Wegmans Beef Barley Soup

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Hey guys, Chef Mark here.
There´s a little chill in the air and I don´t think there´s anything
better at this time of the year than a big bowl of beef barley soup.
So the main thing I need to get right is the beef in that and we´re going
to go with this short ribs right here.
There´s a couple of different versions.
There´s a bone in and there´s a boneless.
I´m going to have you guys grab the boneless version of this.
This version here normally served whole pieces like this and people shred
them apart, but cut real nice and small when you go to eat those little pieces
with the barley it´s going to be really nice and tender
and still have some moisture in it.
Okay the next thing we need to get for the dish
is going to be our barley here,
and the way it starts out, it starts off nice and small like that
but as we cook it that really rich broth is going to soak up
into that barley.
It´s going to have a great starchy texture which is going to go
fantastic with the beef.
Alright the last thing I need to do is grab a great stock for our recipe here.
I´m going to grab our beef culinary stock.
You need two of these.
This basically is this stuff that you would put all the work in yourself
and they put it in a little box here.
Super big time saver.
Again everything I need here.
So let´s go cook this.
Okay let´s put this beef barley soup together and what´s real important
about this is the process.
We´ve got a lot of great ingredients here but if we´re not going through
the correct process we´re going to get a completely different result out of it.
So I´ll show you what I mean by that
but first we´re going to start with the beef here.
So I´ve got our short ribs here and if you felt like it we can also use
a boneless shoulder too.
And what I´m going to do is I´m going to take this beef and cut it into
some small pieces to brown, caramelize and get a lot more flavor.
So what I´m going to do is, I´ve already got some,
my pan heating up here on medium high,
and add two tablespoons of oil to that.
And make sure the bottom´s coated a little bit.
And we´re simply going to drop this on the inside
and let that caramelize.
We´re going to try to get all those sides brown as much as we can.
Keep the temperature up on medium high
so it doesn´t start to steam.
We really want to get a good amount of color out of this.
So we´re going to go for about ten minutes or so
to get it really nice and brown.
Okay the next step on this when this is really nice and dark brown,
we´re going to go to the Mirepoix.
It´s going to be two bags of this.
This is a carrots, onion, celery mix.
It´s going to add a lot of flavor to this dish.
But if we don´t, again, caramelize this mix,
it´s--the end product´s not going to be as rich.
So we we´re really going to push this again another ten minutes
and let the vegetables really start to caramelize
and throw off a lot of flavor.
Okay I really want to show you what´s going on down
inside this pot here.
I´ve got some caramelization of the vegetables,
but if you look here I´ve really got a nice browning
on the bottom of this.
That´s where you develop a lot of that flavor; on the bottom.
It´s really going to make for a rich result in the end.
The next step is we´re going to take our tomatoes.
We add our tomatoes to this and we´re going to do again--
I know this is taking some time but it´s really going to pay off.
Here, reduce the heat down to medium,
and then we´re going to go about ten minutes again
to brown the tomatoes.
Okay let me show you these tomatoes.
What you´re going to notice about them,
it´s almost going to turn into like a tomato paste,
and we´re really going to start to brown.
It´s getting a little sticky on the bottom.
That´s going to pay off in the end.
The next step to this: it´s real easy.
All we´re going to do is take the rest of our ingredients here,
which is a tablespoon of chopped thyme,
one and a quarter cups of barley,
we´re going to add about a tablespoon of salt
and we can always check that later,
but we´re going to start out with some.
The pepper, it´s going to be up to you.
We´re going to start with about a half a teaspoon or so.
I like a little bit more, so we´re going to add a little bit more.
Again, we can always check that later.
And then we´re going to go with two cartons of our beef culinary stock
along with four cups of water,
and then after that all we´re going to do
is we´re going to turn this up to high.
And we´re going to let this come to a simmer,
crank it down to low and wait.
That´s the easy step.
We´re going to wait for about 45 minutes
and that barley is really going to soak up that delicious juice
on the bottom of this.
Give us a lot of flavor, the beef´s going to get tender.
It´s going to be perfect.
We´ve let this simmer for about 45 minutes now
and that beef is really nice and tender,
and the barley is puffed up
and got really tender as well.
Next thing we´re going to do is serve it and we´re going to show
you a little garnish here.
So I´m going to take the parsley directly right out of the package.
Leave your stems down to the one side.
If you want, you can pick off the leaves off of the stems,
but what I like to do is take the stems to the one side
and roll this up so it´s a really nice tight ball.
So that now when I go with my knife
and make a really fine slice out of it,
I don´t have to chop it any more than that.
All my leaves are nice and tender.
The stems are tender as well, but we don´t want all stems in there.
So we leave the stems to the one side and we can just discard that,
and then we just have our leaves ready to go.
And now to ladle it in a bowl and what I´ve done here is
throughout the process I´ve skimmed a little bit of that fat
along the way and also checked the seasoning so that as that barley
cooks it soaking up a seasoned liquid in there.
And then all you´ve got to do is serve it,
a little bit of parsley over the top.
Nice and fresh green.
And it´s the perfect comfort food for a nice cool winter day.