Undersea Super Train : Marine Express (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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California, 2002 A.D.
My name is Ban Shunsaku.
I'm a private detective from Tokyo.
I came to America at the request of this man.
This man.
He was seeking information from an organization concerning a weapon.
He's dead. How did this happen?
What the hell is this?
He's melting! Melting! He's melted away...
Who's there?!
Dammit! How dare they do this to me! I won't forget this!
What... Where am I?
Where are you going?
Without paying the bill.
You're not even recovered yet.
You need to rest.
I helped you when I found you by the road.
This is my clinic.
You treated me?
This is your medical bill.
You owe me five million yen.
My dizziness is cured!
What the hell kind of clinic is this?!
Five million yen!? Ah... ow...
I can't pay that!
Is that so? I did save your life...
Even if I had five million yen...
You're a detective, right?
At the request of the construction chief of the undersea railway, Mr. Shylock...
You came to investigate the criminal.
I was Mr. Shylock's physician.
That night, as I was driving down the road...
I found you.
You were seriously injured.
Mr. Shylock disappeared right in front of me.
This is very serious. I have to investigate it.
That can wait.
More important is the five million yen you owe me.
Forget about the five million yen!
You haven't paid it!
Look, Doctor! It's something about the Marine Express Station.
Look at all the people.
Today's the day of the train's test run.
It's him!
That's the guy I saw that night!
The guy I encountered on the road!
Lemme outta here!
Hey, wait! You still have to pay the bill!
That guy got on the test train.
I'll force him to tell me what happened.
It won't work.
There's no mistaking it, he's got to be a member of that organization.
I won't leave you alone until I have my five million yen.
Papa, it's beautiful!
I'll be able to go into the sea, right?
That's right.
Hey, Papa...
Will I be able to meet mermaids in the sea?
Mermaids? What're you talking about?
They exist!
They were in that book that you gave me.
Yeah, but that's a fairy tale.
It's not a fairy tale! You don't know what you're talking about!
Father, the Aquaport.
He's not doing so well. Despite the fact that he's riding, even...
Eh, Adam?
This isn't the first test that's been planned, right?
That's right, Rock.
But today, I get to be the one to pilot. Pretty cool.
What's so cool about it? It's embarassing.
It's something that should never have been built.
This is the joint US/Japan area...
Marine Express landing/observation area.
Both countries have very important news.
I'm sorry to relay this unfortunate information, but...
The construction chief of this project...
Scrooge Shylock has disappeared, and so...
...today's test has been cancelled.
However, his engineer friend...
Mr. Nasenkopf has taken over.
We made it!
Huh? What the...?
These bodies...
What's going on here?
All the passengers are dolls?
They're dummies.
Dummies? What's that?
Dolls that take the place of humans.
You test the effect of impacts with them.
Hmph. That so?
Piece of junk! Get out of here!
This is a seat for people!
The first Marine Express will depart shortly.
Rock, everything okay?
Leave it to me.
Attention passengers, I am the Marine Express's pilot,
Rock, Nasenkopf.
This train is...
...traveling from America's Los Angeles Aquaport...
to Tokyo, Japan at the end of a 25,000km track.
The train will also make side trips, as it is a special express.
Including a station on Polynesia's Marquesas Islands...
Melanesia's Samoa...
And finally Micronesia's Ponape Island...
...before finally reaching Tokyo, Japan.
The trip will take less than 40 hours.
We will be traveling at a speed of 900km per hour.
Right now, we are passing beneath California...
...at a depth of 2,000 meters below sea level.
Dammit. That assassin...
Where the hell is he?
In here?
Come in.
I've brought drinks, sir.
Well, shall I pour you some juice, young master?
The boy won't be drinking.
What about some snacks?
He won't be drinking, and he won't be eating, so knock it off!
That's a good way to make him sick.
You should take care of him better...
Stop it! Get the hell out of here!
That little brat's not human...
Papa, look!
All these ships... What is this?
Everyone, this is the ship graveyard.
Approximately fifty sunken ships...
...you see resting here peacefully.
It's an unfortunate reminder of days long past.
Inside these ships are those sacrificed to war.
Look at that. That's a Japanese destroyer.
It's a sunken ship from World War II.
In truth, everyone, this undersea engineering project...
...discovered and collected these from all over.
What about the people on those ships?
They passed away.
Will this train also...
No need to worry.
What happened? Report.
There's something ahead of us. About 200 kilometers away.
