Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Sujatha: Test 1, Part 3 - Discussion

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What should change in India’s education system?
Well I would say instead of concentrating more on the scores in the exams that students
get they should have more of personality development happening at school like more of extracurricular
activities and sports and more of a character development because children grow up into
adults at school and they should have a overall good personality even more important than
what the marks they score in the exam. Do boys or girls perform better at school?
Well in India we see that girls perform better than boys in most instances because girls
are usually more disciplined and they have more pressure of performing well at school.
Because if a girl doesn’t perform well at school it’s more like “Oh, you’re a
girl, you’re not even supposed to be in school” most of the time so, yeah, they
do perform better than the boys in most cases. Are private schools better?
Well, yeah, when compared to the, most government schools, private schools are much better because
they are more disciplined, the teachers are more interested in teaching the kids and even
the parents would pay more attention to their kids’ education because they are paying
so much of money to get them into private schools.
Should everyone go on to further study?
Yes, I think everybody should go on to do further studies because whatever work you
want to do in your life you need to know the complete theoretical and practical aspects
of it which you can really get it by good education and that.
Just say what you think and explain why. Good luck.