PIRACY BAD (Zombies vs. Ninjas #6)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 08.06.2012

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What are you hooligans up to?
Spence have brain fart!
Brain storm, you idiot!
Tanzy, I've finally got the plan that's gonna make us rich: We'll become pop stars!
How exactly are you going to do that?
Easy! We yoink this Kortneee bimbo's song, "YEAH", off the web, change it up a little,
then release our own song and make bank.
Spence, that's illegal! It's internet piracy!
Oooo, hear that guys? We're piiiiiirates!
Hahaha! Shiver me Nipples!
Well, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of who gives a ----!
Internet piracy is no laughing matter, Spence.
And the penalties if you get caught are severe.
IF we get caught. But we are NINJAS. And "ninja" spelled backwards is "sneaky."
No, it isn't.
Whatever, I'm doin' it.
What the heck?
Colonel Flunkerton!
Naughty, naughty ninja! You're downloading a song without paying for it. That's stealing.
Aww, come on! It's been number one forever! Who's gonna mind one little illegal download?
What's that?
Hi, Y'all!
Holy ----, it's Kortneee!
O-M-G! Take Andre picture!
So y'all think you can just take sumthin' of mine without paying?
The guys made a mistake, but don't worry. We'll erase the file and they'll
promise to never do it again, right, guys?
Absolutely! And if we do, you can sue the crap out of us.
That's not good enough! You stole my intellectual property. Prepare to die!
Whoa! Don'tcha think that's a little extreme?
It's the only way to teach you criminals a lesson
Who's going to teach it? You?
Don't have to - I've got my own ninja: DJ Funky Dragon!
What makes you think one ninja can take out the five of us?
Because my ninja is Asian.
Ha-ha-ha! Who ever heard of Asian ninja?
Man, I hope you fight better than you drive!
Oh, crap!
Hey y'all! Thanks for coming out to the launch of my Disproportionately-Harsh Justice Tour!
We're gonna kick things off with my hit song, "YEAH" while feeding this bunch of thieving
ninjas to a mosh- pit full of zombies! Hit it!
If anybody's got any tricks up their sleeve, now'd be the time to use 'em!.
Hey! Little Purple Kitty Cat have hairball!
Hey! Her mouth isn't even moving!
We paid good money to see your mouth move!
She's a big phony!
Now wait a minute, y'all! I really can sing!
Oh yeah, then prove it! Try singing your own song a cappella!
Fine, I will! (monster noises)
Ahhh! Somebody please help!
Guys, this way! We're free!
Thanks, stupid!
You evil trailer-trash skank!
You betta move ya ass!
Now what?
Let's get the hell outta here!
You've got to be kidding me! Ohh! Ahhh!
I hope you guys have learned your lesson.
You bet we have. No matter how you try and spin it, internet piracy is wrong.
Taking stuff from the web without paying is just like stealing from a bank.
Illegal download hurt everybody - even GRANDMA.
So the next time you think about illegally downloading stuff, remember what happened
to us. Because the exact same thing could happen to you.
And - CUT!
How many of these Anti-Piracy P.S.A.'s did the Judge say we have to do again?
Six thousand.
How many have we done so far?