Confirm position.
There's an incredible body of energy. What is it?
No way!
That's the volcano Ikazette! It's supposed to be dormant...
It's really close to the undersea tunnel.
It's a volcano!
Attention, passengers. Please remain calm.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
The train will come within 1,000 meters of the volcano.
What? He's serious?
Help me!
Help! Huh?
Ahh, save me!
Please return to your seat.
My seat's so far from here...
Even if it's far away, please return to your own seat!
Even if I do, what good will it do?
We'll be clear in another 10 seconds.
Dammit, riding this train...
Turn this thing around!
Bring us back safely!
Hey! Knock if off, you piece of junk!
No need to worry.
This pipe is specially reinforced for such an event. Even punctures to it will repair themselves.
It's fine now. You can put him down.
Attention passengers, you can unfasten your seatbelts now.
That volcano was dormant, but...
It just happened to erupt.
Marine Express will not be passing near any more volcanoes.
Now then, have a look at these undersea mountain formations.
These mountains are formed the same way as those above ground.
The peaks and valleys are comparable to the Alps.
Basically, the bottom of the ocean is about the same as the land above.
Of course, there aren't any trees, grass, or rivers.
Make some tea for this man.
You're the driver, huh?
Not exactly. I'm just filling in.
I see. I'm the Japanese private eye, Ban Shunsaku.
Huh? Oh, thanks.
What are you doing on this train, detective?
Well, I don't want to alarm you, but...
The truth is, there's a murderer aboard this train.
A murderer?
That's right! He killed Scrooge Shylock!
But... the papers said he disappeared...
No, it was murder.
But afterwards, Shylock's body disappeared.
For serious?
Yes. I saw the murderer board the train, so...
I'm certain he's planning to do something on the train, too.
No way!
That's not all...
That assassin is eliminating anyone who learns of the secret weapons smuggling organization.
That's the objective of being on this train.
He's probably a hijacker.
No way! There's nothing like that going on.
That's why I'm telling you to turn this thing around!
Don't hit that! You'll damage the gauges.
It's too late to turn back, the test has begun.
Then let us off at the next station! There could be lives at stake!
I understand what you're saying.
But even if this was the case, we can't do a thing to change it.
Please take him outside.
Hey, listen to what I'm saying... Hey!
What the hell are you doing, you piece of junk?
Everyone, please look out your right window.
The table-like mountain is called "Gyuyor."
It's a mysterious monument of the Pacific floor that can be seen from everywhere.
It isn't yet understood how it came to exist.
Hmph. What the hell's a "gyuyoudai?"
He's dead. Killed.
There's been another murder! Just now!
Here. Right here!
Where did this murder take place?
Here, it was here! He was killed right here!
He's disappeared, just like last time!
Ridiculous. Don't waste my time with such foolishness.
I really saw it, though! Two eyes, one mouth... A human! A man!
With this kinda face.
Someone there? Who are you?
Whatcha doin'?
I'm waiting for papa. He went to the engine car.
I see.
I'm Milly. Even though my dad said to sleep...
I'm really too bored to.
And since I've read the book I brought, and none of my friends are here...
Hey, will you be my friend? What's your name?
I'm Adam.
I'm Mildred Credit.
You can call me Milly.
Hurry it up.
You're supposed to kiss my hand.
It's customary for greeting a lady.
Don't you know your etiquette?
You're a weird kid.
Your face looks like a doll's. And your voice sounds like a microphone.
That's strange?
But I'm not worried about it.
Come over here.
The sea sure is dark. Really boring.
I thought there'd be pretty mermaids swimming around.
Huh? You don't know what a mermaid is?
What is it?
They're from Hans Christian Andersen's story...
Wow, you don't know anything, do you?
I'm sorry.
Wait right here. I'll bring my book and explain it to you.
What are you doing? Get out of here.
Um, I was going to play with Adam...
Don't come near this child!
Here... Read this... Adam.
Thank you.
Bring it back anytime.
That girl is the daughter of Secretary of State Credit.
Don't open your mouth anymore, Adam.
For any number of reasons!
You've got important work to do, Adam.
Don't forget that. You can't be talking with people.
Show me your face.
Your vocal chord bolts are loose.
This is great. It's in the best condition.
There are some things I need to say.
What is it, father?
Because you're adopted, you're white, but...
I am Maori, from Polynesia.
When I was younger, I was fascinated with European culture.
