The Beauty Inside. Episode 5: I'd Like to Show You Something

Uploaded by TheBeautyInsideFilm on 13.09.2012

Never stay overnight. No one comes over.
The rules were supposed to protect me.
I realized the only way to be with Leah
was to do something I've never done before.
Tell her the truth.
I don't have the same kind of worries
that other people do before their first day of work.
What to wear, how to act, what the rules are.
What's that expression?
"You only get one chance at a first impression."
Whoever said that
never met me.
- I'm here for a training. - Oh, great.
Hi, come on over. I'm Leah.
Well, as you can see we have a lot of amazing pieces here.
We also have a lot of junk because people come in here with their stuff
that they think it's really valuable and it's actually not.
So one of the things you'll learn is you have to say "no" to people
when they think they are worth more than they actually are.
- So this is it. - Ah, this is super cool.
Like this... This is going to get sold right away.
- It's beautiful. - It's beautiful.
- Needs a little polishing up, but... - Yeah.
Would you be up for that?
So do you get to go out much?
You know, with all the hours you put in here.
Does this count?...right now?
No. (In response)
Yeah, I feel like I pretty much live in this place, so
Do you... Do you have a boyfriend?
No... No, not really. No.
What happened?
Who is he?
There was this one guy, but it's...
It was nothing.
What about you, do you have a boyfriend?
I don't date, I just break up with people. (Sighs)
- Leah? - Mm-hm. ?
Can I show you something?
It's this way.
Just watch your step.
No one's ever been here before, so...
Do you recognize this?
What is this? Why do you hav-, why do you have that?
Leah, I...
How do you have that?
No, tell me... Why do you have my things?
This is my dresser.
Who are you?
I wanted to explain something to you.
- Who are you? - Look, you don't understand.
Have you been watching me? Is that what it is?
- No. No, that's not what this is. - This is really weird.
- Look, I have to go... - No, please. Will you please wait?
I want to show you something. Please.
It's not going to make any sense,
but I just want you to watch this.
...the way her face lit up
when she was explaining an ordinary object like a vase...
You know when you like built things up in your mind...
Just watch, it's... It's me.
You're not going to disappear on me, right?
I should go home because I gotta get up early.
It's all... It's all me, Leah.
Hi. Welcome. Is there anything I can help you with?
Sorry, I realize I have to go.
There's just no way to explain this...
So why did it have to be tonight?
I sometimes think we buy this kind of thing
just to give ourselves a bit of somebody else's life.
All this stuff in the store that we sell all... Pieces and...
the conversations that were had around an antique table
and the hands that were held underneath it, or
You know... the arguments that were had around it.
Just the stories...
And so was that.
It's... Every day I wake up as somebody new.
It's just... It's who I am.
Outside I'm different, but inside it's Alex.
And I know this is crazy and I know it's really weird,
but the guy who took you to the museum... it's still me.
And I... I just...
Why are you doing this?
I wanted to tell you the truth.
Why would you want to hurt somebody like this?
Please don't contact me again.
- No, Leah... - Please! Don't contact me.