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Whose pigeon? My birds brought it down
You have no claim on it - l am willing to pay
8 annas
The price of six!
So go, buy three for 4 annas- 4 rupees more likely
You made money giving false testimony. Remember?
l never gave any false testimony
Wants pigeons?
He keeps pigeon only to trouble you. He's a real scoundrel
lt was a bad day when you testified against him
He's spent 1 2 years in prison.He won't forget so easily
What made you testify against him?
They asked me on oath what kind of man he was l told them
Bring us guavas and oranges when you return - and a doll
l will
Look at her, still playing with dolls after her engagement
Come here
How are you, little sir?
You got engaged, and didn't tell your Uncle Dilawar?
Come and get your pigeon.Your father has paid for it
Wait here, l'll be right back
This place looks all right
You'll kill her, but what about my money
l thought you had other ideas - l'll repay you
May l say something?- Yes?
Let's go to Lucknow and sell this girl
Amiran is missing
She was playing outside. Dilawar took her away with an excuse about pigeons
For God's sake, go and find my child
My child! Where's my child?
l've looked everywhere
Allah is great
Here, eat your food
Won't you eat?
What's your name? - Ramdei. Yours?
Amiran. Did they kidnap you too? - Yes, from that fair
So, there are the girls? - Salaam
How much for this one? - A thousand
Has your lover ever seen that much money?
One thousand rupees! Trying to con me!
Don't be offended
The way you talk! l've sent dozens of girls to the palaces
Never paid more than 500
You name it then- 200
Look at her face, her hands
Just 200, that's it
For 200, have this one
She's not bad either. A bit dark.And a weak frame. 1 50 for her
The Begum won't havea dark girl
l'll take the first one.Here, 200 rupees. Count them
Come, girl
''Who tied the swing to the mango tree?''
''My lover swings...''
''The swing tied to the mango tree''
''He caught my arm, embraced me''
''Who tied the swingto the mango tree?''
''Who tied the swingto the mango tree?''
''My heart beats fast,l'm scared''
''Swing gently, my love''
ls this the girl?
Come here, my child
How much?- Whatever it is, we go halves
Okay. The amount l promised is ready.Where's the other girl?
A lady took her for her house
For how much?- 400
l'd have given that for a good-looking girl
This one's also good-looking
Yes, she's a human being. - What 'she is' is in front of you
The money-box
Husseini, she's not expensive at 250 rupees?
Expensive? She's cheap
Not so cheap either. Anyway, shelooks innocent enough
God knows where they lift them from.They've no fear of God
l'm not responsible. The sin will beon these rogues' heads
lf not here, they'd sell somewhere
She's well-off here. You've heard how the ladies treat their maids?
Of course. The other day...
l heard that a lady who saw her maidtalking to her husband...
had her killed with red-hot irons
Such women will pay on the Day of Judgment
Give me this girl,l'll bring her up
She'll be yours but l'll care for her- All right
Where're you from? - Bangla
You mean you don't know this?Faizabad is also called Bangla
What's your name? - Amiran
l'm Bismillah
l don't like that name. l'll call you Umra
From now on you'll answer to Umrao
When the lady says 'Umrao', you say ''Yes 'm''
Come, have a bite
What does your father do? - He's a caretaker
Where?- At the tomb of Bahu Begum
Go to sleep
Will you see to her.
Come. What has happened to you?
l don't know what has happened to her.
She was sleeping and she wokeup all of a sudden.
What are you trying to do?
You were trying to run away?Where would you run to?
Run! Run!
She's just a child.
Thatis enough.
l will break your legs if you try torun away again.
She won't.
What happened? Have you gone mad?
Where were you going? lf you had gone out, someone would have killed you.
There are a lot of bandits out there.
Don't go anywhere again. This is your home now.
Do your salaam
Khan Saheb will teach you music. Will you learn?
