Video 26 - Block (Feed Blocks and Feed Nodes)

Uploaded by ucwebdrupal on 23.06.2011

Okay, the last elements to talk about in terms of blocks are actually two content types that
work together, the feed node and the feed block, and when we talk about feeds, basically
what we're talking about is just importing, dynamically importing, content in from some
type of external source and, you know, displaying that as an item or content element on your
site somewhere. So, that could be a newsfeed of headlines based on a particular category
or tag coming from Southern Miss Now. It could be, once we get Drupal calendar online, which
is getting fairly close and we'll talk more about that at a later date, it could be show
me the next X number of events from the calendar for my particular, you know, office or department
on campus, and you know blogging is another possibility that we don't have a whole lot
of blogging going on but we'll be talking again some more in the future about opportunities
for that and you can say, you know, show me the last five blog posts from a particular
blog and import that in dynamically. So, the role of the feed node is basically to bring
in and import that content and the idea of a block is a block is the way we display that
content. Okay, so just like with a link and just like with video where we input that once
and referenced it in a few different ways, we can do the same thing with a feed node.
We can input a feed node once and let's say maybe on the home page because our real estate
is somewhat limited maybe I want to put a block and show three headlines. Well on a
inside page in that right column where maybe I've got more space, I could show, you know,
five, seven, ten items so I would just create two blocks with different numbers of items
that I want to display but they're all referencing back to that same feed node if that makes
sense. Okay, so and hopefully it does based on, you know, again the comparisons to link
and video. So to create a feed node, you simply go in. You're going to title it, you know,
feed node for, let's say, college of business, okay, and I'm actually going to click back
over here and show you how we would do that. So, there's two fields in the feed node field.
One is this URL here that would basically sort of be an overview page of all of the
content categorized or filtered in a certain way and again this is just everything that's
categorized College of Business. So if I input that into this field, what that's going to
do is display an article or a link at the bottom below the individual headlines and
it says click here to see more items or more stories or more articles or whatever on whatever
that particular topic is so you can do this whether it's a blog or calendar or news items,
okay. Now what's actually going to be the quote-unquote RSS feed, is when I click on
the RSS icon, I get a slightly different URL that has slash RSS in there and I'll paste
that in, okay, and that's really all I need. I want to make sure it's published and I save
it, and again if you've got any questions about, you know, how do you get content, what
are some of my options in terms of importing the RSS, you know certainly meet and discuss
that with us. There's some things that we probably can be doing better on new site where
we're, you know, tagging on a more detailed or grandeur level so that we can pull in department
or office type news as opposed to just college level news. Alright, so, just to finish the
thought here though, I need to create a HTML or rather a feed block and then I'm just simply
going to reference that feed. Now, again here's another little minor inconsistency, we don’t
have an optional title field to display like we do with the other blocks and so that's
something we'll look at updating but for the time being the node title for administrative
purposes of you keeping track of it and the display title is going to be one in the same.
So I'm just going to call this College of Business news. I'm going to start typing in
here and this is going to be an auto-complete, feed for College of Business. I think that's
what I just created. Let's see, yeah, it's 12,000 some odd and the system said that should
be about right. I'm going to give it a default placement. I'm going to say I want to show
three items at a time and I'm just going to mix it up a little bit just to illustrate
some other positioning options. I'm going to pick left side bar promo one. Now when
I save this, I'm actually going to jump over to another browser where I'm not logged in
and again I'll see a cleaner view of how that feed shows up hopefully. Let's see it's working,
working, working. Let's jump over here and see. Okay, so College of Business news. I've
got my individual items which link out to the news site and then I've got view all items
which again will take me over to that overview of all items in the system that are categorized
by College of Business and we just positioned it in left side bar one for the homepage so
that's why it's showing up there. So hopefully that makes sense and it's fairly straight
forward. Again, this may not be relevant to everybody because you may not have the content,
but if you're curious or want more information, please contact us about it.