Dog Training : How to Train a Dog to Fetch a Newspaper

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.12.2008

Teaching your dog to retrieve the newspaper will be made much easier by having a dog who
already knows how to retrieve and who also knows how to target something, so you can
very easily teach your dog that this is the item, the newspaper, that you want them to
target, and then asking them to retrieve it for you. And the beginning of that, again
if your dog is clicker trained might be to ask them to touch the newspaper and pick it
up. So if we throw it on the floor...
and the dog shows interest in want them to touch it with their mouth because
you're going to ask them to pick it up. You don't want them to target it with their foot
'cause that's a confusing message. Then you can reward the touch of the newspaper and
work up to picking the newspaper up and then placing it in your hand.