NRNU MEPhI physics promo part 2 (electricity) (with english subs)

Uploaded by v1perys on 15.02.2011

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
Gervids Valerian Ivanovich
We can hear the breaking bones of the magnetizing paramagnetic.
The boiling of the nitrogen has almost stopped, notice how bright the lamp is shining.
I'm placing this pellet above the superconductor and release it. And it's hovering. By itself.
That's the trick, and there is no cheating here.
Gone from the resonance!
The liquid level between the plates rose noticeably.
The coin floats up.
And we can load it either.
The cuprum part is just cold, one can hold it with fingers.
The nichrome part has orange color, and it's temperature is about 800 degrees Celsius.
I'm placing the paper here.
The glow near it has already become yellow, and finally it flares up.
There's another mechanism in here.
I will tell you nothing about that, cause one should either tell everything or just enjoy this show.
During lectures this one is usually followed by applause.