Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 14 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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What's this noise?
Wow, sounds like she is going to be fired.
How could a tone-deaf person like that . . .
That person . . .
Do you know her?
No way. She's not Korean is she?
What an embarrassment to our nation.
That's right, she's Korean.
She's really cool though.
How do you know her?
She saved my life.
What? Didn't we save your life?
Hello. Welcome.
It's such a pleasure to finally meet you.
Hello Hello.
You must so proud to have such a handsome son.
I was also very excited to meet Jae Kyung. It's unfortunate we won't be able to meet her today.
She's playing around by herself in Macau right now.
We already gave up because she really likes to do everything her way.
I've heard that she's extraordinary. I'm looking forward to seeing her more and more.
Please don't anticipate too much.
Madam, the preparations are ready.
Then, shall we go?
ShinHwa group's long-cherished ambition for 2020 is
to build 2nd Cotai resort district in Incheon in Korea.
It will be the ultimate resort city in Asia complete with extravagant hotels and additional facilities.
In order to complete this project,
we absolutely need the cooperation of JK, which has achieved many successes in constructing new resorts in cities such as Las Vegas, Macao and Dubai.
If we combine ShinHwa's infrastructure as No.1 Korean group and JK's knowledge and skills in the field,
this blue print will become a reality much faster and
create a new history for Korea.
Wow I'm so hungry. Let's go get something to eat.
Okay! Jan Di, you can count on it. There's a killer restaurant here.
let's go!
What's wrong? Is there no room?
Don't worry buddies. As long as we mention Joon Pyo's name, it's automatically "okay".
Let's go somewhere else.
Why? Craving some Italian food while were in Italy?
-You're right. There's a killer Italian chef here too, right?
Come on, guys.
There's lots of rooms ...
connecting . . .
A photo has arrived. Do you want to check it out? Connect
Let's have a toast.
For the cooperation between ShinHwa Group and JK Group.
Are you okay?
About what?
Coming here,
do you regret it?
When would I ever get the chance to come here again?
It was my dream to go on a vacation alone.
What's your plan?
I don't have anything planned.
I just wanted to see his face and say, "How've you been?"
"I've been well."
Just saying hello would be nice.
Isn't it strange?
It feels like our relationship is something of the past.
If Joon Pyo is really pretending not to know me, then I wonder if I've just been dreaming.
It's not a dream.
If it was all a dream, it wouldn't be so hard.
After letting you leave, I realized
that I was unable to do anything all day.
When I came to my senses, I was on the plane.
So, it's not a dream.
Since right now, you're right here in front of me.
Sleep well.
Ah . . .oh . . . okay! That's enough. Go. Stop!
You, if you just weren't the chief manager, I'd cut you instantly.
Keep it up.
At ten there's an inspection at the construction site. At eleven, you'll have to take the jet to the Singapore Office.
At 5:00, you have a private meeting with the mayor of Macao . . .
And . . .
And what? Why did you stop in the middle of a sentence?
If you could make some time to meet your F4 friends . . .
There is no time.
They've been waiting since yesterday.
Do I have that much free time?
Should I just put aside my schedule for today and hang out with them?
So tell me, is it okay to just completely clear my schedule so I can hang out with them?
Sheesh! What kind of lawn is this? (Jan Di's name means "lawn", so it's a play on words)
Nothing's going right.
Master YiJung
Yes? It's me.
What kind of mayor wants to meet at a place like this? Did he used to be an athlete?
I'm sorry. It's not something you should have to apologize for.
Hey yo! Have you been well?
Long time no see. You guys came?
If we want to meet ShinHwa Group's heir, the busiest man in the world . . .
Then we have to come to you, other wise we'd never be able to see you. It's nice to see you.
Because it doesn't seem like you're all that glad.
What's wrong? We haven't seen each other in so long.
Geum Jan Di came with us too.
Actually, that's not quite right. She came before us, to see you. You haven't seen her, have you?
Why should I see her?
There isn't anything left between me and that kid.
So then, Goo Joon Pyo, are you saying you purposely didn't contact Geum Jan Di?
Whether it was on purpose or not, I don't have time to think about things like that.
Things like that? Are you serious, Joon Pyo?
We finally meet and all you guys want to talk about are childish things like that?
How can you still call yourself a man?
What do you mean? You guys meet and break up with girls too.
So, what's wrong with me doing the same thing?
Even if I meet and break up dozens of times, I don't do it the way you did!
Yi Jung, calm down!
Let go!
You! What did you say when we tried to stop you in the past?
You said a real man is someone that's responsible from the beginning to the end.
You really believed that?
By chance, did you guys think that she and I would be together forever?
Whose fault is it that Geum Jan Di can't swim anymore?!
Stand up! Yi Jung, calm down. Does it look like I can calm down? DO YOU HEAR WHAT THIS BASTARD IS SAYING?!
You! Did you start that relationship thinking something like this wouldn't happen?
I warned you not to be so rash, you cowardly bastard!!
What's with you guys? Did you guys quit being my friends so you could become a group of Jan Di's protectors?
Goo Jun Pyo . . . If you came here as my friends, then play and go. But if you came to just to talk about Geum Jan Di
then leave immediately.
How is it that you've changed so much?
700,000. What?
In Shinhwa Corporation, those families I have to take responsibility for
are about 700,000.
Try having 700,000 families' lives resting on your shoulders. And see if you don't change.
An invaluable challenge. An unimaginable reality.
Asia's Venice. ShinHwa stands for the legend.
Jan Di!
Is Joon Pyo alright...
What's wrong? Did something happen?
It's okay. Except for the fact, that guy has really changed.
-Hey! -Geum Jan Di has to know.
As you know, a lot of things have happened. Stress is no joke too.
He says he won't see me?
You, how did you? You knew about it?
You don't have to worry too much.
No matter what it is, I came to hear it from Goo Joon Pyo himself.
I have to face it. You really are Geum Jan Di!
Wow, the night air is so nice. - Ah, do you remember? - What?
What we used to do here when we were younger?
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors!
Ji Hoo, you go that way. Jan Di you go that way, and I'll go this way!
Ten. Nine. Eight.
Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. ONE!
I'm coming to find you guys!
Awaiting you in Venice, The city of Lovers.
As a friend, I have a favor to ask.
Say it.