He's a great musician. Put your heart in it, and all Lucknow will know you
They'll all come to hear you sing.You'll be known in the Court
Not to talk of the money and jewels
You may begin, Khan Saheb
Hold out your right hand
We begin with the name of the merciful Allah
Now sing with me
Here mindlessness does not refer to lack of intelligence or knowledge
This mindlessness is an ultimate bliss,of love, when everything ceases
Neither the desire nor its object remained
That is, neither the lover nor the beloved remains, not even love itself
Only a state of mind which the poet calls mindlessness
And this mindlessness is the beauty of the couplet
Wonderful, sir, sometimes l toofeel like composing poetry
Go ahead. There's no better way ofexpressing one's feelings
Will you help with suggestions? - But certainly!
Khanum is calling you - Nothing wrong, l hope?
You'll have to ask her
Ma'am, did you call me? - No. Who said l did?
Gohar Mirza
l haven't seen that rogue for two days. l sent him to buy something
Must've spent the money!
Tell that rascal to see me
Gohar Mirza! This was an offering
Umrao, you make it better than even Aunt Husseini
lt should be sweeter
You're shameless, telling lies to get food
lt was meant for the shrine
Someone would've it anyway
l hope to God you die of cholera. Die right now
Show me those ornate earrings
Aren't they beautiful?
Where is the matching front piece?- lt isn't ready yet
Send it today. We need it in two days- Very well
Where is the banat from Delhi? - lt's in the box
Are you saving it for Maulvi Saheb's cap? Get it, quick
Khanum Saheba, your jokes are priceless
My feet are killing me.Do this, do that
Such a big gathering and onlyme to do all the work
What are you doing here?
You'd forgotten about me. l wasvery hungry, so l thought...
Couldn't you have waited a little?
Why should you, l'm not your lawful wedded wife
Stop being angry at small things
Here, eat- No
On your life, please sit
You're really good at persuasion
Not only my heart, take...
Someone's there
Another poem? Great going,Read
''Not only my heart, Sir,take my life''
''But do as l ask just once''
Not bad, but remember two things
The delicacy of the thought...
And the rhythm of the words
Listen to the poet Mir...
''How do l describe the softness ofher lips? They are like rose petals''
You are talking of great poets
She is just a beginner
What do you say, sir?
You say, 'Not only my heart... '
You could say instead...
What is my heart? You take my life.But do as l ask just once
''What is my heart? You take my life''
''What is my heart? You take my life''
''But do as l ask just once''
''But do as l ask just once''
''What is my heart? You take my life''
''You'll come here again and again''
''Carefully observe this place''
''Carefully observe this place''
''What is my heart? You should come to know.
''l know that friends get estranged''
''But why be obliged to strangers?''
''But why be obliged to strangers?''
''What is my heart? You take my life''
''lf you say, l'll bring the sky down''
''Nothing is difficult if you make up your mind''
''Nothing is difficult if you make up your mind''
''What is my heart? You take my life''
''But do as l ask just once''
''Please accept...''
Here- You put it on me
Like it?- Very much
Why look in the mirror? Your image is in my eyes
For me?
Let's see you put it on
You put it on me
You bastard, you pick on mygirls to show your manhood
l picked you from the gutter
l gave you shelter, food,clothes, money and...
l swear, l never looked at anyone before, Umrao herself called me
Trying to fool me! Get out of here.l don't want to see your face again
lf you come here, l'll have your legsbroken. Now get out
Are you all right? - Yes, by God's grace
Come in, Nawab Saheb
Has Bismillah gone out?
An admirer should be like you,still asking after her
Have some betel leaf
You know, Khanum, strange are the ways of heart
You don't like Malka or Bahar?
Well, l...
What do you think of Umrao? What are you saying?
She's at your service,if you wish
Do l take it as settled?
Sure. Just arrange for the'll be at least 5,000
5000!- lt's a question
lt'll take some time
Think about it. l have several offers
l'll go to my estate
ln every way l was done down. My enemy's name written with my blood
What is this heart, you may take my life. But do as l ask just once
You'll come here again and again
Carefully observe this place.
You're sure this is your composition?
lf my life be spared,may l speak
The ghazal was written by Umrao Jaan
Umrao Jaan?- Yes
l've never heard this name before
Praising Umrao Jaan is like holding a candle to the sun
She's so beautiful even theFairy Q ueen would envy her
Her verses make great poets admit defeat
And her voice!
