Female Eps02: في ميل الحلقة 2: خاوة

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Rajae! I don't have anymore execuses to tell my parents.
So it'll have to be one of two: we get engaged, or we break up.
So the day comes when the girl starts threatening: "Marry me or I'll break up with you"
Tell you what dear? I'll break up with you! There are girls all over the place.
This is going to be difficult for me to say, but I want you to know that life is difficult.
And I'm like any other young fella, I'm still building myself.
He wants to "build" himself... Piece by piece
He collects the pieces, then "builds" them...
Of course this only happens when his girlfriend asks if he's ready for marriage.
Come on! Where do you think this is? Europe?
I'm not the kind of scum who will obstruct your path in life.
This choice will be very difficult for me, but I can endure it if it means that you'll live happily.
I believe that it's for your own good -not mine, that we break up...
The Next Day At Work Tima regarding that report the management asked for, we seriously need to finish it.
What? No way! ...Cut it out! I can't handle this any more!
I'm not joking They're asking for it.
What about that report? Oh whatever!
What the... ?
Come on! you left everyone on the planet and went with Mutaz?
Can't you see that his hair line is already retreating!
Go on, be happy with Mutaz. Do it!
Hi Tima Hi!
How are you?
Are you alright? Yeah but what's this about?
You know... About what happened with Rajae and all.
What're you worried about? of course I'm fine? Are you sure?
He didn't leave me, I'm the one who left him anyway.
Tima Come on Tima.
Tima dear that's enough come out already I told you I'm alright.
Come out Tima we'll find a solution.
Easy now Tima, everything's going to be OK. We'll get through this.
So it's over between you and Tima?
Well yeah you can say that.
Nice! Ok listen, we're going to hang out tonight and have fun.
Where do you want to hangout?
Any where you want!
Sager Sager Sager is only one on the planet who gets me.
The important thing now for you to clear today's shedule and relax, forget about that whole relationship thing... since it really lasted a while.
We're going all out tonight! Yeah I want to go all out.
Not just all out, we're going to be on fire!
That's the atmopsphere I was waitng for, hanging out late with guys and talking men's talk.
Sager is the best person on the planet!
Hanging Out at Night
Rajae Qawas how are things coming along?
My man!
Oh I got a phone call, give me a minute... It's from Tamara.
Sager is the worst person on the planet! Tima's socks is better than a dozen of him!
Who's that girl?
That's the new employee.
No way man!
Mutaz. Mutaz. MUTAZ!
Mutaz? Mutaz?
I'll give anything right now to know just what's Mutaz's job supposed to be! What does he do anyway?
Good point, what does he do? I wish I knew!
Mutaz who?
Now where did she come from?! With a Nimr bin Adwan demeanor, Alia's eyes and all that drama!
Is there something in your throat?
No my throat is just a bit dry...
How are you? Fine.
I'm glad... So you're the new employee? That's right.
Now of course he'll try to make the moves on her, but I'm sure he won't find some one who loves him like me...
I'm very pretty you know... Bedouin beauty and Alia's eyes
I want to ask about something that might be a bit embarrasing.
No don't worry I don't get embarrassed.
I,m just worried that you become stressed and nervious... No I'm very calm and I don't get nervous.
Perfect perfec.
I want a stapler. A stapler?
Yeah, I really need a stapler.
Stapler. But I can't let you barrow it.
Worst thing in the world is a girl with a stapler.
I knew the stapler trick from the bigening. Many guys used it with me many times.
I just pretended not to know out of courtesy because I liked him.
But I don't care how much she drives him mad, he deserves it.
No I think you misunderstood me, I want a hair stapler.
A hair stapler? Yes.
A hair stapler? I really need one.
OK we'll have lunch together then? As colleagues.
On the break we're all going for lunch.
Do you have a sndwitch? No.
Mom forgot to fix my sandwitch today so I'll go.
Oh I forgot my handbag. Can you get it?
Here you go.
Welcome. Hello.
What would you like to order?
Go ahead please.
Really? Yeah sure.
Hmm, what's the biggest burger you have?
That'd be the Kamikaze Burger.
Sounds suicidal!
Be daring! Daring?
OK I'll have two please, make one of them extra spicy, and add lots of onion to the other one.
Or tell what? Make that Three burgers, I might not finish them all though, two spicy and one with extra onion.
Or maybe two with extra onion and one spicy?
Is there going to be a difference? That's not possible?
OK. Make that three extra spicy and three with extra onion and just stuff the burgers with everything.
In this... Suicide.
And what would you like?
Ah... Ceaser salad.
What's with people? It's either a ceaser salad or a pound of onions?
Doesn't anyone eat normally?
This is the onion you ordered. Dear, does onion bother you?
then can you help me steady this?
The onion?
Chilli sauce, chilli sauce!
Take a bite.
Come on take a bite!
Take a bite?
Not happenning!
Personally I prefer Tima and her salad.
The last thing I need is chilli sauce and...
I've always been independant...
My cousin is called Isam! Really?
So what dad told me after he donated our mountain in Dabooq...
Actually we have two... Mountains.
That's great. Anyway he said that if I wanted a Porsche, there is a Porsche, and if I wanted a Lamborghini he'll get three.
I told him that I didn't...
You know the Auto club... No the Auto Museum? We rent it to it's current operator.
Is that so? Yes.
Wow wow! Hold it! That's not how you make stuff up!
It's about creativity not upmanship!
Do you intend to keep on making up stuff?
My grandpa's got a mountain, some Other guy has a plane.
Save all that for someone who cares because I don't! So let us have lunch. shut up, and pay up!
After this "Lunch situation" I felt like mopping the memories of it out of my brain with a detergeant!
You shouldn't use people to this extent! What ever happened to manners?
Did you see the new pictures that Tima posted on Facebook?
Yeah, I don't believe how much those two looked suitable for each other!
Looks like they're already engaged now right?
Yeah she told me that he's going to formally propose next time he visit's her.
For real? I knew it! Yes it's true. You can't imagine how happy she is right now.
Does Rajae know? She said not to tell anyone.
Oh hi Rajae!
We're trying to get it to work but we can't. I'm not fimilliar with it either.
So she's getting engaged. This topic's being dicussed in the company behind my back.
What's that supposed to mean? Who is it? How did she meet someone so soon? Just who is it anyway?
How did this happen? What does these things just happen like that?
Alright! He's angry now!
I told you just like a ball, if you kick him against a wall he'll bounce right back to you! And there he is coming back, it'll just be a few minutes.
Tick tock tick tock.
Why aren't answering your phone?
Rajae, please stop calling me. I've put that phase behind me now and I wish you would do the same.
Let's just be friends it'll be for the best.
OK forget about being friends and all that I'll be practical about this; "would you marries me?"
Will you marry me?
Aren't you going to kneel?
Kneel? Why? Because that's what they do on TV.
Is that necessary?
Kneel? You want me to kneel? I swear she must have a misunderstanding on life.
Will you marry me?
What I like about Tima is that she really understands life, and that's why I chose her.
That's right he came back with his own two feet.
Though it wasn't easy to be honest.
He was going to come back eventually, but I indirectly directed him in that direction.
Tima you must stop crying over this. Yes, tell you what why don't we form a plan.
A plan? Yes!
I won, I won, I won.
It's not like I swindled him... The end justifies the means, and I love him.
She said yes right?
God will help.
I won, I won, I won.