"Huey" HILARIOUS SNEAK PEAK (Clip from "The Gilbert Gonzalez Jr Show: Season One")

Uploaded by gilbertgonzalezjr on 07.11.2011

- Hey, Mercedes! Hey! - How is it going?
You guys ready?
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Thanks for letting me tag along!
You guys are gonna flip!
The Los Angeles Times said this is the best play in town!
- Alright, cool! - Ok!
I'm excited! Sounds like a plan!
Alright guys...
Let's go!
Something wrong, Huey?
- (Nervously) No! No! - Everybody's fine! _ Everything's good!
Huey has this irrational, crippling, overwhelming fear...
of driving!
What?! Then why is he driving-?!!
- Shh! Hey! - Hey! - Hey, Hey!
We're havin' fun!
It's nothing, Huey. You're doing great!
Awesome man!
We're proud of you, Huey!
Thanks guys!
Alright guys...
Let's get outta here!
- Alright! - Okay!
- Whoo! - Alright!
- Whoo! - Okay!
We're not going to the play, are we?
Not on your life!