Medical cannabis in Brazil (with subtitles)

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8.000 inhabitants.
Criminality rates next to 0.
Cruzeta, a quiet and peaceful city in the countryside of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil).
Suddenly, an amazing discovery took away the security of the residents.
The city's delegate realized that some of the plants growing
on the square garden were actually weed plants.
A big rush happened when the test confirmed the suspect.
Everybody wanted to know what was the so called "weed".
Dona Marta, a 5 year grower, was also really surprised about it.
She knew it as "Liamba", a holy remedy, not as 'cannabis', as the police claimed.
"For toothache, earache, headache, fever, hiccups...
if you have the hiccups and smell it, it will be instantly gone."
The weed was found in another 6 habitations.
Seu Matias had the habit of drinking it as tea.
"Just had 2 and I will have it 3 times more to renovate, look."
The police collected everything, 4 bags of leafage are now under supervision of the delegate.
Whoever was growing the weed in the garden are not free of the justice.
By the law, the usage of pot, even for medical purposes, as an inocent remedy, it's still a crime.
"The residents can be arrested."
Now, their future depends on the police decision.
An inquiry is now open to investigate the case.