O FIM da SUA INTERNET - gatos, pornografia, pirataria

Uploaded by willstreetjournal on 29.11.2012

Your internet sux!
DSL providers are a dick!
They do what they want...
They do what they want... they charge how much they want to...
They sell a trash service.
and they fuck you when you need they most.
But it is about to change.
It is to be voted a law (Brazil) that would change at least ...
a small part of all this mess.
But I don't want to talk about law or politics. I want to talk
about who wants to fuck with us even more.
Today for example there is this fucking 'traffic shaping'
when service provider slow down your connection
when you watch a video on youtube...
or Redtube or XVideos
or slow down your internet connection when you are donwloading a file
or slow down your internet connection when you are using Skype
In other words... fucking you
when you need it most your internet connection.
And so, this law-project, among other things,...
wants to over with this shit.
Cool, right? Nice. Very beautiful.
They call it... "net neutrality"
That means your internet provider must treat equally
Youtube data, website data,
Redtube data, os dados que vem do Pornotube,
Skype data, Facebook data,
Provider must treat equally every kind of data
no discrimination.
But belive me or not...
there is a plenty of politicians that doesn't think it's nice.
And here is their pretty faces
for you to remmember never voting them not even as "apartment manager" on yout building
Now if these guys change this law project you know what can happen?
It means that these motherfuckers internet providers
would be able for example:
'You pay R$40?'
You can only access your e-mail and our website.
No Redtube.
You pay R$60?
You can only access your e-mail and news website.
You pay R$100?
You can only access e-mail, news website and youtube.
Oh, you don't want only e-mail, news and youtube?
you want Redtube, XVideos, Facebook
you want torrent, you want access to every website as you do today?
Aaah... so we have a Premium for you, that will cost 300...and 200... milion
In practice, this is what could happen.
Or even worst! They can be able to censor what kind of stuff you access.
Wonder if they make you use only a BOL (shit like AOL) e-mail!
You can only use an BOL email service.
If it is not BOL you can't.
Want to use Hotmail? Will need to pay more.
Want to use Gmail? Will need to pay more.
Or even, providers could charge website owners...
to garantee how fast we access these websites.
e.g. For you to write your blog...
you will have to pay... about R$100/month...
that is for your listeners access to your blog
or nobody will be able to read your blog.
It's like a legalized bribery?
They want to shut down the freedom we still have
Just to help providers to raise their profits.
And some other politicians want other kinds of shit.
This pretty face, Mr Dudu.
He wants to give providers the RIGHT to watch us.
to watch whatever we do on the internet...
what website we visit, what we do on this website,
If we are buying...
...a plastic dick,
if we are buying games.
And allowing then to keep this information.
But he says it's all for our own safety.
What a fucking safety. 'cause...
if this is call safety... it's like for our safety,...
government got everyone in the country phone tapping.
Just for safety.
And this lady she wants to make a...
thing to serve the majors, like Warner and Sony,
It's a mechanism to remove internet content
It means that if you post an article on your blog...
or a video on youtube...
I can tell Youtube "hey, this video is mine"
and Youtube need to take it down imediately... fuck you...
Doesn't metter if content belongs to you or not.
After that you guys go to the court. ...after that!
It's a fucking censorship mechanism.
Anything you say,
and put on the internet, ...can be shut down imediately.
No judge to watch out for it.
Considering what she wants to... If you put a photo
or a video of your pretty cat.
"...oh what a pretty catty..."
That jealous bitch that hates you...
could go on Facebook and tell then: "Hey! This picture is mine! Take it down!"
And Facebook will remove it.
So... to post your pretty cat picture you will need to go to the court!
But... this law project... as it was writen originaly, is a good thing.
It stops all this shit...
No more traffic shaping...
Clear privacy rules, you know
...what data they can keep from us and what they can't.
For how much time they can keep data
You have freedom to choose what you want to do with your data.
It doesn't say "fuck you and your data"...
and so providers could sell it.
No. It's your choice.
What is fucking everything is these motherfucker internet provider lobby's,
telcorps, recorders,
who wants to fuck this law-project.
Wants to change it into a bizarre monster.
That will only fuck with us.
Not telling that they are making everything for this law not to be voted.
delaying voting since june.
Now... if you guys don't want these motherfuckers to fuck with you,
If you didn't knew about what I said... Share this video with your friends.
Tell them what politicians are trying to do.
Oooor if you are a proactive guy...
send a e-mail to your congress man or to congress man who wants to fuck with you.
Or if you want to do even more
Post a response-video.
Put on trending topics #dontfuckwithmyinternetmotherfucker
I don't know...
Because the internet has always been this sacred tripod:
cat photos, pornography, and piracy.
So... if they take all this from us...
Internet is over.
But while they don't fuck with our internet...
stay tune with some cat videos...
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