Weight Loss Challenge Week 6: Nutrition Labels

Uploaded by GoodNutritionForYou on 28.11.2012

Are you getting your daily recommended allowance of carbohydrates? Hi, I’m Luigi Gratton,
Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife. If your answer to this week’s question was
“I don’t know”, then you need today’s lesson. We’re going to discuss an important
topic and that’s reading nutrition labels. It’s one of the most important skills you
can master because you need to know exactly what it is that you’re getting from your
foods. Now the best place to start when evaluating the label in the serving size, pay attention
to this closely, many people assume that when you’re looking at the nutrition facts that
it means the entire package, this is rarely true. If there are two servings in a package,
you need to double the amount of sugar, the amount of carbs, and the amount of calories.
You really need to look at the label for every product. Don’t assume that an item is healthy
just because it says so in the front of the packaging. For example fruit juices are often
loaded with calories and sugar, canceling out any nutritional value they might have
had. The daily values are also useful when trying to compare health facts, see not everyone
has the same needs but it will help you to learn whether a food is either high or low
in a nutrient that you’re interested in. So what are we looking for? We know the basics.
We want protein, we want fiber, we want carbohydrates if the product is whole grain, we want less
calories, fat, and sugar but there’s more to it than that. This where you could really
put to use all the tools that you’re given in these health talks. In our carbohydrates
discussion, you learned that instead of looking at the total carb count, you can forgive a
little bit for the fiber, instead of just looking at the total fat per serving, look
at the calories for fat, and don’t just check the sugar count, look through the ingredients
for additional sweeteners. Now I know that reading labels is confusing and sometimes
we just don’t have the time. One way to ensure that you and your loved ones are getting
the proper nutrition is our Herbalife products. Herbalife’s Formula 1 Nutritional Shake
Mix is perfectly balanced to ensure that you get the essential vitamins, minerals, and
nutrients without much else. If you don’t believe me, read the label. And when you’re
out in the field or being active in the sun, remember to have Herbalife’s H3O Pro Fitness
Drink by your side. Most sports drinks are filled with sugar and really don’t cut it
when it comes to assessable hydration. For more information about how Herbalife products
can support you in your nutritional needs, you can speak to your wellness coach. This
concludes this week’s topic of discussion. I’m Luigi Gratton reminding you to be smart
about your nutrition.