Just meet with her once. Why should I do that?

I told you, it's a favor for a friend. And if I ask why you're asking that?

Because right now, that's all I can do.
I'm going.
What's wrong? I was just about to go to the airport
I decided to just say farewell here.
Before I leave, I have one thing I need to say.
After today, I don't think I'll be able to see you again.
I think it's really fortunate I got to know you, sunbae.
I'll go now.
Sunbae? Sorry for waking you up.

What's wrong? There's somewhere we need to go.

Right now, at this time?
I've heard of gymnastics at midnight but a walk at the break of dawn?
We're here.
What? From here, you have to go by yourself.

It should be there on that bridge. The reason you came here.

Hi. I came to see you.
Yeah. What brings you all the way here?

I was worried after hearing the news about your father.
Thanks . . .
So . . . You came all this way to for that?

I guess you're getting along well now.
As you can see, I'm doing great and as you know, I'm very busy.
Now that you know, you can go. No need to worry about how I'm doing.
What? Do you have anything more left to say?
Really . . . is this how you feel?
What did you expect? Perhaps "I'm sorry"
"Forgive me," "I'll be back, so just wait for me" . Were you expecting those words?
Why are you being like this?
I've started to come to terms with reality.
I get it. Now, I finally get it.
You pretending not to know me, not wanting to see me . . .
It was all real.
So what I am to you is . . . I am . . . A stain I want to erase.
You're cruel, Goo Joon Pyo.
Really cruel.
No. I was always like this.
I was only pretending I wasn't.

I'm going. Take care. Just worry about yourself.