Her voice is like aleaping flame
That's her.
''Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes''
''Associated with these eyesare a thousand tales''
''The intoxication of these eyes...''
''You are not the only one disgraced for love of me''
''ln this city, there are thousands like you''
''Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes''
''l'm the only one who intoxicates with my eyes''
''Though there thousandsof taverns in the world''
''Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes''
''You think a gale can scare such a flame''
''A flame which is protected by a thousand moths''
''Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes''
''Associated with these eyesare a thousand tales''
''The intoxication of these eyes...''
Look at Bismillah!
25 again
Watch the fun now
l keep losing. l won't play any more
Spread the board, l'll play
Has Khanum forgiven you?
Of course. l'm the support of her old age
Are you angry with me?- No
Then give me your hand- Why?
Five mohurs of gold
Advance for a performance? - Nawab Sultan sent 10, l've kept 5
Who is Nawab Sultan?
The one who gave you the necklace
There's talk of his retaining you
And he's asked for the ghazal which you sang yesterday
l'll give it to him when he comes here
All right, give it to him
lf you'd sent it through me, l'd have earned some more gold
Hide these- Why? l have to give them to Khanum
You don't have to tell her. Neither will l
l'll go and meet Khanum
Please come in
l rarely visit bordellos
We are not such bad people
l've come because of you alone
l know you're saying this just to please me
No. l haven't got over thespell you cast that evening
l felt as though you were singing for me alone
Whom else? Who else understood music and poetry as well as you
l was so lost in the musicthat l forgot to applaud
There can be no greater applause than that
The ghazal was written by you? - lt's nothing, just doggerel
Such a beautiful poem: don't call it doggerel
You too write poetry
Poetry is beyond one. Sometimes when l am alone l may hum a tune
We are alone here, hum something
Before you l am dumb
Oh, come on
On one condition- l agree
Give me a copy of that ghazal
What a thing to ask for
Don't make me suffer, let me hear it
A few couplets
''ln every way l was done down My enemy's name written with my blood''
''Why couldn't talk of her make me happy today?''
''Why couldn't talk of her make me happy today?''
''Why did her name make my heart heavy today?''
What's this?
These couplets deserve not one, but all of my poems
You embarrass me
l and my poetry are embarrassed We're not worthy of you
''Why couldn't talk of her make me happy today?''
''Why did her name make my heart heavy today?''
What a beautiful thought
l wrote it for apoet's meeting in Faizabad
Yes, that's where my grandmother'shouse is
You come from Faizabad? - Yes. Have you ever been there?
Let it be. l don't remember anything now
lf you remember nothing, why areyour eyes moist?
My eyes smert at times...sometimes the light hurts them
lf l can be of any help...
Nawab Saheb, don't take it so seriously
Have a betel leaf
Look, Bismillah
Aren't they nice?
The gentleman sitting with Umrao...
This is a bordello, all sorts ofpeople come here. Why?
Please come this way
My honor is in your hands now
Sultan must not learn that l come here
Nawab Saheb? What are you saying?What do you have to do with him?
Sultan is my son
His mother and l are separated,but...
Rest assured, Nawab Saheb
l'd brought this for Umrao,you keep it now
ln just a month you've driven me mad, l can't rest without seeing you
What can l say?
Now you're here l remember nothing.But there was something l had to say
l know what you had to say
Me, You, And this solitude
Listen, l've composed a tune for you - Not now.
Do listen
l'm listening. Hair likerain clouds, eyes like doe's...
...lips like rose petals,neck like an amphora
This is your poem
l won't talk to you. Are my poems that bad?
All right, don't be angry.l'll listen
Go ahead, sing, why did you stop?l'm no outsider
Who are you?- l've come to hear you sing
What's the matter, Umrao?
Khan Saheb, please step this way - Why?
l've something to say - Say it from there
l'm not getting up from here - You force yourself on us?