I left my home country and studied abroad in Germany.
But the people who were waiting for me subjected me to terrible racial prejudice.
I endured it. I worked.
And I went to America to study.
I met a colleague there, a man named Credit.
As a white ideologist, he harassed me a lot.
Thirty years passed, I won the Nobel Prize...
and Credit became the American Secretary of State.
This is something about Secretary Credit?
It's ironic. By order of my old rival Credit,
I have to return to my homeland
and soil it with "progress."
With this undersea tunnel, my home will be opened as a mere tourist attraction.
Our atmosphere, our resources will be exploited.
You don't know for sure that'll happen.
History proves it will!
Until nothing remains in our waters.
The culture of my people will be destroyed.
"Progress" is a ruthless conqueror.
So, at the next stop, let everyone off.
Rock, you leave too.
This train isn't going to make it to the end of the line.
What are you saying?
I'll destroy this train with my own hands.
That's ridiculous!
Credit will have me arrested.
He hasn't done anything like that. But...
Father, if you destroy this train, he certainly will.
This room is... this train's heart.
Nothing will happen to this train...
This train is safe.
Get out!
Now arriving at our first stop, Marquesas Island.
Our layover will be three hours...
... please feel free to take a rest.
Damn dummies are in my way.
Someone must have information on that assassin...
Where did my father go?
He was with the Secretary of State.
You talked to your son about a terrible plot...
I'm not without scruples, I don't want to harm any Americans.
The hour is late for such concern, Credit.
You understand how I feel.
Arrogant Polynesian.
This is my last warning!
There's nothing to discuss!
Then you'll be arrested for treason.
You prepared for this. CIA agents!
But, after seeing this treachery, I...
Will not be caught!
After him!
Where's your father?
He went in that way.
I'm sorry about your loss.
But please cheer up.
Who's there?
Where are you?
Who are you?
What is this?
A firefly?
There's something within that light...
Not "something."
Then... a fairy?
What are you?
I'm a woman of the past.
The past?
Then... a ghost?
I may seem like that to you.
10,000 years ago...
10,000 years ago?
Don't come closer!
This place was my palace.
This pile of rocks was part of it.
Your palace, you say?
Then you must be...
The walls were here.
You were the queen or something?
Of what country?
The Mu Kingdom.
The Mu Kingdom?
I've heard of it, but...
So it really did exist?
Legends say that country sank into the sea...
Invaders came.
What happened?
At that time...
People from another world came from the sky.
Those people taught our peaceful people
murder, discrimination, and treachery.
They turned my people into slaves.
Rock, your plan must be
to destroy the people of this nation.
You mean you think that we're invaders?
To me the Marine Express is something left behind for me by my father.
I won't let anyone get in my way!
But Dr. Nasenkopf gave you a warning.
Regardless of what anyone says,
I'll see Marine Express succeed.
I won't stop halfway!
For my, and my father's sake!
Rock, let's meet again.
Wait! There's something I want to know.
A queen... This was a palace?
Definitely... The Mu Kingdom, she said.
He's not dead yet.
There's still a pupillary reaction.
Which means?
Possibly asphyxiation...
He may become a vegetable.
Can you help him?
If the train remains stopped I could perform surgery...
But if the car moves, there's nothing I can do.
If you can, please help him.
I have conditions.
First, the car must be stopped for one day without moving...
Secondly, the fee will be one hundred million yen.
One hundred million yen? That's half a million dollars!
That's right.
He should be worth it to you.
Hey, you.
Have the train leave immediately. That's an order.
Doctor, can you save my father?
His brain waves are weak.
Don't say anything! Go to the engine car now!
Who are you?
It doesn't matter. Move!
Get this train moving.
Don't move.
Tell the robot to do it.
That's crazy!
We're in the middle of an operation now.
What do you think will happen if you move the train?
That operation will be stopped.
Now, do it!
That's crazy. Who the hell are you!?
If you don't, I'll destroy the cockpit!
It'll be the end of this train.
Dewey, start the engine.
Who the hell are you people?
Don't ask questions, just do as you're told.
Preparations complete.
Let's go.
Don't! Father's operation...
Please stop!
I'll say it again. Order the departure!
Dewey, we're leaving. Begin departure.
What? It's moving!
Papa, it's started moving!
Stop! Stop the train!
The operation won't be possible.
The train is departing.
Vice Minister Seimu is unaccounted for.
What the hell is going on here?
