DailyGrace and SoundlyAwake LIVE Beauty Pageant - 8/9/12 (Full Ep)

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GRACE: You better redneck-ognize.

Hello, my little toddlers and tiaras.
Daily Grace here for My Damn Channel LIVE.
Did you miss yesterday's show because you were busy
getting spray tan?
That's OK, here's a clip.
MALE SPEAKER: Nice, nice.
GRACE: --a chin dildo.
My Damn Channel LIVE has everything.
Now, let's start off today's show with MFCFLTS, "My
Favorite Comment from Last Thursday's Show."
It comes from Synnove97, and it says, "I don't
know who Grace is?
Should I be em-bar-essed?" You should be em-bar-essed that
your computer did not come with a spell check.
Good luck in the future with that.
Internet, guess what?
I have a wonderfully hilarious guest on today's show.
He a YouTuber with a huge ass wig collection, a huge ass
makeup collection, and his ass isn't even that huge, even
though he's constantly Instagramming pictures of the
most delicious food of all time.
Please welcome Nicola Foti, AKA soundlyawake.
GRACE: Thank you for being here.
NICOLA FOTI: Thanks for letting my body be here.
GRACE: Oh, my god, this is already so romantic.
He came all the way from New Jersey.
NICOLA FOTI: Not the old one.
GRACE: Not the old one.
I was going to say, F that old one in the butt.
Only if it says it's OK.
Life lessons from My Damn Channel LIVE.
Guys, listen, last night was the premier of Here Comes
Honey Boo Boo on TLC.
It's a spinoff show from Toddlers & Tiaras starring
this beautiful peach.
ANNOUNCER: Alana, better known by her nickname.
ALANA: Honey Boo-Boo Child.
GRACE: Yeah, all that was in it, and in the spirit of the
show, I thought it would be fun for Nicola and I to have
our own beauty pageant right now.
MALE SPEAKER: Welcome to the "First Annual My Damn Channel
Beauty Supreme Bell Grande Pageant."
GRACE: That's right.
There's going to be three rounds beauty, talent, and
interview, and then you will all vote in the comments to
see who wins the "First Annual My Damn Channel Beauty Supreme
Bell Grande Beauty Pageant." OK, here we go.
The first round-- first of all, you're OK with this?
NICOLA FOTI: Oh, I mean, I'm OK with it.
GRACE: All right, always make sure the other
person is OK with it.
Life lessons from My Damn Channel.
For the first round, beauty.
We have an assortment of beauty supplies on
hand, ready for us.
And we're going to have 30 seconds to make ourselves as
beautiful as possible, and then each of us will take our
beauty walks.
MALE SPEAKER: Ready, set, go.
GRACE: Oh, make yourself beautiful!
Oh, my goodness.
I've never felt so much pressure.
NICOLA FOTI: Oh, goodness.
I don't think that's a necklace.
GRACE: No, it's not, but it could be.
NICOLA FOTI: I don't think this is a hat either.
GRACE: It could be.
Beauty is about being creative into thinking and tricking
people that you are different than you are.
How much time?
GRACE: Oh, time's up.

MALE SPEAKER: Up first is the beautiful Daily Grace.

MALE SPEAKER: Daily Grace's favorite color is violent.
Her favorite food is Hamburger Helper, and her favorite hobby
is putting together 3D jigsaw puzzles.

MALE SPEAKER: Up next is the beautiful soundlyawake.

MALE SPEAKER: soundlyawake's favorite movie is the Land
Before Time series.
His favorite subject is recess.

And something else we don't care about.

GRACE: Great job, great job.
OK, start voting in the comments for your favorite
contestant right now.
Now, we're on to talent.
Each of us will get 30 seconds to perform
our talent of choice.
OK, great.
MALE SPEAKER: Up first is the beautiful Daily Grace.
GRACE: In honor of Honey Boo-Boo Child, who likes to
gain inspiration for each pageant through go-go juice,
which is a mixture of caffeine drink and energy drink, I have
concocted my own go-go juice.
I will chug it here in honor of Honey Boo-Boo.
You better redneck-ognize.

MALE SPEAKER: Ready, set, go.

GRACE: Thank you for your time.
MALE SPEAKER: Up next is the beautiful soundlyawake.
NICOLA FOTI: And in honor of Saaphyri from Flavor of Love,
I will be applying lip chap.

GRACE: Wow, get away.
That was beautiful.
Now, everyone, keep voting.
Lastly-- you can come back-- it's time for the interview
portion of the show.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'm so--
Each of us will go back and forth answering three
questions that you have submitted to us via Twitter
and YouTube.
Who shall go first, voice of--
MALE SPEAKER: Up first is the beautiful Daily Grace.
GRACE: OK, get away.

MALE SPEAKER: Grace, would you rather go to high school again
or college again?
GRACE: That's a wonderful question.
Thank you for your question.
If I had to choose between going back to high school or
going back to college, I'd have to say I
would choose college.
But I would also choose all of the colleges because the
greatest thing about living in the United States of America
is that we have a choice.
And I don't see colleges in color, and I want colleges to
have peace, and I'd give money to kids that are starving.
Thank you.
Next question, please.
MALE SPEAKER: Up next is the beautiful soundlyawake.
GRACE: Oh, I see.

Hey, I'm watching you.
Your face looks cute, like a cute unicorn
that's being cute.
NICOLA FOTI: Thank you.
Such as unicorn, such as my face, like is beautiful.
Thank you.
GRACE: Beautiful.
My turn.

Grace, "How do you feel about fat cats?"
GRACE: I feel about fat cats the same way I feel about
Hamburger Helper.
I hate it so much.
I don't know why it exists.
Get rid of them forever.
Unless you can turn it into a meme, I don't give
any shits about it.
But I would give money to kids that are hungry.
Thank you.
What is your favorite thing to eat on your cheat days besides
ice cream, duh?"
Oh, not dogs because I don't eat pets.

GRACE: My turn now.
MALE SPEAKER: "Hey, guys, my question is
what makes you weak?
What's something that turns y'all to butter?"
GRACE: I'd have to say something that makes me weak
and that turns me to butter is--

I'm choking.

I give money to kids that are hungry.

MALE SPEAKER: "Tell us about some of your bad ER stories
that you were in, if you have any?"
NICOLA FOTI: ER stands for Emblem Rose, which is a type
of wine, and I enjoy drinking types of wine.
Thank you for your question.
GRACE: Great.
GRACE: OK, guys, that is the end of--
I lost a tit somewhere over there.
Oh, no.
Make sure the tit wanted to go before you realize it's gone.
Always ask permission.
Lessons from My Damn Channel.
Guys, let's take a look at your comments now and see who
you have voted for as the winner of the Grand Supreme My
Damn Channel Beauty Bell Grande number seven at Taco
Bell pageant.
Ah, it's me!
I win the pageant!
I win the pageant!

Do I get a song?
There she is, Miss My Damn Channel Grand
Supreme Bell Grande.

GRACE: OK, guys, that's it.
From My Damn Channel LIVE today, Nicola, where can they
find you on the internet?
I just lost another tit!
No, I didn't.
NICOLA FOTI: I lost all of my accessories.
GRACE: That's amazing.
How can they find you on Instagram because he posts the
most delicious looking pictures of food that I've
ever seen in my life.
NICOLA FOTI: @soundlyawake.
GRACE: Oh, my god.
And don't forget that you can check me out every other day
of the week at mydamnchannel.com/dailygrace.
Tell Beth I said hi, y'all.