Who's forcing anybody? A bordello is open to all
No bastard has any special rights
Whoever produces cash gets the girl
l'm ready to spend
Visit us some other time
Shut up, woman. l've told youl'm not leaving this place
Child, you come here
Please let go her hand
No pimp dare make me let go
Mind your tongue: perhaps you don't know how decent folk behave
You've been with a lot ofdecent folk. Do what you can
But for the honor of my family,l'd have taught you a lesson
You visit whores, and you're afraid of mother?
Call Macca Pasi
Don't rely on servants See this sword?
This is not a fence-ring. lf youwant a fight, come outside
Little boy, you're still kissable
lf you fight with a grown man,you'll cop it and make mother cry
Go home, sir. l'll manage things
l won't go- You'll get a bad name. Go home
Go, or you'll get into a murder case
l said l won't go
He's still alive- Such bastards don't die easily
l implore you. Go awayfrom here
Pick him up and throw himin the gutter. We'll see later
She sits in mourning with her hair open...
My desires joined in the condolence
Don't tease the girl. She's not well
She's not ill, just pining away for Nawab Sultan
And he's hiding his head in mother's lap
l know, there's no true love these days
God help me, but in our days there were lovers
Either you possess someone or you make someone yours
Take our Maulvi Saheb.He'd come to show me his nuptial suit
l took his hand and made him sitdown. 40 years later, he's still here
lf you wish l can get hold of a lover of those days...
Bald, toothless, buthe's lord of 40 villages
Name - Nawab Jafar
Take a note- To whom? Nawab Jafar?
No - him
''To love me or not is in your power''
''But for me not to love you is beyond my power''
Please take this reply
Your letter has rekindled the fire that was buried
l'm held to my word. l'll nevercome to your house again
My friend Banna Saheb lives in Nawabganj
Come there this eveningif you have time
The Nawab will be a bit late.The lady is calling you
Who, Banna Saheb's wife?
My husband has been at NawabSultan's place since morning
l think his mother is not well
Ma'am, who's this?
What's it to you? As if l don't know
Everyone knows her - so why do you ask?
Who's talking to you?l was asking our lady
How can l dare to talk to you, you're high society
lf you want to show your coarseness, go to the elder Begum
Yes, you're right, with her here l'm not needed
Will you go before l hit you? - Let her go, she's just silly
You shut up, you whore or l'll strangle you
Mean, low-born...
Let her go, she's old
What's up?
This whore made me get a beating- You dare again!
Why did you pick on her?
l swear l said nothing. Seems she'sgot up on the wrong side of the bed
Such rude things she said
You gave her beating for nothing,child, for this loose woman
That's why l was saying one can't trust whores
Even their shadows should be avoided
lf you want to meet me, come to our house
You know l can't go there
And l can't come here
Come in, Panna Mal. You went for two days and stayed away for 1 5
Haven't you heard? - What?
l'm ruined. My house was burgled.l've lost the wealth of generations
How much is the loss?
There is nothing left. The jewelleryis worth 200,000
ls my jewellery gone? - Mercifully, no. lt was in the shop
Thank God. So many burglaries in the city these days
Yours is the third one in a row
The police chief doesn't know what to do
Known thieves of the city were questioned. They deny any hand in it
l hear its an outsider, an outlaw named Faiz Ali
There's a lady come tomeet you...
Show her in
The curtains
Girls, take him to your rooms
Me, with them, to their rooms... What luck!
Where are you from?
l hope there's no one else here
No one. Just you,me and them...
l'm Fakhrunnisa- Chabban's mother
You are Bismillah's mother? - Yes. Go on, please
Chabban is my only son,brought up with great love
He's engaged to his cousin,but he refuses to marry her
His uncle has disinherited him because of it
Do me a favor. Get Chabbanto agree to this marriage
Your daughter has a home for life.l'll give more than Chabban paid her
Save my home from being wrecked
l'm your slave. God willing,it will be as you say
But Chabban must notknow of this
There was no need for this. We are your servants
Now l'll ask for your leave - God be with you
How are you?- Well, by God's grace
We pray for your well being
No matter how well we do, we stilllook to you for support
This time l have a request, lf you permit...
