The Chemistry & Physics Department

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Welcome to the Chemistry Department;
we offer four areas of focus that our students
can pursue their studies in: biochemistry, organic chemistry,
analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry.
Biochemistry is a science that studies chemical reactions
and processes that occur in living organisms,
such as humans, animals, and plants.
I also teach Pharmacology, which also includes
Audiology graduate students.
Pharmacology is the study of drugs' interaction
with the body and vice versa,
what the body does to the drug (metabolism).
This is relevant for the Audiology students,
because some drugs cause ototoxicity,
causing deafness, and audiologists
work with drugs in their practice as well.
Both fields have a bright future,
these fields are in high demand.
For example, healthcare, medicine, dentistry,
veterinary practice.
That also includes research career opportunities
such as pharmacology, genetics,
molecular biology, biochemistry,
pharmaceutical chemistry --
where one can develop novel drugs.
I'm a biology major and a chemistry minor.
My career goal is to become a pharmacist;
I love helping people and interacting with them.
This course will help me understand
how things interact in the body.
One of the programs that we have
is Analytical Chemistry, and its purpose is
to technically separate and find how much
of each component is in the sample.
For example, coffee has sugar, milk, coffee,
water, et cetera.
These components are separated
and the percentage of each component is identified.
That's the general concept of analytical chemistry.
We have moved from the old methods of wet chemistry
to new technology like this instrument,
which will separate coffee's components in five minutes.
And there are wonderful employment opportunities
in analytical chemistry, it is in high demand
by many companies like factories.
These companies need to know the quality
of their products; that's what analytical chemistry
is all about.
Organic Chemistry is the study
of carbon chemicals; these chemicals are important
for making different compounds such as drugs,
food, coloring, clothes, and liquids.
For example, my research.
I am working on making malaria drugs
and using that chemical to make other compounds
for different diseases.
Physical Chemisttry is an area of chemistry
that combines physics, chemistry,
and calculus altogether.
It studies the different characteristics
and properties of different reactions and oftentimes
is required for graduate school.
This is a very intensive course that we offer
in the senior year and this will determine the success
in the chemistry field at graduate school.
Physics is very important for chemistry,
because it involves predicting the motion of things,
how things move and change with time.
It is very important for models, understanding
the fundamentals of how things work.
My goal after I graduate
is to work in a government lab.
This is a wonderful place for me to start,
learning how to work with other people, and its great
that there is direct communication
with the teachers and classmates to discuss
problems and experiments.
It's also nice to have deaf space
so there is clear communication when we do experiments.
Gallaudet is the best place to go to.
I am majoring in Chemistry
with an interest in Forensics which I really like.
This class prepares me for my future goals
to work for the federal government
such as the FBI, CIA, or ATF.
This class helps me prepare me with a lot
of hands-on work in labs working on experiments,
developing research projects, writing lab reports,
and performing calculations.
All of these experiences help me get prepared.
When you choose to come here,
we will make sure that you are prepared, trained,
and ready to conquer the world, pursuing your dreams --
being in graduate school, professional school,
the working world,
and wherever your dreams may lead you to.