Health Fraud Scams -- Be Smart, Be Aware, Be Careful Video

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at this very minute
someone is falling for health fraud scam
on tv, online, in print ads, in stores it's happening all around us
but spend just a little time with me right now and will show you had seen through health
scams by being smart being aware and by being careful you'll be able to identify
and avoid health fraud scams. What exactly is health fraud? Just what it sounds like, a scam
a way to deceive people about health products that may not what they're cracked up to be
they play on our desire for a quick here and then they bombard us with savvy marketing
and these companies target all of us
promising help with weight loss, sexual performance
aches, pains, memory loss and other age-related issues
even people with more serious medical conditions like cancer heart disease, HIV alzheimer's and
many more
these t_v_ infomercials, the internet, magazines and direct mail. The even recruit recruit people perhaps
even family and friends you know
to spread the word about their products to word of mouth marketing they made claim after
miraculously claim
miracle cures wonder drugs for those who need hope
it's tempting to believe
but think of the consequences of falling for these health scams.
it could cost a lot of money
wasted on worthless drugs, supplements, devices, test kits and treatments
and could also close to your health
and by using unproven health products rather than the appropriate treatments
you might miss your window of opportunity diagnosing treating of serious disease or condition
these products might make you even sicker
they could interfere with your medicines
they could even kill you.
so what should you do
will be FDA wants you to know the red flags you need to be on the lookout for
the aware of claims like quick-fix
scientific breakthrough cure all or no risk money-back guarantee
if the product claims to cure a wide range of unrelated diseases
be suspicious
and many serious diseases don't even have a cure despite what some companies claim
they'll also use personal
testimonials and doctors played by actors claiming amazing results tests came
it also would be especially careful on the inernet
this is one place where you'll find more and more product tainted with potentially harmful
ingredients including prescription drugs
steroids and other chemicals not listed on the label
the bottom line is this
if it's a unproven little-known treatment
talk to your doctor or health care professional before you take anything for your health problem
you want to protect your personal information including your medicare id number
never give it out in exchange for a free offer
how many people do you think of instant just in the time that i've been talking
its happening
all around us, every minute of every day
so don't be a victim of health fraud scams
be smart, be aware, and be careful
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