Command me
They brought this shawl forsale. The trader wants 2,000
l think it's nottoo expensive at 1 700 or 1800
lf you are generous, l'll wear a shawl in my old age
You keep out of this
You ask him for so many things. Let me ask today
Nawab Saheb, has the cat caught your tongue? Say something
lf not yes, at least say no
This shawl is of no consequence
Perhaps you are unaware of my condition
Nothing wrong, l hope
l'll no longer acceden to your requests
We're so low that rich men like you are miserly about little things
lt's the truth
lf you can't any longer,why visit us?
You know very well that acourtesan is a rich man's friend
Courtesy won't fill our bellies
This is your home, come when you please. But think of your honor
l've really made a mistake l'll never come again
You're angry. l won'tlet you go
Want me to be insulted again by your mother?
''The eyes have raised so many storms.The boat of memories doesn't sink''
''l see no way of meeting you, getting you again''
What are you writing? A love-letterto Nawab Sultan?
Can't l write anything else?
You can't even think of it.You're dedicated to Sultan
l'm afraid you'll goto his house one day
You seem chirpy. You've got over grieving for Chabban
Don't talk of him. Whenever he is mentioned, l hate the world
Especially Mother - What has she done?
She's responsible for Chabban's death
lf she hadn't taunted him, he wouldn't have died
Bismillah, you're completely changed
You used to say a whore is respected only in her house
Outside, she's nothing. And now -
After Chabban l don't like anything
l feel, if l find someone, l'll just hold his hand for ever
You're a strange one. And you object to my ways!
Don't compare Sultan with Chabban
Chabban could give up his life.Sultan doesn't even dare meet you
He wants to. l don't let him
That's what you say. l'll ask you when he betrays you
For your sake, l've worn out both my feet and tongue
Oh God! What have l done?
Not you, me. My feet ache from making trips to Sultans house
He was tending, his sick mother
When l finally met him, my tonguewore out talking of your passion
''What has this heart not done for love of you''
What did he say?
What could he say?
''Mention of that green fairy...And then my description''
He started begging ''Arrange a meeting with Umrao, somehow''
l'll never meet him at Banne Saheb's
He'll come to meet you in Musabagh
Musabagh? But that's outside town.Khanum won't let me go that far
For just five rupeesl'll arrange everything
l'll give it. Tell me
Khanum herself will take you
Wait and see
The saffron?
Oh God, l forgot!- What do we put in the 'pulao' then?
lt's because of him. His betel leaf,his tobacco, his hookah...
The carriage is waiting. l'll get it- Forget it, you'll be gone all day
Looks as if he's never eaten. Get out of there
Hurry up- lt's ready
l haven't seen you all these days.l kept worrying: thinking
''Whenever life brings me to your side''
''Whenever life brings me to your side''
''...the earth seems fairer than the moon''
''...the earth seems fairer than the moon''
''The fragrance of flowers fills my heart''
''The fragrance of flowers fills my heart''
''When evening comes,your voice calls me''
''When evening comes,your voice calls me''
''...the earth seems fairer than the moon''
''Your thought like a whisper''
''Your thought like a whisper''
''Wakes me up in the darkest hours''
''Wakes me up in the darkest hours''
''...the earth seems fairer than the moon''
''Why must every meeting end in separation?''
''Why must every meeting end in separation?''
''This thought torments me all the time now''
''This thought torments me all the time now''
''...the earth seems fairer than the moon''
''Whenever life brings me to your side...''
Umrao is crazy about Sultan
And l have no one
So you want to talk of love?
What else when we're alone?
So that's it
Dacoits have carried away Bismillah
lf we'd found her corpse we couldhave wept and comforted ourselves
The Nawab Saheb is waiting outside What! He's come here
Help me
l've come here because my niece has come of age
You know she has been engaged to Sultan since childhood
l'd like to be as soon as -
But l informed you thatl do not accept this match
lt was fixed before you and l divorced
God knows the trouble you've caused me
l'm surprised that you called on me after these 1 5 years
At least ask Sultan if -
Ask Sultan? Who knows better than me? What's good for him?
