GIMP Tutorial: How to Draw Cute Cartoon Clouds! [HD]

Uploaded by gimpology on 04.07.2010

Transcript: and present how to draw simple cartoon crowds from scratch
alright, let's create some clouds
create a new document
the defaults will be fine
right now let's
create the background. you want a nice sky gradient
so set your foreground and background colors to light and darker blues
and then
choose the gradient tool
and just draw a linear gradient from the top to the bottom top to the bottom
like that
that's good
now let's create our cloud
create a new layer
well call it cloud
now select the ellipse select tool
and I'm going to the options to make sure that the mode is set to addition
now because you set the mode to addition, every circle that you add
well add to the selection instead of creating a new selection
so go ahead and and add some circles together to create a cloud shape
when you're drawing your selections hold down the shift key
to keep your selections circular
alright so we had the outline of our cloud
now we need to fill it in
make sure your cloud layer is selected, then select the fill tool and set your foreground color to white
then fill your selection
now this looks pretty good
but it's a little bit flat
so let's add some depth
create a new layer
i'll call mine depth
now set your foreground to a dark blue color
then select the paintbrush tool
now you need a brush that's fairly big and not hard at all
if you don't brush like this don't worry about it. just create a new brush
just like I am about to do right now

click new brush
and then turn up the radius
and turn down the hardness
all the way
now with your brand new brush draw on some shadows onto the cloud
you want to shade in the bottom parts to
make it look realistic since the light would be coming from above
now you'll find that when you had the shadows they'll be too dark but that's okay that's
why is it in a separate letter
you can just turn down the opacity of the layer
until it's just right
there we go
finally just had a subtle drop shadow to the cloud layer
to give it more depth
select your cloud layer
then go to filters
light and shadow
drop shadow
and here are the settings I used
0px offset x, 1px offset y and 10% opacity
now let's see what we made. go to select > none
and there you have it
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