Meet Addy Walker, an American Girl

Uploaded by SmithsonianAmHistory on 03.02.2011

Discover Addy’s World at the National Museum of American History
(Voiceover) Explore life during the Civil War with a new self-guided museum tour: Addy’s
world. Pick up your copy at the Welcome Desks, or download it from our website.
(Little Girl 1) Ok, I got it. (Adult 1) See the one that’s hiding under
here? (Adult 2) Found it!
(Voiceover) Experience what life was like for Addy and other young African American
girls during the Civil War as you follow the guide to discover objects and stories throughout
the museum. (Little Girl 2) I found it!
(Adult 2) Oh, very good looking! (Little Girl 3) I was coming over to look
at these. (Little Girl 1) There she is.
(Little Girl 2) I found it, mommy, I found it, I found it!
(Adult 2) What were you saying upstairs about what her life would be like after the war?
(Little Girl 3) She wouldn’t have to work for someone… except if she got a job, but
then she’d get paid. (Voiceover) Complete and stamp your guide,
and then bring it to the museum store to receive a free American Girl gift to take home.
(Adult 1)Everybody can stamp something (Little Girl 2) Can I have one?
(Little Girl 1) Can I stamp this? (Adult 3) You can kind of see it if you tilt
it in the light, can you see it? (Little Girl 1) Oh, it says US