The trouble l've gone through to give him a good upbringing
And l didn't take a pennyfrom you for his upkeep
But l want this match for Sultan'sown good
Perhaps you don't knowthat Sultan is going astray
He visits courtesans
How dare you malign my child! Since when have you worried about his good
Where were you till now? Say rather that you want a match for your niece
Look at yourself
You wrecked our home for that wretched Khanum
And even now you keep visiting her
Visiting courtesans is an aristocratic tradition
A tradition for the father, yes.For the son, its going 'astray'
l'd rather he visit courtesans than marry your niece
lt's no use arguing with you
Sultan is my only son. l will decide about his marriage
l'll fix a date, let's seewhat you can do about it
l know my son won't hurt me.He won't take a step against my wishes
Don't trouble me, in my condition.For God's sake, go away
lf l could find a nice girl l'd fixSultans marriage at once
Then we'd see what the Nawab could do.He couldn't do a thing
Sultan won't marry against my wishes
My child, comeand sit near me
You're very late
Ever since Bismillah went,Khanum doesn't let me come out alone
lt was difficult to get away
You seem troubled
Perhaps l'm not worthyof being told your troubles
My troubles can't be put into words
Say something. lt'll lighten your heart
What can l say...
l can't understand you even now.Sometimes l feel nothing separates us
At other times it seems your inner world is hidden from me
Why think so? l've never considered you an outsider
Then why hide thingsfrom me?
Father never met us. Now suddenlyhe wants me to marry his niece
Why don't you?
For your sake l'll bear even that
Mother is dead against it. She wants me to have nothing to do with them
l don't know what to do
Do whatever your mother says.Her claim on you is greater
You have my best wishes anyway
Mother may not like that, either
You sing well- Who are you?
He wants to meet you. - He has talked to Khanum
l saw you some months back,in passing
Once l thought of coming here but somehow l didn't
And then the house was closed for ''Mohurrum''
l too went homeon some work
l kept thinking of you
Wondering what you were like,how your voice would sound
Thinking of something?- No
All right, you needn't tell me
Here - a gift
Keep it
But this is a diamond!ls it for me?
Don't you like it?
l like it, but... does he love you very much?
Who can have faith in such love?- lt's faith that turns into love
Look at me. Faith in Husseini has kept me here all my life
You're different
No, my child, it's the same thing
Either make someone your own or belong to someone
l tried
Try again
You don't belong in a bordello.The whole world is yours
Do you drink?
No, sir
Okay. l'm going to my villagefor some days
Where?- Farrukhabad
Want to come with me?
Khanum will not let meout of Lucknow with anyone
l'm not just anyone.l am a landlord
l'll give 2 months salaryas advance
l'll ask Khanum, Nawab Saheb
Nawab Saheb! Who, me?
What else should l call you?
Call me Nawab Saheb.l like it
l've come to invite you.l'm getting married tomorrow
God bless you.May the bride prosper
How nice these clothes look!
Ah, the lovers of these days!
l too tore someone'swedding clothes, but you see
Who was this boy?
lf you like, l'll get him here,bound hand and foot
Why weep for him? They're all like this
They swagger about in the square but a little mouse scares them
The English have made our stupid King useless
These nobles are immersed in luxury
l tell you, soon the English will come in
Then all their aristocracy will vanish
What's wrong?
My head aches- Should l massage it?
Come with me. With the fresh air you'll never get a headache
l can't take you awayagainst your wish
lf it had beenany other woman...
Don't know who he thinkshe is
''months? Don't agree, evenif he offers 2 years salary''
Look at his face! Thinks every woman is his concubine
When he comes next, throw Rs.1 50in his face and tell me to get lost
That day he called mean old woman
Here's 500 rupees
An advance for a recitalby Umrao from the Rao of Sitapur
l won't go. Return the money- Khanum never does that
l have a headache- You'll be all right by evening
When is the recital? - Tomorrow
l won't go to Sitapur
Don't talk that way. Khanum will take offence
You care only for the dance
You too get something from it
For God's sake,don't bother me
What's wrong with you? Youdidn't even want to meet that man
Then you're ready to go with him to Farrukhabad
We stopped you, so you don't wantto dance... your head aches
You're forcing me - Who's forcing anymore?
lf a lion loves a lamb,he starves. You must dance.
l'll go with you
You will?
