Ehm....Bianca Vogel.
A friend.
Marlene von Lahnstein. A friend too.
Hello. I am really happy to meet you.
I don´t want to bother you two any longer.
We will let you know. If we want to be alone.
Yes. I´m on my way.
I´m sorry I´ve got emergency service today. I´ve got to go.
You are a physician?
Well I hope we will see each other again.
Yes, I will call you.
== Bye. ==Bye.
That is what you would consider blond with blue eyes?
This was our first date. I didn´t get a good look at her before.
And she is a real cop?
Yes! With all the bells and whistles.
She is quite pretty.
== Yes, you think so? == Yes. Totally
Main thing is, you no longer think, I want to get into your pants.
I hope you didn´t get me wrong. I don´t have a problem with you being a lesbian.
And it definitely changes nothing about our friendship.
I really wouldn´t call myself a lesbian.
I, yeah...when I fall in love with someone.
Not because it´s a woman or a men, but because I fall in love with the person.
Because he/she fascinates me.
That sounds beautiful.
Only it isn´t that way with me.
Well, I am quite happy that we can go back to normal.
Not quite.
I am really happy, that there aren´t anymore secrets between us.
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