Homemade Pineapple Ice Cream フローズンパイナップルのアイスクリーム

Uploaded by cookingwithdog on 07.09.2012

Hi, I'm Francis,
the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Let’s prepare the pineapple for the ice cream.
First, cut off the top of the pineapple, removing the crown.
Cut a thin slice about a quarter inch thick to use as a garnish.
Cut it in half, stack the pieces
and cut them into small triangular pieces.
Place the pointed nail into the core,
adjust the outer blade to the skin and press the cutter into the pineapple.
Turn the cutter clockwise and make a shallow circular cut.
Cut a pineapple slice about a half inch thick
and remove the core and the skin.
Repeat the process and cut out the rest of the pineapple rings.
Stack three pineapple rings on top of each other and cut the rings into 8 equal pieces.
Place the pineapple pieces into a freezer bag and freeze them completely.
Let’s make the ice cream.
Place the frozen pineapple into a food processor.
Add the sugar,
lemon juice
and whipping cream
and cover with a lid.
Pulse several times, crushing the pineapple pieces.
Now, turn on the processor.
When the mixture is blended, turn it off and remove the lid.
Scrape off the ice cream from the side of the work bowl and gather it to the center.
This will help reduce the lumps in the ice cream.
Turn on the processor again and blend until it is completely smooth.
Scoop the ice cream with an ice cream scoop
and place into a chilled dessert bowl.
Garnish with the pineapple slice and now, it’s done.
Adding the lemon juice to the whipping cream will bring out the flavor of the ice cream.
For those who are concerned about calories,
substitute yogurt for whipping cream.
This will make it a little more healthy and refreshing as well.
Store seasonal fruits in the freezer
so that you can enjoy the ice cream all year round.
Good luck in the kitchen!