Dreadlocks Hairstyle Techniques : Dreadlocks: Two Strand Twist

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.09.2008

The next technique we're going to do on Ashley is a two-strand twist. We do a two-strand
twist on people who have longer hair. And, we do it because with their hair being long,
it will lock neater and quicker, than using a comb twist, if we to a two-strand twist.
So, we're going to do the same style parting, a C shape, but we're going to make it a little
bigger, o.k. And, then we're going to take two strands, one, two, and then we're going
to begin to wrap them over each other, clockwise direction. Making sure that we smooth the
hair in between our fingers, so that it will be smooth and tight. Just wrapping to the
right clockwise all the way down from the root to the end of the hair,
like so. And, we move to the next section. And, these will be beautiful locks in about
oh, three to six months, for most people, some peoples hair lock quicker, some slower,
might take up to a year for some peoples to lock, but this is a natural way to do it,
where you're not adding or anything, you're just working with the hair you have and roping
it around each other helps it to stay together better, than the comb twist. We usually do
the comb twist on short hair to get it to grow out and get it started, then we apply
the two-strand twist because it gives you more of a locked look.