Yes, whether they let me or not,l'll certainly go
Whichever way, take me away.This place is stifling me
ls your headache better? - Yes. How far is Kanpur?
l've never been on horseback before- Come, let's rest a while
l didn't believe you would come with me
lt had become hard for me to live in Lucknow
l don't know why my heart made me come with you
Do you know who l am? - What does it matter now?
Wait here. l'll bring water
Faiz Ali, the outlaw!
His horse- He must be around
You look there
Who was Faiz Ali to you?
What was his relation with you? - None.
Did he kidnap you?
You were with him of your free will?- She's his prostitute
Did you know that he was a dacoit?
You're from Lucknow? - Yes
What is your name?
Were you with Faiz Ali? - Yes
ls this same Umrao you told about? - Yes
HoWs Mother? When did you leave Lucknow?
Why don't you sit down?
ln Lucknow everyone thinks that you...
Several times l thought of writing
But l was scared of Mother.She'll come at once and take me away
ls the Rajah a good man? - Very
The bandits would have killed me that very day
The Rajah - God bless him - caught them. l've been with him ever since
Are you happy?l'm a queen. l live in comfort
Where were you going with Faiz Ali? - Kanpur
Where will you go now? Back to Lucknow?
lf l know where, l wouldn't be wandering around
Can you get me escorted to Kanpur?
''Whenever l meet life,it seems a stranger to me''
''Why does life change colors everyday?''
''Why does life change colors everyday?''
The evenings have become more colorful since she came to Kanpur
Listen, my friends
You listen too, Umrao Jaan
Yesterday l passed a locality
There was a song being sun gand a big crowd
l listened carefully, andit was a ghazal by Umrao Jaan
Does the singer from Lucknow live here?
Yes. Go up the stairs
Are you Umrao Jaan? - Yes, ma'am
Our lady has called you.Tomorrow is her son's birthday
She'd like you to perform
How does she know me?
She is also from Lucknow
You're from Lucknow, too
How did you know? A certain style in your speech
Keep this, the rest will be settled later
l'll keep it so the Begum is not offended
Right, then l'll go
l feel we have met somewhere before
Strange. l was about to say the same
Are you - Amiran?
Remember me? l'm Ramdei
''Since l parted from you whom will l meet now?''
''See what colorslife shows me?''
''See what colorslife shows me?''
Amiran, if they'd chosen you instead of me!
Then you'd have got the bordello and l this mansion
Where is your husband?
He's gone to Calcutta. He'll be back by tomorrow
Now tell me about yourself
Why? lt's a happy occasion, talk of nice things
Here's a suitable couplet
''What a favor the passageof time has done me''
''That the earth seems more beautiful than the moon''
''That the earth seems more beautiful than the moon''
l forgot. Nawab Saheb, this is Umrao Jaan
Umrao Jaan's carriage is ready
Are you leaving? - Yes, l ask your leave
And if we refuse it?
''l did not find what l looked for''
''l did not find what l looked for''
''But this became an excuse for seeing the world''
''What l was looking for...''
''l didn't embarrass you,nor do l have any regrets''
''Thus l maintained the tradition of love''
''Thus l maintained the tradition of love''
''What l lost...''
''l don't remember whenl got you, when l lost you''
''Life, l think l only saw you in a dream''
''Life, l think l only saw you in a dream''
''What l lost...''
''Says 'Ada', what can l say of my condition?''
''The long journey of life l traversed alone''
''The long journey of life l traversed alone''
''l did not findwhat l looked for''
''But this became an excuse for seeing the world''
''What l was looking for...''
My child!
How hard-hearted you are.Don't you love anyone any more
Your Maulvi Saheb suffers so much, thinking of you all the time
How is Khanum?