Sasaki, go check the engine car.
I can't stop now.
It's all or nothing!
God help me...
W-Wait, please!
We don't know anything, we're just hired muscle.
Why are you making the train leave?
Watch out!
Stupid guy...
Neat, isn't it?
This is the latest in weapon technology.
It's still just a prototype...
But it looks like it's useful in a real confrontation.
Sharks! If we don't speed up,
they'll think we're enemies and come after us.
Noisy kid.
I don't feel like killing you but I gotta keep you quiet.
Don't kill me!
Shut up!
Now if we can take care of Nasenkopf, our work here will be done.
Who's that?!
L-L-Lots of sharks!
Papa, I'm scared!
The train is safe.
Calm down.
I'm going to see what's going on. Wait here.
No! I want to come too!
Do as I say.
Papa, come back...
Thanks for the book.
Please, can you stay here for a bit?
Look at that.
They're looking right at us.
What are those?
Man-eating sharks!
Aren't you afraid?
I don't know what it means to be afraid.
Because you're a boy?
Because I'm not human.
I'm a dummy.
What's a dummy?
I'm a doll created for an experiment.
A doll? So you're a robot then?
I was created by Dr. Nasenkopf.
Now that you mention it, I thought you seemed a bit odd...
But you'll be my friend, right?
Milly, I came to say goodbye.
Where are you going?
No, don't go!
Stay here!
Those sharks! They're ramming us!
What the hell?
They're going to break the pipe and eat us!
Let's run away! Speed the train up!
Hey robot!
Speed up!
Lose the sharks!
What's wrong?
Don't you understand me?
It's no use.
Looks like it only takes orders from this kid.
Hey, please! Wake up!
Wake up, I said!
It's no use! Don't we have some medicine or water?
Hey, where's the water?
You idiot!
I'm going to the doctor to get some medicine.
Don't go!
I'm going!
Milly, cheer up a little.
I have to go...
Milly, farewell.
Adam, please don't leave me alone!
What the hell are you?
Dewey, close the blinds!
Closing blinds.
Dewey, speed up!
800km per hour!
Speed: 800.
That was rough.
We're safe thanks to you.
Is your stomach okay?
But... the only one able to fix you is father.
That's right, father!
How is he?
I'm going to see the doctor.
Rock, I came here under father's orders.
What? Father sent you here?
Yes. That was the plan from the beginning.
What plan?
I was built together with this train.
You know the computer room over there?
I'm a part of that computer.
I'm programmed to blow this train up without fail.
That must be a lie!
Once I enter in here and combine with the computer,
this train will blow up in 24 hours.
There's no way you're capable of that!
You're a specially built dummy
made specifically for collecting test run data.
That is...
No, you're wrong.
Father made me in case the train malfunctioned.
I'm already late.
Don't go in there!
Farewell, my brother.
Wait, please!
Adam, let's talk this over, OK?
I'll only stop for three minutes at the next station.
Get everyone off there.
After that, until the explosion...
I won't stop.
Hey, open the door!
Dewey! Open this!
What's wrong?
Don't you hear me?
The controls...
They're moving!
The switches won't respond!
It can't be switched manually either!
Wait! Stop!
I see...
It's moving under Adam's control.
This room has been taken over.
It is no longer under human control.
Please leave.
If you do not leave, you will die.
How can you expect me to leave!
You must be joking.
It was my partner's mistake.
I wasn't my fault!
I'm leaving now, boss.
T-T-This isn't funny.
Whatever your plans are...
No! Wait!
I don't know anything!
I won't talk!
Please don't, boss!
Mr. Credit.
It's useless.
I've figured out your entire plan.
You were going to use this Marine Express
to secretely transport weapons.
This weapon was recently developed in America.
But you quietly diverted it to the black market.
To smuggle it into Asia...
Using this route to get it there.
What proof do you have?
My proof is this!
What proof do you have?
My proof is this!
I heard from Shylock
that Marine Express would be used to smuggle weapons.
But I didn't know exactly where the weapons were hidden.
I thought they could be inside the dummies...
Since tests are still being done.
Meanwhile, you could transport tens of thousands of weapons in the dummies.
Anyone who found out your conspiracy,
you eliminated with your assassins.
That's right.
By the way, Mr. Detective...
You don't know how to use these weapons, do you?
I'll show you.
Watch carefully!
Papa, stop!
Please, don't shoot!
Don't! Milly, that's dangerous!
