Baman Piderman - Watch Da Marathon!

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im baman
im piderman
i come over da hous
wer best friends
dis baman.
hey baman im piderman.
[baman:] hi.
wana watch a movie?
[piderman:] okay bwuuh
my boots are all sticky
[baman:] well dats ok
i believe this is your sandwich?
[piderman:] oh yeah thats mine
*ding dong*
[piderman:] hu did that?
[baman:] can i com over?
i brought a pumkin.
[piderman:] ooh i got a game for dis pumkin
one two three four fivesix!
[baman:] i won it!
[piderman:] hi pumkiin
can i speak to baman?
[baman:] lets go outside
im on da building
[piderman:] ooh! yous on da building!
[Baman:] wanna make a band? [Piderman:] ok.
[Baman:] can i be in it too?
[Piderman:] yeah, becos i sing da words.
im baman
im piderman
[Baman:] i com over da house
[Both:] wer best friends
[Piderman:] baman dat wuz good song.
yeah. but you look confused.
[Piderman:] im gonna go eat som cereal
so i don get confused.
[Tuba:] *bwooonk.*
[Baman:] we frgot about tuba!
it okay, tuba. you can be in da next bamd.
[Baman:] i wuv you.
[Piderman:] hi tuba.
[Baman:] wy did you get green?
[Piderman:] wuh
i don like cereal any mor.
*bwoonk bwoonk.*
[piderman:] one is for peabnut bubber
two is for tuba
three is for
three is for...
wher did three go?
bamaan baman baman.
baman baman.
baman baman baman.
[baman:] my hous a was sleeping
he didnt hear you.
[piderman:] i wuz practicing my counting but
then three wuz lost!
[baman:] piderman
do you rmember that three is your hous?
[piderman:] ones for peabnut
two for tubas
three for house!
[baman:] tadaa
baman baman baman
come into da hous!
why didnt you come in?
[baman:] what er we gonna do wif
all dese cakes i made.
i am stuck in them.
[piderman:] im gon go ask tuba bout the cakes!
*bwoonk* [piderman:] yaaaaaaaaaaay
[baman:] tanks piderman.
wut did yu want to show me?
[piderman:] see
pumkin is sleeping
[baman:] dats cute.
[piderman:] baman is my friend
and im making da card
buhcuz my crayons are dis colors dat i made dem.
gibing my friend dis card
becuz he is my
i hab a suprise to give you!
[baman:] I see you make dis for me?
hi baman.
dis is a card dat piderman gives you
and then you can read it
becos hes your best friend and
its a card for you.
you need to hab your medicine
[piderman:] pumkin be careful!
aww, tanks pumpkin.
[baman:] don be jealous, pumkin.
you can wer my hat!
[piderman:] baman baman
baman baman baman
ba- psh
come pway my game!
[baman:] tuba.
enjoy yor dinner.
[piderman:] lets make da numbers!
[piderman:] don be sad baman.
we can
baman, wuts in ther?
[baman:] pumkin can go see.
do you hear carving?
[piderman:] so... pumkin
[piderman:] baman!
[baman:] i can get da shipments by tusday.
[piderman:] bamaaan
[baman:] wuts wrong piderman?
[piderman:] im scared.
[baman:] let me show yu dis magic trick
i is sleeping over!
[piderman:] huraay!
[baman:] doo doo doo
[piderman:] time to go da sleep
cuz is time to go to sleep
[piderman:] baman?
c... can i hab a goodnight song?
[baman:] go to sleep piderman
ders no monsters in da hous
[piderman:] night baman
[baman:] good night piderman
[baman:] wut was dat?
da door is open.
[piderman:] turn on da flashlight
[baman:] wah!
[piderman:] hokay turn it off
baman are dey gone?
[baman:] no
[piderman:] dont turn it on again
[monsters:] hello
[baman piderman:] waaaaah!
[baman:] wut do yu want?
[guy:] we need to borrow an ingredient
[other guy::] we ar making a cookie pie
[baman:] oh. dats not scary.
wat do u want?
[other guy:] blooooood
*pumkin screaming*
[baman:] piderman!
i hab dis joke to tell you!
what do you get when
you eat all da puhtatoes
[piderman:] what?
theyre all
[piderman:] ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha [baman:] ha ha ha ha
[piderman:] baman!
lets tell evryone!
wut do you get when yu eat all da potatoes
[baman:] they are all gone
what do you get
wen you eat all da potatoes?
[piderman:] ther all gone!
ahahahaha! *bwoonk bwoonk bwoonk bwoonk*
[baman:] hey we hab dis joke to tell yu
what do you get
wen you eat all the potatoes [piderman:] theyre all gone!
i wana tell your boss!
[baman:] my boss?
no, piderman!
he hates jokes!
[piderman:] theyre all gone!
aha ha...
[baman:] pidermaaaaaan
get in da hoouss
im sawry! i didn kno!
[boss:] NO
i guess he ate
all his potatoes
[piderman:] to... baman.
[baman:] i call yor gooby
and raise you a purple.
[piderman:] hi baman.
[baman:] hi.
"im baman"
"im piderman"
"I come over da hous"
why are you come over my hous?
[piderman:] happy winter friends, baman!
and tuba.
*bwoomp* stop that, tuba. hee hee
wats happy winter friends?
its da holiday of wishes an best friends!
den dis must be for me.
pumkin is rotded!
[piderman:] oh no wat do we do
waah no
what do we do
[baman:] piderman dont you see?
we can get a wish to save pumkin!
den he wont be sloppy.
[piderman:] how will we get it?
[baman:] we go on
dis jurney!
do you guys kno wher to go on da jurney?
[guy:] its time.
now we can save pumpkin!