Losing her daughter half killed her Losing you has finished her
We have cometo take you back
Umrao, where did you go?
You look quite well - Why should l be ill?
Aunt Husseini said you...
What else could l say.She wouldn't have come easily
We brought her up, and now that she's earning she goes her own way
The dove lays the eggs and the crow eats them
So that's why you came to fetch me?- Husseini, you are getting old
She comes home after months and you start talking rot
Don't take it so hard. She says any odd things
No, l won't stay in Lucknow
Stay till 'Muharram'.Then you may go where you wish
Come to me, my child
Go to your room and rest
She won't stay here
The filly has started bucking- So we'll fence her in
Bless you, my child. God give youthe riches of knowledge
Are you unwell?
Should l massage your head? - Let me be, l don't have a headache
Even if you don't...
Why this sudden show of love? Short of cash?
Why say such un-poetic things?
For a true lover, sweet wordsof the beloved are enough
What'll happen to me when you leave?
The same as last time
She heard me weeping but she did not even ask
What is this sound of crying that l hear?
The old woman won't let you go so easily
Even if you leave,she'll fetch you back
There's only one way
Get married to someone
ls that a proposal?
Really. You stand to gain... marrying me. Khanum'shold on you will weaken
And after marriage? l'll earn and you'll eat
l don't want to go out of thefrying-pan and into the fire
ls your name Umrao Jaan?
l've come from the court. According to this, Gohar Mirza submits
...that his lawful wedded wife, Umrao Jaan...
...wants to live with another man without getting a divorce
The hearing is on the 18th.Be present in the court
Your statements will be recorded.Here's the summons
This is a copy of our marriage contract
Apart from Aunty and Khanum, some1 5 others were present at the wedding
Your obstinacy forced me to spenda lot of money. But l had to do it
lt's false. All this is false
l swear, Umrao,l'm not to blame
Actually, Khanum is not to blame either
At this age, what else can she do?
Wait till the new girlgrows up?
lt's our fatethat is to blame
Not fate; Circumstances
Can't you withdraw the case?
One who has lived off Khanum's leftovers would not dare
Go to Kanpur. My houseis empty
What will l eat?
Damn Gohar Mirza. He had toleave at such a time
The British are in every alley
God help us
They'll break down the gate.Go out, over the wall
This is Faizabad. The convoy for Beneras will leave in the morning
We'll have to spend the night here- ln this wilderness?
Can't help it
Our blessed fate!
''That which has no face''
''That which has no name''
''Why do l long for such a thing''
ln Faizabad, your poetry has made a greater mark than even your singing
lnvitation for performances would be welcome
Poetry is not enough for a living
Recall your performance at our place
''What place is this, my friends''
''What place is this, my friends''
''What location is this?''
''What location is this?''
''Where, as far as one can see,there's dust and only dust?''
''What place is this, my friends''
''To what juncture...''
''...has life now brought me?''
''Where l have no control over sorrow or joy''
''What place is this, my friends''
''What location is this?''
''What location is this?''
''Life asks an accountof the days gone by''
''My heart has no answer. lt's full of remorse''
''What place is this, my friends''
''What location is this?''
''What location is this?''
''Beyond the blinds who beckons me?''
''ls someone still sad and restless for me?''
''What place is this,my friends?''
''What location is this?''
''What location is this?''
''Where, as far as one can see,there's dust and only dust?''
''What place is this, my friends''
You're the one from Lucknow? - Yes
What is your name? - How does it matter?
Are you a prostitute by birth?
No, by force of circumstances
Say something about yourself. Who are you?
How can l say who l am?
Where is your real home?
My real home is where l'm standing now
Are you Amiran?
Where did you go,my darling?
Where are Father and my brother?- Your father died long back
My darling! Where did you go?
Deserting your mother's world,which world have you settled in?
No, Mother, this is not Amiran, this is Umrao Jaan, the famous courtesan
You've brought glory to the family
We thought you were dead
But you're still alive.You should have drowned yourself
lt'll be better if you go away
My child