Milly, get off me!
No, Papa, stop! Don't shoot anyone!
This is a grown-up issue.
Don't interfere!
Papa isn't a bad person, right?
You're a good person, right?
You're not a murderer, right?
So don't shoot anyone!
If you shoot someone I'll run away!
Be quiet!
Is this better, Milly?
I wonder why I brought you along...
To such a bad place.
No, it's good you brought her.
I wouldn't want to separate a father from his daughter.
What do you plan to do with me?
It's over.
I'll hand you in at the next station.
It's awful!
Everyone, we have a serious problem. The computer has taken over!
This train is out of control!
What? The computer is uncontrollable?
Father said to destroy the train.
The one carrying it out is Adam.
You're wrong!
Adam isn't such a horrible child!
It's because Adam only follows father's orders!
Isn't he a robot?
If we just destroy him...
We can't!
It's impossible to get into the cockpit.
Then the only thing that can stop him is
the success of the surgery on Dr. Nasenkopf?
That's right.
How's the surgery going?
I don't know.
That doctor demanded 100 million yen!
Whatever happens he's got to hurry!
We'll soon arrive in the second stop.
It's Samoa.
During the three minutes a special disposal unit will board and we'll remove Adam.
Hello. Hello.
This is Marine Express to Samoa station...
It's no good!
I can't reach Samoa station!
Electromagnetic interference!
I don't know!
Everybody. This train is dangerous.
Please get off.
Milly, get off here.
I have responsibilities to attend to.
No, I'm staying with you, Papa.
Milly, please understand.
Be a good girl, listen to what I say and get off.
I don't want to be left alone!
I'm getting off.
That hurts...
Dammit! This isn't the exit!?
Ah, this is the toilet!
Damn! It won't open!
Hey, let me out!
Anyone there? Let me out!
Get out!
I'm in the middle of an operation. Don't come in here!
Doctor, this is important.
You and the professor must get off.
Do you want him to die?
But the train is beyond my control,
and it's going to blow up!
I don't care!
I'm only concerned about this operation.
I'm charged with saving this man's life.
Everything else is irrelevant!
I can't have any distractions!
Careful of the electric current.
These are body isolation suits. We're fine.
OK, you're on the left.
Don't make mistakes!
We're locked out!
Can't you open it?
I can't!
It's completely closed.
How about there?
Cut the doors open!
This has an amazing magnetic pull!
What's the matter?
Our tools are stuck!
We can't use them!
They're totally stuck!
Just wait...
I'll make a hole with one of the weapons!
Hey, wait!
Damn this...
You people are too late.
Despite my goodwill, you wouldn't get off.
I will not stop now.
There's no escaping your fate now.
I will blow the train up in 12 hours.
Help me!
In 12 hours, we'll be above the Marianas Trench.
That area is roughly 10,000 meters deep, the deepest in the world.
If the explosion takes place there, its all over.
That was also the area of the most difficulty during construction.
Rescue would be impossible...
You couldn't get the repair group...
I was leading them here but...
You're so noisy! Shut up!
Explain this mess to me!
Japan gave money and its cooperation for this plan.
Who's responsible for this!
You accepted bribes, despite being a high official!
I'm innocent!
You bastard! I'll sue your ass!
Please stop arguing!
Is the surgery over?
How did it go?
Were you able to save the professor?
D-Did it not work out?
Let me rest a bit...
Eh? Hey!
Doctor, how did it go? Please tell us!
I made a promise to keep him alive.
You saved him!
Thank god.
So he's okay!
In that case, let's have him stop the train immediately.
Wait a bit. The operation just finished.
He's still under anesthetic.
When will he wake up?
Hmm... He won't wake for another half day.
That's not funny!
In half a day the train will explode!
You're too loud. Be a bit more quiet.
"Happiness comes by waiting and sleeping", right?
Damn bastard is supposed to be a 100 million yen doctor!
In that case, it can't be helped.
We have to take weapons,
rush the cockpit and break the computer!
Mr. Credit,
we need to use the weapons!
It's water!
With water...
Run! Ruun!
Everybody run, it's electrified!
Mr. Marukubi, stop!
Don't stop me!
That's too much! It's suicide!
In a minute we'll be at Ponape station.
If we don't escape there, there's no other way off.
I'm getting off!
We're going 1000km per hour!
It'll slow down at the station!
Idiot! If you jump off, it'll be the end for you!
If you get in my way, I'll shoot!
