Weight Loss Doctor Indicted for Using Vibrators on Patients, Claiming Orgasms Help Weight Loss

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David: There's a weight-loss doctor, this is... by the way, if that's making Louis uncomfortable,
this won't make you any more comfortable. There's a weight-loss doctor who's been charged
with sexually assaulting patients. He was at a Pennsylvania weight-loss clinic. His
name is Arie Oren, and there are charges that he sexually assaulted at least six female
patients, according to the criminal complaint. He was charged earlier in the week. He apparently
told patients that orgasms would help them burn calories. It was a weight-loss clinic.
Imagine this, ladies and gentlemen, you walk in and the victim told prosecutors that they
were all touched inappropriately and groped, and he allegedly penetrated the victims' genitals
with an electronic massager, I think we know what that is, right?
Louis: Yeah.
David: I think you know what we're getting at here.
Louis: It's pretty self-explanatory.
David: As an excuse to, quote, "break up the fat". How desperate must these people be to
lose weight that they're going to let this guy use an electronic massager on their private
area? One victim...
Louis: I mean, how are people this trusting?
David: That's my—what's going on?
Louis: Yeah, it's crazy. I don't know.
David: One victim recounted that after Oren used the, quote, "massager" on her and touched
her below the waist, he said, "You know, if you have an orgasm, you'll burn 200 calories,"
according to the document. And then another victim... so then you could say well, you
know what? I mean, I can't imagine anyone would believe that, but at least you could
say maybe you somehow get to a point in your head where you believe that could be true.
But then another victim said Arie Oren tried to kiss her after assaulting her and said,
"Hey, the visit's free because she's so hot." That has to be going over the line, right?
At that point, you have to know something's up with this guy.
Louis: [Laughs] I mean, you have to assume that at least one or two of these people were
like wow, this guy's really on the cutting edge! He has some, you know, amazing techniques.
David: The guy's clearly a dirtball, but you have to be... don't you have to be somewhat
ignorant if you let a doctor penetrate you with a massager and tell you that it's for
weight loss? Where's the common sense here?
Louis: Or you like it.
David: I don't... well, apparently not, because they filed these complaints.
Louis: Yeah. Yeah.
David: I don't... I really just don't understand what... what... how could somebody even believe
this? I don't know. And for people saying, some people emailed me about this story saying
that it was an unlicensed doctor, maybe it's actually scarier. This doctor had a valid
license. He was operating as a valid doctor, it's just that he was behaving like a creep.
Louis: Very weird.
David: It is bizarre. So I don't know. If you're going to a weight-loss clinic, diet,
exercise, the gastric bypass, have a list of things that you know would be at least
within the realm of reality, but using, what's the word I'm supposed to use? Electronic massagers
on your private area to make you lose weight, please, ladies and gentlemen. It just makes
no sense. What do you think about this, Louis? Would you fall for something like this?
Louis: I don't think I would.
David: I guess you're kind of in a different situation. Louis trying to put on the weight
rather than take it off.
Louis: Yeah, yeah.
David: All right, well, I have some other scenarios I could set up, but I won't do it
because I feel like it wouldn't be... it wouldn't be appropriate.
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