[baman:] piderman
wer in da trees
[piderman:] what's that
[baman:] excubes me but uh...
[piderman:] baman how did you do dat?
[baman:] its better if yu dont kno.
[piderman:] baman that trees moved.
[baman:] piderman
ibs just a moving tree
don you rmember?
[piderman:] baman baman baman
[baman:] wut is it?
[piderman:] baman baman baman
i dont unerstambd wut you want
[piderman:] waah oh no
baman! [baman:] oh no
[both:] waaaaaaaaaaaah
baman, that house!
[baman:] i com over da hous!
tubas... dad?
*bwoomp woob woomp*
[piderman:] tubas taking her medicime.
[baman:] she ate all da cakes.
*waap waap waap*
[piderman:] teehee
tubas dad
we needed to get a happy winter friends wish to save pumkin
cuz hes rotted
i hope ther okay at da hous.
[both:] you do?
[both:] awwwww.
[baman:] make pumkin all better!
[piderman:] yay pumkin!
now youre better!
and you have feets now
piderman i can open dis now
oh nooo
[baman:] piderman
we shud hab da birfday party for pumkin
[piderman:] it shud be a feets day party
because he has new feets [baman:] oooooh
happy feetsday!
[piderman:] ha ha yaaay
whee whee whee whee
its yor feetsday becaus you gots brand new feets
[baman:] do da feetsday dance! [piderman:] yeah you can do it!
do the dance! [baman:] yeah do it
[piderman:] pumkin do da feetsday dance! [baman:] come on pumkin
yeah [piderman:] yeah pumkin
[baman:] do da dance pumkin [piderman:] do it! do it do it
do it yaaay [baman:] yeah pumkin
dance [piderman:] do it do it
[baman:] dance pumkin yeah
do it pum okay stop
we made you dis card
no i can read it
[piderman:] hey pumkin its your feetsday
cuz yor feets are all brand new
[baman:] an now that you hab hands and stuff
thers lots of fun stuff you can doo
[piderman:] you can sit down on dis fuzzy chair
[baman:] or kick dat thing dats over ther
[piderman:] baman wat is dat thing
[baman:] i dunno
[piderman:] yu can step right here on dis small bug
[baman:] or yu can gib your friend a hug
[piderman:] yes yu can do all of that
[baman:] yu can even wear my haat
happy feetsday!
[piderman:] oh no pumkins card
[baman:] whut does squib do anyway
hes just fat an lazy an sits in da hous all day
you get a job!
he took my job
[piderman:] that remimds me of dis joke!
[boss:] grrrrrrrrrrrr
rrrrrrrrrrrr [squib:] hissssssssss
[baman:] i dont fink we can
[piderman:] ooh...
[piderman:] tuba
i dont fit in this e
good morning pumkin
i fink we need to go cheer up baman
hes sad becus
he lost his job
[baman:] waaaaaaaaaaaah
[piderman:] ooooh i kno!
lets make baman a happiness cake!
no no no no no no no
that didn work
can you give those paper to me
dear baman
oh. bwaah
wuz dis
mnyeh bwuh
mbuh lost my job
wah bydob
mnuhmeme bwuh
mebe i shud jus go asleep agin
[piderman:] uh
[baman:] uuhf.
im over da hous now.
[piderman:] baman i has dis new job for you!
[guy:] no baman do our job!
[other guy:] we hav a job
baman dis is a job for yu
it is perfect we hav a job for yu
baman com down here baman
[baman:] okay
dis sounds like a good idea
[piderman:] ok baman i guess i can wait
wher did pumkin go?
baman dat was fast
[baman:] i don wanna talk about it
[baman:] yu got dis jobs for me too?
*click click click*
[piderman:] yay!
don leab dis time.
i has a nice jobs for yu
[baman:] okay wat is it?
[piderman:] wash my vest!
[baman:] i didn know dis
[piderman:] oh pumkin sweater ther yu are
im done wrapping presints
lets play games!
oh dis one looks fun
ha ha ha ha
lets call baman
bamaan come over for happy winter friends
[baman:] okay il be right ther
knock knock
may i com in
mhm mhm
are yu ok
[baman:] oh im fine
[piderman:] baman
you dont
seem like yorself
[baman:] whadeber do yu mean?
[piderman:] baman
lets sing da song together that
we know
cuz youre baman and we simg it together.
[baman:] which one do yu mean?
[piderman:] oh just the theme song
[baman:] uh
you an
and iiii
sing together
[piderman:] ooohyer not baman!
ohwhado we do no no
oh no
[piderman:] noo noo
wherisdidhego dis not baman
no wheris wher's baman oh no no no no!
oh wh wher's baman
dowhe uh. ow.
ownono no no no
[guy:] just us...
[piderman:] mmnmnmnmnowaaaaa
whsitwho you do wih baman?
[piderbat:] well
remember when
[baman:] okay.
this sounds like a good idea.
[piderman:] why?
[other guy:] well becos
[guy:] just becos
[piderman:] ooh!
[guy:] yo cud go on a jurney!
[other guy:] yeh, to find him!
[piderman:] yeah
we cud go on da jurney to fimd baman!
les go get redy
hi punkin
[guy:] go on
[piderman:] punkin les go
yay yay yay
[guy:] awww baby [other guy:] aw baby
[guy:] aww
[piderman:] der he is!
baman wut r yu doing here
[baman] can i take my finger out now
it's all
cold an stuff.
oh. no.
we wudn want tha
[baman and piderman:] no no no no no no no no no
[other guy:] okay.
i fink we shud giv dem dis now
quig! we got do get ub ther!
[baman:] is dat our squib?
[piderman:] squib dinint com back...
[everybody:] yaaaaaay