Implicit Differentiation at a point, calculus, ti 89 titanium program app

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 29.11.2012

this is a ti 89 Titanium program app
uh... regarding
implicit differentiation
uh... let's get started here
to enter my menu
in my programs you have to press second alpha and then put the letters
i n d e x
and then press alpha again enter the eight and the open and closed
press enter and you're into my menu
many things on here, eliminating the parameter, e to the x integrals
anything you want for passing calculus and
and uh...
your homework
we want, implicit differentiation
and we're going to enter our function
press alpha, you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my menus or my
entry lines
uh... alpha
plus x
squared times y
minus three
equals one
I show you what you've entered you can check your
uh... entry here and see if it's ok
i say it's okay
and you notice within implicit differentiation your your taking the
derivative of every term in that function
on both sides
and so we start
take the first term take the derivative we take the second term but here's a
times sign between it, so we need to do the product rule on it
and i show you how to do that here's the formula, you write all this down on your
f of x equals x squared, f prime of x equals two x
g of x equals y cubed, g prime of x equals three y squared dy dx
and here's your answer if your
professor doesn't do that
product rule and just comes up with this, then just put the answer down
and then we continue with our derivatives of each term in that
and there's the next one here's the one on the equal sign, ya know, for the one
and so
differentiating both sides of the function
uh... we get
you write all this down
and here's your answer
now you can evaluate it at a point
for instance you have to press alpha again let's say press alpha four
and alpha two
show you again in case you made a mistake
and then you write this notice you're entering all the variables into your function
and it shows you
the slope of the line actually shows you also the
the way the vector is pointing
which is three hundred twenty eight degrees
pretty neat huh?
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you'll love my programs and pass calculus