Oh! It's Ponape station!
Everybody, farewell!
Quickly, close it!
Breaking the observation car window like that is madness!
I feel sorry for him...
Seems like he went a bit crazy.
Looks like we're on the road to hell...
With just six hours left, will we die here on this train?
We definitely can't allow it to explode!
Sentiments like that are a waste now.
It's inevitable now.
Doctor, what's going on?
The professor has regained consciousness.
It's me, father!
Well done!
I beg of you...
The train will explode in just six hours.
Only you can stop it.
Please tell me how to stop it, father!
Adam has taken control, mister.
Rock, is that you?
Everyone is still on the train...
Yes, no one got off.
Even though I told you to get all the passengers off the train...
Nasenkopf, please, save everyone's lives.
It's all I ask.
Rock, listen carefully.
There's a secret way into the cockpit on the roof.
Follow the roof, and from the ceiling, shoot "Unit 9."
If you break that circuit,
the link with the computer will be broken and you can switch to manual.
Unit 9 is the small pink case to the right of the gyrocompass.
What's this?
The switches aren't responding.
Even though I should be able to switch to manual...
nothing will respond.
I can't use it!
What should I do?
Damn Adam...
He's locked out the controls!
We must convince Adam.
Take me to the computer.
That's not possible. If we move you now, you'll die!
If we don't stop the train, we'll all die!
You'd pass out before reaching the cockpit!
Papa... Papa!
Then, what should we do?
Even if there's a 99% chance of failure,
you have to give your all for that last percent!
I'll go too.
Since I get along well with Adam,
I'm sure he'll stop if I ask him to.
Hah, that guy's a robot.
Do you really think those tears will work on him?
Adam will only listen to my orders.
He won't obey anyone else.
Come out. It's me, Milly!
Please! Please listen to me!
If this train explodes, I'll die.
Why did you come here?
Stay with everyone else.
I want to talk with Adam.
That's a waste of time.
You're in the way, please leave!
But... I'm Adam's friend!
Look at this. Milly's tears made me this soaked.
I guess I can understand, but this...
That can't be...
I don't believe it...
This is ordinary water!
How can that be?!
Adam, I like you...
You're gentle and cool.
I want to see you again.
The circuits are all messed up.
It'll take half a day to repair!
Only nine and a half minutes left.
I believe now that Milly is a robot.
She went to persuade Adam, but...
Since they're both robots, could she possibly get through to him?
Milly, a robot?
That's silly.
This is Secretary Credit's bag.
Inside are the plans for Milly's design.
I can't believe that.
I met Milly three years ago, she certainly seemed human...
Is it really you?
You came out!
We're saved!
Milly, you did it! You did it!
What's this?
How strange.
The pipe is gone. No... The sea is gone.
What's going on?
What the hell are we running on?
I'd like to know too.
Maybe the explosion already happened...
And we're gone to heaven?
It could be...
That's not funny!
I don't feel like I'm dead.
That was a bit much.
Where are we...?
That person is...
Greetings to you, fair lad.
The Mu Kingdom welcomes you all.
Who are you?
How'd you get in?
I am known as Cancellor Dondra.
It would please my new lord to address you all.
Please disembark.
What's going to happen to us?
Are these guys human?
They're from the Mu Kingdom!
Mu Kingdom?
This is a palace!
I don't understand this at all.
As you commended, sire.
You finally came, you compassionate fools.
What's wrong?
Bow down in reverence when I speak to you!
You idiot! Didn't you teach these people the proper conduct!
Lower your heads!
Like this... in awe!
I am Prince Sharaku.
I am the divine child of prophecy.
I came from planet Kryptoripton.
He claims to come from another planet.
You dolt!
Next time it won't be just the hat.
I know what you want to ask.
Why, and how you came to this place.
The method of transit...
I'll tell you.
You passed into another dimension.
Into another... dimension?
This place is 10,000 years behind your world.
By crossing dimensions, it's possible to come here.
And you had just the equipment.
I don't understand what you're saying very well, but...
You look like a blue-collar peon, you don't need to understand any of this.
Show them to their rooms.
What are you doing?
Relax while you can.
I should have kept my mouth shut.
Anyway, that robot kid didn't do any good.
Stop it already!
It doesn't matter now that Adam and Milly are robots.
Don't harass them about it.
Something's coming.
Rock, we meet again.
You know this person?
She's the queen of the Mu Kingdom.