Hey pretty girl, are you okay?
Excuse me . . .
You are my special lucky lady, because you are my first today.
lucky lady?
Song. Please sing a song for me.
No, No. It's my treat.
From today on, Geum JanDi from Grade 11B Class is officially my girlfriend.
Can you see it? My heart?
Let go! Young master.
Please leave us alone for a while.
Are you satisfied? Now that you've gotten your way, are you satisfied?
Well, It's not so pleasant that we still have to talk about such a little girl.
She is not just such a little girl.
She's the first girl . . .
that I - your own son -
ever loved in my entire life.
Yes, that's right. Then what do you plan to do?
You want to abandon everything and run to her?
You want to abandon the ShinHwa Group's employees, your future? Fine.
Have you ever thought about your father?
You may have no issue with throwing ShinHwa Group away without a moments notice,
but your father, someone who tried his best for this company until the very end. . .
do you plan on throwing him away, too?
Stop it. What are you going to do about that JanDi girl?
Should I make her not be able to live anywhere in Korea?
JanDi . . .
Don't mess with her.
If you break your promise I'll destroy everything.
Can this pretty lady buy an ice cream from me please?
I'm sorry, but I'm not very good at Chinese, so . . .
What did you just say?
Ugly girl over there, please buy some ice cream.
Do you really think you can sell anything tlike that?
But you would still buy it, wouldn't you?
How much is it? Um . . . Your day?
Eh ? That's the fee for the ice cream. Give me your time today.
JanDi must be doing well, right?
Don't worry. No news is good news. As soon as she meets JoonPyo, she'll be dying of happiness.
If your stomach hurts, hurry up and go to the bathroom. Don't hold it in.
KangSan, what's wrong? KangSan.
KangSan, where does it hurt?
This is strange. KangSan!
Put him on my back.
She eats well, right? Yes.
She's sleeping well? Yes.
Your blood pressure is good.
Hye Na, Yes
Should I give you a candy?
Aigoo, you're so pretty. Handshake. See you later.
Good bye. Thank you.
Is there anyone here?
Please save my son! Is there a doctor here?
Something's very wrong. Please look at him!
This is nice.
It's time. Let's go.
That's mine.
I selected this first!
I saw this first!
It'd be better if you'd let go now.
I can't let go! I said let go!
Miss, I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry, but, can you just share this once?
Wh-What did you say?
Do you know the size?
Hey, wear this for a second.
Hey! Hey! What the heck are you doing?!
Hey! Hey! Perfect fit.
Now take them off. Don't wanna!
You're not taking them off?!
Come here, come here!
Who the heck is he? Is he crazy?
Are you okay?
How is it you're just getting here now?!
They had some business so they left first.
What are you going to do?
It's time that we went back too.
Let's go on tomorrow morning's plane.
What is that girl doing? Are you talking about Geum JanDi?
YiJung and WooBin have already left. JiHoo and Geum JanDi are leaving tomorrow morning.
It looks like she's finally learned her place.
Where is JoonPyo?
He's been in the conference room all night.
Looks like he's found his place, too.
Goo Joon Pyo! Can you hear me?
While you've been gone, I've been thinking of you every day . . .
how is it the only memories I can recall are of the times we fought?
But isn't it strange?
The only memories I have are of us being angry and fighting, but . . .
when I think about you, I can only smile.
Goo JoonPyo
You are doing well right?
When are you coming back to fight with me again?
JoonPyo! Let's go together. Have you seen this plane before?
Isn't it a beauty? Yes! See this~
This is where the propeller is.
Later, you'll need to fly this.
This is the handle.
Aren't there a lot of buttons? When you learn how to fly a plane, you must fly this one.
Who are you? I'm Goo JoonPyo. JoonPyo is? of course I am Dad's son!
What will you do when dad is not here?
I must take care of Mom, Sister and ShinHwa Group!
Goo JoonPyo!
Can you promise me, man to man?
Yes sir!
Ji Hoo, Yoon Ji Hoo!
Min! Ji Hoo! What brings you here? When did you come?
Um, I came a few days ago. It's been a really long time.
Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Macau?
I missed you so much. How long are you staying for?
We're about to go. You can't!
You can't. I can't let you go like this. Ji Hoo, let's go to my house!
I can't. I'm with company, so . . .
Who . . . It can't be.
She isn't JiHoo's girlfriend, is she?
What if she says yes, will you stay?
I'm JiHoo's friend. We went to the same school.
Oh, really. Nice to meet you.
I'm really sick, right now. It's very serious. So, grant me this one favor.
Let's go to my house. Just one day.
Uh? Eh? Well, Yeah . . .
Let's go!
It's no big deal to leave one day later, right?
It's really been a long time, right? Let's go!
Oh, it looks delicious. I cook so good, eh?
You even know how to say things like that?
You speak Korean really well.
Jihoo is Korean.
Did you learn Korean because of JiHoo sunbae?
This is only for JiHoo's use.
Looks delicious.
Let's enjoy our meal.
JiHoo, eat up.
That girl isn't pretty.
She's short, and she doesn't have any bosom,
And she eats way too much.
What do you want to hear?
That girl . . . JiHoo, she's your girlfriend?
What do you think?
JiHoo, that girl, you like her.
Whenever you look at her, you smile.
Like before . . .
Before? Whenever you see SeoHyun. Like that.
Find out Geum JanDi's room number.
She checked out? I got it.
Young master. It's time for us to leave.
When did JiHoo leave?
He is still in Macau.
Is that so? Didn't he check out?
He went with Geum Jandi to his friend's house.
Friend? Which friend?
Should I find out?
No. Forget it.