Easy-To-Use Hidden Camera Makes Surveillance Easy With Motion Activated Snapshots

Uploaded by BrickHouseSecurity on 18.09.2009

Hi, I'm Hannah Senter with BrickHouse Security. Have you ever wondered what happens in your
home or office when you're not around? Well now you can have the iShot Video Camera
find out for you. This ordinary looking clock has a built-in
pinhole sized hidden camera. It's undetectable and you can rely on the
iShot Video Camera for easy surveillance because it's wireless and can run on batteries.
It's also one of the most affordable surveillance systems on the market.
You can pretty much place the iShot Video anywhere that you would place a bedside or
desk clock and use it as a surveillance system or nanny camera... no one will be the wiser.
This is how it works: insert the SD card
insert 4 triple A batteries or plug in the power adaptor for extended
use adjust the camera lens to the desired height
press the oval shaped button to activate the motion detector and video camera, and you're
now ready to record completely covert high resolution surveillance video, anywhere.
Set-up the digital clock and the moment the iShot Video Camera detects any motion, the
hidden video camera will record broadcast quality footage.
With iShot Video's motion detection feature, you'll never miss an important event or have
to fast forward through hours of an actionless video of an empty room.
It's perfect for monitoring your home, office, bedroom, or baby's room.
All the footage is recorded to a removable SD card.
Just plug the SD card into your computer and you'll be able see exactly what happened while
you weren't around. You can get up to 24 hours of video recording
with the 16Gb SD card. The iShot Video is the perfect affordable
surveillance system. It's great for anyone looking for an easy
Do-it-Yourself covert surveillance security system.
It sets up in seconds right out of the box. This has been Hannah Senter with BrickHouse
Security. See you next time.