The queen? She does seem to have that air about her.
So you really are a real person.
This is my country.
Then who is that boy known as Prince Sharaku?
He's an invader.
He is?
He came here with Cancellor Dondra.
He said he came from a star or something...
Yes. One day, they came down in a ship from the sky.
They claimed to be settlers.
They brought us incredible culture and technology.
They promised us prosperity.
My people could not write, nor build ships, so...
Thinking life would be easier for us,
I accepted them.
Certainly, they had many magical powers.
For a time, we beheld these miracles.
And we got along well.
But soon, the settlers began a merciless campaign of conquest.
With the Chancellor at his side...
Sharaku attacked the islands.
And then... enslaved us!
And when we didn't obey,
he wasted no time destroying the islands.
Now, Sharaku wants to collect treasure from the bottom of the sea.
For this, he needs a vehicule that can travel to the bottom of the sea.
A vehicule that travels the bottom of the sea?
Then that prince wants Marine Express to...
That's it. I get it.
He wants our help.
Should he be able to make such a thing,
the sea would be completely destroyed.
Yes. We must stop him!
It'll be fine as long as we don't give him the Marine Express.
We won't leave you like this.
We will help you...
And fight the prince!
Such impudence.
You idiot!
Bring the queen here!
You must be kidding!
Sorry, but I won't fight.
Me neither.
Same here.
Fine then. If you all want to run away, run, like cowards!
I will stay and protect this country with the queen.
Highness. Why are you suddenly behaving so?
I left you your position as queen,
and I love you.
Why must you betray me?
Stay away!
I don't want to even see your face.
Is that so?
But if I make it an order...
The fate of your country rests in my hands!
And that kid, Rock, who swore loyalty to you
will die tonight.
How should I have him killed?
I'm looking forward to it.
I told you. If the Marine Express is not destroyed, bad things will happen.
Humanity repeats the same mistakes over and over.
This Mu Kingdom is making the same mistakes we did and is destroying itself.
Doctor, when do you think I can leave?
It'll be at least tomorrow until we can move you.
Tomorrow, after I leave, destroy this train.
How you do it is up to you.
Rock, do you have an opinion on this?
I don't.
But, I'm disappointed.
During the war, the Japanese army
used prisoners of war to build a bridge over the river Kwai.
But just as it was finished, the prisoners blew it up.
Humans are always doing wasteful things.
Best not to think about it.
I'll hand out guns to everyone.
We'll need them tonight.
Doctor, I don't see the queen there.
Just the prince.
He doesn't want her to see us get killed.
I wonder when he'll bare his fangs.
They'll probably come at us with those swords.
No, I don't think that'll happen.
The prince isn't stupid.
He knows he can't kill us that easily.
So it probably won't be with the swords.
I think we'll confront our death at his will alone.
It's a blowgun!
Our banquet ends here, yet the moon is still high.
Fair guests, please relax at the beach.
Nothing happened.
It's strange...
Could that prince have lost his nerve?
I was on the edge of my seat!
It's quiet, isn't it?
It sure is.
I still can't believe that this is the Mu Kingdom from 10,000 years ago.
Doctor, what are you doing over there?
Carving something?
Hmm? My initials.
There's no special reason, I just wanted to carve them.
Your five million yen bill...
10,000 years from now, someone will see it.
Still with the five million yen!
I'm a tenacious fellow.
What's that sound?
An earthquake?
Sounds like heavy objects falling.
Something's coming!
Up there!
Run for it!
How was that?
Punishing them by moving the stones with my power.
Crushed them like cockroaches.
Pathetic, really.
I'm sorry, but the queen helped them escape to her fortress.
You blockheaded twit!
Why didn't you do something?
Bring the queen to me!
Order her here, at once!
Yes! Yes!
Heed my counsel, Highness.
I won't listen to a word from someone who sold out our country to invaders.
Rock's group fled to your fortress, Highness.
That means Rock is safe?
Safe? Hardly.
Prince Sharaku has dispatched an army 1000 men strong to the fortress.
Only you can cease their advance, Highness.
Should you compel Rock to return peacefully...
I'll stop the army.
If I don't, Rock and the others will die...
Well then, Highness. There's no time to waste.
Advise them!
Dondra! I...
I've made up my mind. I renounce my throne.
You mean to say you're abdicating power to me?
That's marvelous!
Would you like this?
Oh, that wasn't necessary! It's such an honor...
The queen is asleep.
