Zionist Strauss-Kahn Evades Justice Again

Uploaded by drdduke on 15.10.2011

The New York Times reports that Strauss-Khan has just slithered out of another prosecution.
so, what else is new? The new Zionist rulers of Globalism, like the ancient Romans have
a law unto themselves, and no matter what nation they live in they have a special status.
There was one law for Roman citizens anywhere in their empire and quite another for their
subjects. It Rome, special treatment for Roman citizens was De jure, in today's world it
is De facto. Look at Strauss-Kahn’s former political treatment. The Zionist media in
France and around the world was able to float the idea that Strauss-Kahn was a wonderful
Socialist who would lead the Socialist Party to victory in France. A super-capitalist,
billionaire, as the leader of socialist party? Now that's equivalent to the “Emperor has
no clothes” story. With the blatant Zionist political, financial and media power hardly
anyone in the press in France or in the rest of West even dared to raise the question of
a super-capitalist, globalist leading the Socialist Party. Until his NY arrest, although
all the insiders knew about it, the media hid the from the public the fact he was a
serial sexual predator. The media also covered up the fact he was a financial predator. The
Zionist press covered up from the general public a less-careful Strauss-Khan who revealed
that his only true loyalty was to Israel, not to France. He said that every day he rises
thinking about what he could do for Israel. Again, not France, but Israel! Here's a quote
directly from Haaretz newspaper, a leading daily in Israel. It's from Friday, October
14, 2011, "Dominique Strauss-Kahn has Israel in his heart," quote, "Former IMF chief recently
charged with rape says Israel is first thing on his mind every morning." Here's an excerpt
from the article. "The fallen-from-grace financier recounted an interview he have years back
with the 'Tribune Juive' (The French Tribune), in which he said "I wake up every morning
and think about how I can help Israel." And the Zionist-influenced media seriously entertained
this alien, a man loyal to a foreign state, as worthy to be President of France? Well
of course they did, because the owners and directors of a huge swath of media in America
and Europe are loyal to Israel and the rest of the media is scared to death to even mention
their power. also Of course, it is not just France, the editorial writers of the Washington
Post and NY Times are Zionist supremacists. Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz in collusion
with the Jewish run NY Times and the rest of the Yiddish media led us catastrophic wars
for Israel that have cost a 100 times the ruined or lost lives of 9-11. The same disloyalty
rests with Jewish advisers to Obama and the fundraisers and advisers to the Republican
trucklers too. Everyone knows where their true loyalty belongs. In another good example,
the top three contributors in American politics are Zionists. To top contributor is Haim Saban
who is not only Jewish but a citizen of Israel. But, my friends, you would looked in vain
to try to find this in the American mainstream media. The only place this was printed was
in the Israeli media. In fact, as the last Presidential election, every possible candidate
in America must make the obligatory journey to Israel and genuflect before the wailing
wall and the Zionist kingpins. But, the world is waking up very quickly now to the Zionist
power in media and how the Zionists shape and frame every opinion, and always stick
by their own bloodline when the chips are down, except of course, for Jews like Bernie
Madoff, who dared to skin a handful of Jewish hides along with a carload of Gentile ones.
And if you remember, the media horror expressed during that period of press coverage was that
he would dare to rip off his own brethren. Unfortunately, even those who recognize Jewish
extremist power in the media still can’t help but be subtly or not-so-subtly affected
by it, for the “chosen” choose the psychological lawyers for the prosecution and the defense
on every current issue. They create a context and then we are all expected to operate within
the boundaries they set. One man who has escaped the boundaries is a man of Jewish heritage
but who has the intellect and the spirit of true Westerner, Gilad Atzmon. In his new book,
The Wandering Who? Which I heartily recommend. Atzmon points out how Jews set even the parameters
of the anti-Zionist Movement around the world. They have the chutzpah to even tell Palestinians
and other pro-Palestinians who their enemies are, who their friend are and who they should
listen to.  Of course, yours truly and Gilad Atzmon are both unapproved by the Jewish media
establishment, but thankfully, their approval matters less and less. An alternative media
is forming and the Internet is giving the people the opportunity to people to listen
to different points of view without the filter and censorship of the Zionist media bosses.
People are finally learning the truth about the hyper-racist, Jewish supremacists who
sit not only at the controls of the Zionist State of Israel. but at the helm of the Western
Media and most Western political establishments. They do so with a deadly combination of media
power, financial power and the political power which is manufactured from a melding both
media and money. Even the Jewish -run Washington Post had an article pointing out matter-of-factly
how Jews provide 60 percent of the funding of not just the Democratic Party but also
the Republican Party. Now Strauss-Khan may escape any rape charge they throw against
him, but he won’t escape the charge that he is a pitiful human being. Ultimately Strauss-Kahn
is nothing but a pathetic Woody Allen type who will only be laughed at in real life.
The day is coming when people by the millions will rise up in the streets and the Zionist
power brokers will not only be laughed but thrown into jail where they belong. People
are rising.  The time of popular resistance is rushing toward us, the night is growing
darker day by day but the dawn is just ahead. �