JONAS [HD] - S01EP04 - Keeping It Real (1/3)

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Guys! Guys!
When did you join the baseball team?
You joined the girl's baseball team?
Not baseball. Girls.
You better protect yourselves.
From who? The girls at this school are totally use to us. See?
Yeah. What about a girl's choir from a different school visiting and just found out that JONAS goes here?
[school bell ringing]
[girls screaming]
You gotta live to party.
Bust your move.
Everybody's in the groove.
Tell the DJ to play our song.
Are you ready to rock and roll?

You gotta live to party.
Bust your move.
Everybody's in the groove.
Tell the DJ to play our song.
Are you ready to rock and roll?
I was sitting at home
watching TV all alone.
So tired of routines
The day goes on and on.
So I pick up the phone
Call everyone I know.
I say there's going to be a party.
Hit the music here we go.
You gotta live to party.
Bust your move.
Everybody's in the groove.
Tell the DJ to play our song.
Are you ready to rock and roll?
You gotta live to party.
Bust your move.
Everybody's in the groove.
Live to party.

Ok. So this is set.
We do the radio interview Saturday morning.
Then the photo shoot in the afternoon
and the benefit concert this Saturday night.
And the rest of the day is ours.
Would anyone like some more toast?
Oh, Mom. You know what?
Can you say that again?
Three, two, one.
Since when does breakfast require a microphone?
Well, you know how Joe likes his pizza Chicago style?
Well, he took the jet last night to Chicago and got himself some pizza.
Oh yeah and he got in pretty late, so he's sleeping in
and he wanted us to record the breakfast meeting.
Don't forget he likes to hear the sizzling of the bacon.
Oh right. Good one.
This is not a breakfast meeting.
This is breakfast.
What am I missing?
Can you roll the tape please?
Yeah. Of course.
No no no no no.
We are having a normal family breakfast.
Frankie, I got your limo ready.
Is it filled with jelly beans, Big Man?
Every color but green.
It's all jelly bean-y good.
See ya Frank.
See ya.
Bye Frankster.
Have a good day sweetie.
Dad, the layout in the new limo is a little weird.
Really? How so?
They put the hot tub too close to the trampoline.
Oh yeah. And the frozen yogurt machine only lets you choose between chocolate or vanilla.
It's like there's no swirl.
And the automatic massage chair only goes choppa-choppa-chop and not digga-digga-digga.
Alright, everybody. Hold it.
Problem, hun?
Breakfast meetings?
We have gotten way too big for our breeches here.
I have bigger breeches for all of you.
All custom tailored by your personal stylist. Moi.
Sorry, I'm late.
My brother hid my car keys again.
Did you get a chance to put the
diamonds on the soles of my shoes yet?
Ok. Stella, you are more than welcome to stay for breakfast, sweetheart,
but this is exactly what I'm talking about.
We promised each other that if this band blew up we would stay grounded
and just like a regular family.
Sandy. Sandy Dandy.
Come on. Relax.
No matter how successful this band becomes,
we will always retain that common touch.
Thank you Pasquale.
Ok. When was that last time anyone did a chore around here?
Or we had dinner together as a family?
Let's check that out. Mmmm. The thirtieth so...
Ok, Mom. The last family dinner was three weeks ago tomorrow.
Oh and by the way,
thank you so much for being so flexible with your schedule, Mom.
Mom alert.
We are a family first,
and we're going to start acting like one again.
That means no more breakfast meetings.
No more limos
and no more coffee guy.
We get it.
We promise to keep it real.
We may have been a little carried away but that's history.
Call you back.
I'm going to need to call you back.
Oh. What's up?
Yeah. I can talk. Sure.
I'll call you back.

Mom is going to love this.
A normal family with everyone doing chores.
Garbage bomb!

I just finished cleaning under my bed.
I'll get to yours in a minute.
These floors aren't scrubbing themselves, mister.
[vacuum cleaning]
[girls screaming and clothes ripping]

We have some enthusiastic fans.
They took my socks without taking off my shoes.
How did they do that?
Keeping it real seems to be a lot harder than we thought.

["Keep It Real" playing]
Living life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No we can't complain
Who's to say
That we won't keep it real
Hold on tight
Don't you dare let it go
Now's the time to
Let the whole world know
You can shine
Bright but still keep it real

Well that was easy.
We need a new plan.
What plan are we up to now?
Plan K.

These window frames are rock solid.
One of the many advantages of living in an old firehouse.
I wonder why there are fire poles in here.
We're doing this for Mom.
Your codename is Danger.
Got it.
After we lower you down,
we'll be in constant contact the entire time.
Just get in and get out.
We don't need any heroes.

It's time to take out the trash.
There we go.

This is Danger.
No girls in sight.
Heading to garbage cans.
I think he's going to make it.
I thought I saw something.
[girls screaming]
It's an ambush!
I can't. Too many.
The perfume.
Danger's in danger.
We got to get him out of there.

Four hours taking out the trash.
Rehearsing all night.
I'm wiped.
You mean trying to take out the trash.
We never got rid of the stuff.
Where'd you put it, Kevin?
I was dreaming I fell asleep in the school hallway.
See you later.

If I can get an exclusive interview with Kevin for my JONAS website,
the entire fan club would be
blown away.
So interview him.
Oh, I don't know.
Sometimes I get a teensy bit nervous when I get a teensy bit near a JONAS.
He's right there.

I got your back.

You know my BFF Macy.
She's has a couple questions she wants to ask you for her JONAS fan club blog thing.
Go ahead.
Kevin of JONAS.
Our entire fan club wants to know
who's your favorite JONAS?
No comment at this time.
He's a brilliant diplomat as always.
Thanks Kev.
You're a great interview.
Thanks bud.