Anderson Silva and Pedro Rizzo Gives Their Thoughts on the Machida/Rampage Decision at UFC 123

Uploaded by vatafuck on 23.11.2010

Can you see in any way how Quinton Jackson won the fight?
Not me…
There’s no way, Lyoto won the fight man, he came closer to finishing the fight, shit, Quinton didn't even touch him
It’s tough, it’s tough, Lyoto was much better
The fight was tough but Lyoto was much better
He connected with strikes that almost made Quinton get knocked out
So it’s like that… we don’t know what kind of criteria the judges are using to score the fights
Unfortunately… it’s American territory, American soil, he fought an American
And he didn’t knock him out, the rules remains the same
Unfortunately you have to get the KO, especially when you fight in the manner that Lyoto fights
Which is a game of countering, of walking backwards
Quinton didn’t offer Lyoto any danger at any time
It’s quite the opposite, right?
So we as Brazilians, as friends of Lyoto, we are very saddened, we know Lyoto won the fight
Even Quinton himself acknowledged he lost the fight, so…
I’ll co sign that, even Quinton himself would sign that because...
That’s the most important thing, even he himself saw that he lost the fight, so… there's not much more to say