How to write like an architect

Uploaded by howtoarchitect on 13.09.2008

This is the architects neighborhood volume 1. How to write like an architect. Im doug
patt. The basic drafting tool for an architect when working by hand is a parallel rule. You
can also use a t-square. Ill be using an ames lettering guide to create the lines for the
lettering. First were going to create our horizontal lines using the ames lettering
guide. The guide has a variety of spacing options to create just about any combination
your looking for. I will also be using a small triangle. Ive added tape to this one for ink
lettering – to avoid smearing. Ill also be using a .5mm pentel drafting pencil and
a flair pen for the letters. Ive created a small grid here to give me some guidance when
I lay out the letters. Id say the most important thing to remember about hand lettering is
that your letters need to seem animated while still appearing orderly and neat. I think
this is achieved by using a few conventions. For example, youll notice the letters have
some amount of incompleteness. The second diagonal on the A does not follow all the
way to the guide line, the bottom of the B or D isnt complete, The bottom line on the
E starts in front of the vertical. The second thing is that all the horizontals in the letters
are drawn by hand, not using the parallel rule. They all sit at a slight angle making
them dynamic and yet uniform. Youll also notice that I use the ruler for all vertical lines.
Lastly, when making your Os, Qs, Cs, Gs, even 8s and 9s, the letters and numbers are simply
combinations of semi circles. Even the letter S is made the same way. These are two images
from my portfolio. They are good examples of how your strings of words will come together
to form orderly yet animated paragraphs. Ive included a pdf with this short video that
you can use to practice if you so desire. Remember, hand lettering takes years of practice
to get good so If thats your goal find a forum to practice your lettering and keep it up.
And thanks for checking out how to letter like an architect