League of Legends - Riot Co-Op vs AI Recap

Uploaded by RiotGamesInc on 08.03.2011

On February 9, 2011 five stalwart Rioterz took on the bots from the Co-Op vs. AI game type coming to League of Legends.
The Rioterz started out aggressively with Brolaf and Malphite pushing Miss Fortune back behind her turret.
Shen came in as support and they jumped 1v3 onto Soraka Bot. With their combined damage output, they did pick up that kill, bringing them a 3-0 lead early on.
Later Shen and Karma teamed up to attempt a second kill on Soraka Bot.
But the bots had learned their lesson. Nunu Bot and Cho’Gath Bot came in from the river, ganking the two Rioterz.
As they chase down Karma, Shen tried to support her with Shadow Dash. However, Nunu Bot full channels Absolute Zero, destroying not only their health, but the Rioterz’ self-confidence as well.
As Shen tries to escape, Nunu Bot and Cho’Gath Bot combine their efforts to get them their second kill of the game.
Brolaf finds Miss Fortune over in the jungle, chasing her down, getting the Rioterz their fourth kill.
As Brolaf flanks the bots, he focuses as hard as he can on Cho’Gath Bot. However their coordination is too great as Nunu, Cho’Gath, and Soraka Bots all focus him down, even through Stand United.
The Rioterz aren’t done yet. Kog’Maw, played by NIkasaur joins the fray. With help from Praeco’s Shen they kill Cho’Gath Bot with Living Artillery.
The action heats up again at the bottom of the map. Shen dives in with Shadow Dash, but now with all crowd controls gone, Nunu channels Absolute Zero, destroying Shen and returning us to a 1-point game: 5-4
The Rioterz band together taking down not one but two turrets down the middle lane.
The bots strike back equalizing the score in the middle. Immediately they coordinate their ultimates, using Tibbers and Bullet Time to slay Karma and Brolaf.
In the bottom jungle, the bots prove their cohesion once more. Nunu’s Absolute Zero, Cho’Gath’s Rupture, and Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain and Bullet Time lead to one dead Malphite.
Not satisfied with ordinary pushing, the bots backdoor the second bottom turret. Using Soraka as bait to draw the turret fire, they kill their 5th turret of the match.
Sensing a victory the bots push on, leaving the Rioterz’ first inhibitor laid bare. The bots push on into the base, killing Karma.
While part of the team attacks the Inhibitor, the bots charge through as Annie takes down Kog’Maw on the summoner platform with Incinerate.
As the Rioterz regroup, they’ve already lost one Inhibitor. Malphite and Shen kill Annie but it’s too late as they’ve lost one of their two Nexus turrets as well.
The Rioterz stage a comeback, taking down their third turret in middle. But even with the numbers advantage the damage output from the bots destroys Brolaf.
The real star of the show is Soraka, as she faces Brolaf in a duel from 2/3 health. From the outset, she uses Summoner Ghost to dash through her minion wave twice, causing Brolaf to take damage as he walks around them.
As Brolaf chases she repeatedly casts Starcall, lowering his magic resist and increasing her damage.
Finally she jukes through the minions one more time before standing her ground against Brolaf, winning the duel outright.
As the Rioterz come to help they find Annie all alone. Her damage output is too much for Kog’Maw but Malphite and the rest of the rest of the crew avenge the death.
Sensing an opportunity, Nunu channels Absolute Zero, severely cripping the Riot team and killing Karma immediately after.
The Rioterz hold the line at mid, killing Miss Fortune Bot, continuing on to slay Nunu Bot and Cho’Gath Bot in sequence.
The Rioterz begin to lose their base further to minions as they take down Annie while charging down the map.
Riot loses their top and bottom inhibitors to minions but have made their way to the bots’ Nexus.
The bots use Summoner Fortify to buy time while Miss Fortune is destroyed at the hands of Riot.
Fortify wears out and Brolaf gets the last turret, leaving the bots’ Nexus open for attack. But before the Rioterz can capitalize on this opportunity, the bots have regrouped, taking down Brolaf with ease.
The bots are hot on the counterattack, downing all three inhibitors once more. Cho’Gath Bot is slain but revives with Guardian Angel.
Soraka Bot and Miss Fortune Bot become the centers of attention but stay alive as the bots kill Brolaf yet again.
Cho’Gath Bot pushes the Rioterz into their summoner platform as super minions bash on the Rioterz’ Nexus.
Unable to push back the unending tide of minions, the Rioterz are defeated, cast away from the Field of Justice.
Thanks you for watching this retelling and best of luck to you, summoners. You’re going to need it.