Don't open the door.
Of course.
They're here!
There are 1000, no, 2000 of them. A massive army!
This is why I said I wanted no part in this fight. I already...
How many people do we have here, Mr. Soldier?
Maybe 50 people?
There's no chance of winning this!
But, for the sake of the queen...
At last, you decisive battle.
Take care.
You too.
My power is limitless!
Those soldiers were originally under my command.
Why have they so gladly changed sides?
Must we fight?
Our only true enemy is the invader, surely peace would come with his defeat.
It's like a fairy tale.
They've stopped.
Here we go!
Don't be hasty! They're out of range.
Milly, I have to go now.
What for?
It's my father's order.
I have to help him destroy the train.
You won't die, right?
I don't know.
No! NO! You won't die!
Come back for sure!
If I can, I will return.
But even if I don't return, don't be sad.
I was made for this purpose, after all.
That's not so!
I want to be your wife someday, I'll go too.
I'm a robot too, I can help!
Milly, you're not a robot.
I am!
My father said so. You're a normal girl.
That's not true.
I must leave.
Milly, take care.
I'll go too!
Milly, you're human, as I said.
Your blood runs red.
Have a long, healthy life. And lots of cute children.
Don't die!
I probably won't be able to see you again.
Rock, keep living.
Prepare to attack!
Start shooting!
Prince Sharaku, are you here?
If you are, respond!
This battle is pointless!
Let's settle this like men!
With any weapon... Let's duel!
What's the matter? Come on out!
Coward! Come on out!
Is it a bird?
A plane?
No, it's Super Leo!
He's over there!
Out of my way!
This is just a doll.
Rock, you sure caught me!
This is a speaker. I'm talking to you from my underground lair.
It's useless to oppose me, I'll show you!
This is the power of my will!
No matter how you struggle, there's no escape!
This man has some important information.
He's come from the queen's fortress.
Highness, I have some conditions before I talk.
If you return me to my world,
I'll share with you some useful information.
A deal, huh? Just talk!
I won't talk.
Off with his head!
Wait, wait!
The train's going to explode! Real soon!
Someone! Prepare to send him back to his dimension.
That robot Adam crossed the sea to help that Dr. Nasenkopf.
And after that, Marine Express... will explode!
It's no lie! And it's gonna happen soon!
Send me back now!
The way it was before, eh?
Here goes...
This isn't where I came from! This is the ocean!
The place I wanted to go was...
There he is! Over there!
Kill him!
Help me!
Adam, it's too late.
Quickly, go to the cockpit! Don't worry about me.
Milly, your wound from before now shows partial signs of machinery...
You're a cyborg.
But you're a wonderful person.
Am I really a person?
I think so. If it's okay, will you be my little sister?
I'll be heading back.
What will they do?
Probably remain with Rock.
He'll marry the queen, and live happily ever after.
Looks like they're in love.
And you?
I want to be left alone, I'll stay here.
Besides, there are wounded to tend to.
You've finally come around to working for free?
Of course, if I get paid, I'll return.
And the five million yen?
If I ever go back...
I'll collect.
Just send me back to any of the stations on the islands.
Take care, Mr. Detective.
History says the Mu Kingdom will eventually die out.
And what'll be left then?
I'll rewrite history, then.
When you return, let everyone know...
not to damage the ocean, and its resources.
Sure thing.
Hey! What're you doing over there?
Oh, it's terrible. Someone's been blown here.
He's not from these islands...
I'm Ban Shunsaku!
Mr. Mustachio from Japan!
I'm not a tourist.
I just came back from the Mu Kingdom.
Don't know the Mu Kingdom? It's from 10,000 years ago!
And the Marine Express was wrecked.
Over there is where we went to the Mu Kingdom with the train!
It was time travel! You don't get it!
Marine Express?
It was destroyed, and everyone on it died.
You're the only survivor, and you washed ashore?
No, you're wrong! I didn't wash ashore!
The Mu Kin...
I saw this in the Mu Kingdom!
There's no mistake!
These ruins are scattered all over the islands.
You've had quite an ordeal, surely you're disoriented.
I mean, the Mu Kingdom is just a legend.
The Marine Express and its passengers
sank 10,000 meters off the coast of Japan.
The whole construction plan was scrapped.
I see...
My trip to the Mu Kingdom was probably just a foolish dream.
The wreck caused me to think such strange things.
With everyone dying...
And I was the only one found.
What's this?